Monday, March 16, 2020

Behind Every Smile (Book 1) by Kris Barringer

The Blurb & Story:

"When it comes to an individual some can be defined as statistics while others are made to stand out backing up the definition of unique. Statistics says I should have died, statistics said I was supposed to had suffered from down syndrome. Statistics also said I wouldn't be able to walk nor talk as well as having my mom mentally prepared to bury a child by the age of 5 however our GOD said otherwise. 

Every statistics that was thrown at me never prospered instead, the exact opposite happened and what the doctors didn't expect to happen fortunately actually happened. However, I did struggled with my disability but not how others assumed I'd struggle for it was more of a mental struggle than a physical struggle. Although I'm labeled as a disabled person my appearance may, will and shall fool you and throughout this book (and more to come) it will tell you why you should never judge a book by its cover regardless of who or what that person may appear to be for looks can and will be deceiving." 

My Take: 

This is the first book I read of the author Kris Barringer. And after reading this book, I m not only amazed but also inspired. The story is very unique and I have read nothing like this before. Author Kris Barringer has written and expressed the emotion in such a way that I somehow felt I was connected to the book and I could feel the compassion just like the author. 

The narration is the highlight of the book that grasped my attention to read the book completely and I found myself lost in it. The characters are unique and different. Along with the story-line, I also like the realistic touch given to the book. 

Kris Barringer is a very talented writer and even you will feel the same once you have read the book. The uniqueness of her writing with the boldness gives us the strong vibes. 

Overall an inspiring book. I can’t wait to read the next book. So click here and read the most interesting story and get connected to the book written by Kris Barringer in the book Behind Every Smile.

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