Thursday, March 19, 2020

A Pleasant Secret by Iram Fatima Ashi

The Blurb & Story: 

Definitely, all marriages are not made in heaven, and a few socially chosen partners turn their partners’ lives into living hell. In this novel, Khushbu Khanna is the bold girl working as the C.E.O of a multinational company and lives her life on her own terms. Sumit Aggarwal, who accepted all decisions of his parents and society and tries to be happy. Is he really happy in that fake cocoon? Time and circumstances had separated Sumit and Khushbu. Then how did they become inseparable parts of each other and a pleasant secret of each other’s life? Read and unfold the journey of the various characters layer by layer. It will leave you as a reader to ponder over questions like: Does something like soul-mates really exist? What is more important—Society and its norms or true love? An exceptional story of separation and then the reunion of long-lost lovers... 

My Take: 

A Pleasant Secret is the second book written by Iram Fatima ‘Ashi’. The debut novel is With you forever. 

Starting from the start this book is about Khushbu Khanna and Sumit Aggarwal's love story. A love that they found in their arranged marriage after many ups and downs. This book is very emotional and will make you think twice about what you are doing in your life. 

Author Iram Fatima Ashi has expressed all the emotions beautifully and with care. All the characters are defined and balanced perfectly as per the story-line. The plot is also unique and relatable at the same time. The writing style of the author was really gripping and easygoing. I was glad to read the second book as well and can't wait to read the third book which I know will be an interesting story as well :) 

Overall, I found this book very helpful emotionally and I think if you are having doubt in your relationship you should read this book too. So click here and read the inseparable love story of Khushbu Khanna and Sumit Aggarwal written by Iram Fatima Ashi in the book A Pleasant Secret. And click here to read her debut novel With you forever.

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