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Wings of Destiny- Ziaur Rahman Ansari - A life: by Fasihur Rahman.

About Book: The biography offers an insight into the life of Ziaur Rahman Ansari (1925-1992), who served as a union minister in the council of ministers of two Prime Ministers – Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. The book traces his political journey spanning nearly three decades and provides a rare glimpse into his vision, convictions, traits, and beliefs. He remained in the media spotlight in 1985 when he participated in a debate on a Private Member Bill related to the Supreme Court judgment on the Shah Bano case. The author has provided a factual account of his public life which has, at several places, been misquoted or misinterpreted based on the perception of varied genres of society. My Take:  Wings of Destiny- Ziaur Rahman Ansari - A life is the first book I have read written by the author Fasihur Rahman and I am at a loss for words to describe the depths of this book.  The book starts with a detailed family background along with the history of the livelihood of our country in the

Flesh Rehearsal by Brian Bowyer

The Story: Following years of abuse, Gretchen runs away from home after her sister dies by suicide. While on the road, she accepts a ride from Jacob and Amelia Sloane, who are driving back to Los Angeles from Chicago. Gretchen knows their dead father was the lead singer in a famous band. After hearing Gretchen sing, they convince her to be the vocalist in their rock band and to live with them in Los Angeles, where Gretchen meets and falls in love with the girl of her dreams. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the city, a predator lurks. The Lobotomizer—a serial killer terrorizing Los Angeles—plots an attack that threatens to ruin Gretchen’s happiness. Can she and her friends find and stop the killer before the unthinkable happens? Fans of Clive Barker, Stephen King, and Poppy Z. Brite will love this chilling novel. My Take:  Flesh Rehearsal is the latest book I have read written by the author Brian Bowyer and as usual, it was amazing. The last book I read of Brian was a horror book that stunned m

Lip Syncing to a Dead Man: Tales of an Uber Driver by Jeff Reedy

The Story:  Mike is a musician by day and an Uber driver by night. One night he picks up a very unusual passenger - and his life is never the same again. My take:  Lip Syncing to a Dead Man: Tales of an Uber Driver is the 13th book written by Jeff Reedy in Tales of Elidria, and just like the last time I am impressed and amazed at the same time. The story starts with Mike a Uber driver and a passionate wannabe musician getting a strange ride for an unusual trip and ends up getting highly paid. What will you do if you meet a time traveler? A time travel good guys and Mike is their driver? Mike is more than just a driver he becomes a part of something big a part of a secret organization that he never thought existed. So what happens next?  I loved the story and the characters. I really liked the concept of how each book written by  Jeff  is not a part of a series but yet still connected together. The connections and the similarity of the characters seem more like a crossover just as we se