Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Bright Side of Life By Chetan Batra

The Blurb: 

"Accept the beautiful pace of life; everything that's happening is for our betterment." Bright Side of Life is a book that will inspire every individual amid the day to day conundrums. Brought forward by Chetan Batra, NE8X Author of the Year 2019, the anthology is a collective effort of 42 fervent writers hailing from different parts of the country. The book is curated with quotes, poetries and short stories that will not only rejuvenate the lives of people but will also help them tackle social taboos and challenges of life.

About Book:

The book has a collection of motivated and influential quotes, heart & soul touching poetries, and magnificent short stories written by 42 skilled & talented authors, poet & poetess from different parts of the country. Chetan Batra, also an inspirational writer, has brought all these writers together to form this beautiful book Bright side of Life. 

My Take: 

The book Bright Side of Life is a book that will refresh your mind and touch your heart. After reading the quotes & poetries, it made me not just inspired, but I also felt part of the author's emotions and thoughts. 

Each author is different, and each written content was different but after reading every quote, poems and stories, it felt the same, inspired, motivated, pleasant, breath-taking, & wonderful. 

I like the way each author was distinguished, it started from the name, followed by Instagram ID, then the exceptional work. I also like the part at the end with short bios’ on all the writers. 

Overall, a book written by very brilliant, talented, and inspirational writers and I would definitely recommend other to read it and feel the refreshment of heart and mind. So click here and read the book of Chetan Batra and 41 other talented writers in Bright Side of Life.

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