Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Bhoot, Bhavish, Bartaman by Mehool Parekh

The Blurb & The Story:

A beautiful woman is found brutally murdered in her bed. The usual suspects are arrested by the Police until an odd-ball amateur sleuth starts to investigate. Something about the murder does not sit right with him. To start with, the victim – Rupali, a regular housewife living in marital bliss. But is that the truth? Why would someone murder her and why did she meet such a gruesome end? Who, in reality, was she? Introducing Major Bartaman Bhowmick, Southern Command of the Indian Army. Peace-time army life and supportive seniors allow Major Bhowmick to indulge in his hobby and passion – crime detection. His sharp investigative talents are highly valued by his cousin, an ACP in Pune. Robin Chowdhury is a city crime reporter, whose combination of keen intellect, attractive looks and affinity for all things tech, makes her a great sidekick for the Major. This book is as much about Rupali’s astounding story as her murder and Major Bhowmick and Robin’s investigation into the murder with its surprising conclusion.

My Take

The book Bhoot, Bhavish, Bartaman is a debut novel of the author Mehool Parekh and must say he has done a great job in writing this interesting murder mystery. 

Starting from the start the writing style is easy to read as written in lucid language. The plot of the book is full of mystery, suspense that will make you wanna not stop reading until you find the killer. The book grasped my full attention also made me feel shocked, worried and dumbfounded. The author Mehool Parekh has described each character in detail and in an interesting way which will make you wanna doubt them as a murderer. 

The highlight of the book is obviously the intriguing storyline, that kept me awake at night just to finish reading the book as I wanted to solve the mystery. And once I was done reading I was satisfied with the ending but also sad at the same time as I wanted to read more. I can’t wait to read the next novel of the author Mehool Parekh.

Overall, a must and definitely read book filled with suspense and murder mystery. So what will you do if you find a beautiful woman brutally murdered in her bed? Click here to solve the mystery written by the author Mehool Parekh in the book Bhoot, Bhavish, Bartaman.

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