Friday, March 25, 2022

Tribin and the Battle Axe: The Unstoppable just met the Immovable by Abhijit Chaki

The Story:

Sayali Deodhar is having a bad year. A professional badminton player, she's parted ways from her coach who is also her father. She's alone, friendless and taut as a racket gut. Her game is falling apart. In stumbles Tribin Sarkar, jaded writer and flawed human being, facing the slow unravel of a conflicted existence. An uncanny quirk of nature brings them together. He’s drawn towards Sayali. Is she amazing, or confounding? The feeling isn’t mutual. Is he a maverick, or a deadbeat? Either way, Tribin’s determined to change the narrative of Sayali’s life. He comes up with an outrageous plan to get on her inside track, and it works. But not for long. As love and hate collide, a rollercoaster ride of events culminates in the biggest sporting event on the planet. The stakes have never been higher for Tribin and Sayali…or for India’s shot at an Olympic medal at the 2016 summer games in Rio. No pressure. So, what happens when the Unstoppable meets the Immovable? The Unthinkable.

 My Take: 

The book Tribin and the Battle Axe is a debut novel written by the author Abhijit Chaki and its a book that will amaze you and at the same time will bring out the inner athlete. 

I must say that this is a unique and impressive book I have read after a long time, though it took some time to finish but at the end I can say I enjoyed every bits of it. 

The characters, the intriguing storyline, the dialogues, the surroundings, the emotions, everything was written with detailed descriptions its seemed like the author was writing his own story. The flow of the storyline was smooth and t some place the increase of tension was in a way exciting, at a point it also felt like reality. The book is a definite a must read and most recommended. 

Overall a unique an must read book with a rememberable storyline. So click here and read now Tribin and the Battle Axe: The Unstoppable just met the Immovable by Abhijit Chaki. 

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