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Secrets Of The Seers - Sliver Of Shiva (Book 2) by Tina Sadhwani

The Blurb:

Suka—the Initiated One—has entered a new sphere of training in the yogic crafts. To become an adept monk, he must learn how to master the mysterious Time-Trix—the Kaalchakra. 

However, a series of supernatural phenomena invades the School of Yog, unleashing powerful beings and astonishing secrets that are thousands of years old. 

The ancient civilization of the yogis is threatened with enslavement, Suka loses his magical abilities and the Wheel of Time begins to spin out of control. 

Yet, the fate of the world still rests in the hands of the Initiated One. 

Will Suka master the Kaalchakra before it is too late? Will he summon the higher powers of Mahakaal? Will he gain the Supreme Force?

The Story: 

This book 'Secrets Of The Seers - Sliver Of Shiva' is like the next phase in Suka's life. If you have read the first book (which you must) this is continuing. Suka the Prentice young monk, the chosen one, has to step up in his training and for that, he needs to master the mysterious Time-Trix—the Kaalchakra. 

The book starts with Mahadev Shiv Ji and Goddess Parvati playing the game of The Cosmic play, the whole universe is his game. A game where 12 months are the squares on the board. The playing pieces are the lunar days both light and dark. The dice are the summer and winter paths of the sun. The stakes are the emanations and dissolution of samsara. So if the goddess wins, the universe forms. But if shiva wins, the whole samara dissolves. So who wins? 

Later the story of Suka begins 3 years of being in school Aryavart, School of Yog for learning how to harness and use his powers now has to master the mysterious Time-Trix—the Kaalchakra, that is not anyone can do. So the story continues from mysterious supernatural phenomena to unleashing powerful beings. From revealing secrets that are thousands of years old, to going on a path that is not just mysterious but will also test him in every way. So will Suka learn how to use Time-Trix—the Kaalchakra? Will he summon the higher powers of Mahakaal? What will happen if he gains the Supreme Force? Will Suka succeed in this new quest of life? 

My Take:

Secrets Of The Seers - Sliver Of Shiva is the second book written by Tina Sadhwani and must say this book is even more outstanding. Tina Sdhwani is no doubt a brilliant writer and after reading this book I'm definitely a life long fan :) Just like the first book, even this book is filled with more mythological, ancient quotes and words that I loved greatly and no doubt, that is what makes me eager to read more of Tina's book. The book is described beautifully and has given us a clear and detailed description of the magical universe. 

After reading the second book of the author Tina, I could see the more dedication, handwork, and motivation in her writing. I could sense the feeling and the happiness to finally being able to write in what she believes. As I have said earlier in my other review, I'm a strong believer of Lord Shiva, and I felt blessed in some way that I was able to read this spectacular book of him written by Tina Sadhwani. 

Overall loved everything about this book. And before you go on a mysterious and mystical adventure with Suka click here to read the first book Secrets of the Seers: Veil of Shakti (Book 1). Where he unfolds the secrets of 7 seers and once done with that I'm sure no one will stop you from reading the 2nd book, for that click here and feel the magical realms with magic and divine powers in the book Secrets Of The Seers - Sliver Of Shiva (Book 2) by Tina Sadhwani.

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