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The Morning Beyond the Mountain by Sumant Barooah.

The Blurb:  Love often wished for, at times actually happen at first sight when two people from distant lands of Australia and Thailand fall in Love. True relationships ascertain no boundaries, no distances, no environs, no religion, no nationalities, only the honesty of love, care, and respect. Weddings is envisaged to be made in Heaven, but they do happen in unfettered life-celebrating progression. My Take: Author Sumant Barooah is back with his new book The Morning Beyond the Mountain which is a pleasant story with compelling narration.  The Morning Beyond the Mountain has a unique story that is filled with diverse cultures, cuisines, travel, philosophy, traditions, religions, responsibilities, family bonds, work ethics, and love.  The Highlight of this book is that, there are few moments in this book that the author has written thoughtfully and full of emotions, like when growing up you intend to follow your parents' step, you start to understand them and along with it you beco

The Eye Collector: A Wicked Romance Psychological Thriller by Daniel Newwyn .

The Blurb & The Story: Curiosity kills the cat. Excessive curiosity kills a woman.Amateur model Anna Heinrich was obsessed. Since the second she saw the rich and renowned photographer Hamilton Chu on a magazine cover, she knew that she had to find him, no matter what it took. Why wouldn’t she? Wavy black hair, a jawline as sharp as his eye for beauty, and a bank account so robust he could own a whole island, Hamilton Chu is the most perfect man among perfect men. There was more to him than met the eyes, however. After their first meeting in Z├╝rich, an inescapable spiral of games and deceit began, and Anna realized Hamilton wasn’t as flawless as he seemed. He is a scathingly manipulative man with a bizarre fetish for human irises. But it is too late to get out. Already under Hamilton’s spell, a simple whisper from him renders her resistance useless. Will she ever find a way out? My Take:  The Eye Collector: A Wicked Romance Psychological Thriller is the new book written by the autho