Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Hell has no fury by Dean Hamid

The Blurb & The Story:

Shakespeare once wrote, ‘Hell has no fury like a woman scorned...’, well, Mya has finally had enough of the physical abuse, disrespect, shame and mental melt-downs. She's tired of hiding bruises with makeup. She's fed-up.

Her old man, Aziz, and his cohort Miles, hustle heroin together. As top lieutenants, they're trying to prove their self worth in a narcotics collective: running crews of young wayward thugs to moving product, and collecting money owed to Joker, the big boss. They're diligent, independent contractors competing for respect, power, and a chance to move up a vile and ever scathing dope chain.

Joker is a twisted mobster with the reputation for the brutal enforcement of rules that he makes up as he goes along. If you owe, not only are you in jeopardy, but so are the members of your family. Peanut crossed the line, and unfortunately, regrettably, found out all too late.

Mya’s girlfriend Skyler has eyes for Juvall, an old school flame who works with her at a midtown Manhattan graphics company. Skyler's high maintenance and gold-digging ways, have Juvall lacking. He desperately needs a come up, and Joker's stash may just be it. Somebody wants revenge! Joker, Chico, and even the dope fiends they use are potential targets from an indiscriminate, deranged killer; as Aziz's own fate hangs precariously, unbalanced in the winds that blow high across the East River.

Will Mya finally get even? Will Peanut get some get-back at Joker? Will Skyler save Juvall from his own self-impending doom? You'll be turning the pages in this suspenseful saga of urban drama set in the gritty, hardcore section of New York City's Lower East Side..... Alphabet City.

My Take:

Hell has no fury is the second book I am reading of the author Dean Hamid and just like the first, I was again mesmerized by the way the author has written this book. I just wonder the imagination used to make this storyline into this incredible book.

The story is captivating from the very start that will grasp your attention and make you wanna read the full book in one seating. I am not sure where I start from because this book is full of suspense, drama, trailer, the twist and turns are the highlight and act as a delightful treat that will blow your mind. All the characters are different from each other but yet each and every character is portrayed well and in a comprehensive manner.

As I said earlier in the last review I am quite fond of author Dean Hamid's writing skills and after reading his second book I have not doubt that Dean Hamid is a talented writer.  Writing a second book is not easy because it always gets compared to the first but the author has to not worry about it, as I found both the book intriguing and well expressed and can't wait to read book 3.

Overall definitely must-read book with drama suspense and mind-blowing storyline. But before you go ahead and read this book, I would suggest you to first click here and read the first book Brooklyn: The Do or Die, and once done I'm sure you can't wait to read the second book for that click here and read the Hell has no fury, the books written by Dean Hamid. 

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