Thursday, March 19, 2020

With You Forever by Iram Fatima Ashi

The Blurb & Story:

This story is the journey of a young boy discovering himself in different aspects of life. His dilemma and conflicts have been depicted here. He has to choose between social norms and love. How his over-ambitious nature turns his life into a living nightmare. Amit is an engineer, a handsome boy of Hindu religion brought up in an orthodox atmosphere at home. He is hardworking and over-ambitious too. He has the attitude of a playboy towards girls and how this attitude takes a serious turn in his life. His goals are highly set and clear. 

He wants to achieve his dreams at any cost. Maria is a simple girl belonging to a Christian family, with high values. She is a writer and artist. Being the eldest child, she has to choose between her family and him, and this leads her life into a mess. How Amit got trapped in problems and tried to escape from all realities of his life. His life hangs between responsibilities and his past love. This story is a journey towards his final meeting with his love in very different circumstances and which finally gives him true peace of mind and which completes him finally. It will leave you as a reader to ponder over questions like:- Does true selfless and sacrificing love really exist? What is more important Society and its norms or true love? An exceptional story of separation and then the reunion of long-lost lovers...

My Take: 

With You Forever is Iram Fatima Ashi's debut novel. Starting from the start, the book has a pleasant to read a love story with perfectly well-defined characters.

The book of Amit, an engineer along with Maria, a writer, and artist, is a story of love, passion, responsibility, family, profession, etc. From the title itself, it's known that the book is based on a love story, and the plot is indeed a story with selflessness and sacrificing love. The twists and turns are what make the book interesting otherwise a simple read. I liked the way the author has developed the main characters as the story moved forward. The story-line is easy to understand and pleasant to read with beautifully expressed emotions. For me the highlight of the book was the ending, it may sound a bit cliched, but don't we all read books just to escape reality? Books are made from imagination and anything can happen in imagination, so while reading I keep the possibility open for anything that can happen. The story may happen in reality or not, it really doesn't bother me, but I enjoyed reading it. 

Overall, a smooth and pleasant to read a love story. So click here and witness the true love of Amit and Maria written by Iram Fatima Ashi in the book With You Forever.

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