Monday, November 28, 2022

The A.E.C.: A Supernatural Love Story by S N Sippy.

About Story:

Do you wish you could turn back time and be young again, fall in love and do the things you always wanted to do? It can be arranged – just speak to the A.E.C.But as with any negotiation, there’s some give and take. So read the contract carefully before you sign your life away.

My Take:

Does your first love still haunt you? The memories, the grieves, the love, the reason it could have been different. Did you ever wonder, if you could wish to go back and change things?

Well, the author S N Sippy has answered our wishes and has given us a unique taste of supernatural reality that I can’t seem to get enough of in the book The A.E.C.: A Supernatural Love Story.

The story has a unique storyline. Also, even though we know it’s a fiction story, the interesting part is it felt really like it did happen and we can also choose this if we want, which still gives me chills and goosebumps. I like the small timely details and emotions which made me connect to the book. 

The highlight of the book is the characters and the storyline, the story is a short read and has the potential for the second book to be more fantastic and we could read more. Can’t wait to read other books written by the author S N Sippy.

Overall, it’s a story that you have never read before, highly recommended. So click here and read now, a love story with a supernatural twist and turns in the book The A.E.C.: A Supernatural Love Story by S N Sippy. 

More About the Story:

The story revolves around Ed, (Edward Garcia) a retired wealthy New York Banker, who is divorced and estranged from his only child, a daughter, who has never forgiven him for splitting up the family, Ed leads a lonely life mostly watching TV and drowning his sorrows in whisky, wishing he could somehow turn back time and make things right again. 

Most of all, Ed so desperately wants to gain back the love and admiration of his daughter, who now lives in London and hasn't seen her Dad for a very long time. Ed’s chance encounter with a mysterious young lady has made it possible to realize Ed's fantasy of going back in time but he has to sign this unusual contract with a strange being called The AEC. 

Will Ed agree to this contract, was the encounter with Maya, the mysterious lady a chance one, who is The AEC, and will Ed find happiness and the re-union with his daughter, do find out in this Novella, The AEC.

Click here and read now, a love story with a supernatural twist and turns in the book The A.E.C.: A Supernatural Love Story by S N Sippy. 

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Did we cook food or a food obsession?

Have you ever wondered, the things that we crave and the things we eat are decisions that our mind tricks us into doing?

Lockdown in over the world has affected each and every one of us, maybe at an emotional level or at the mental level and no doubt at a physical level as well. Lockdown has thought us one major thing, which is we can survive even with basic needs. Without eating outside, without spending on shopping, wearing simple comfy clothes without branded clothes, without going out, even though it was depressing to stay at home but we did spend quality time with our loved ones.

Home-cooked meals are always considered healthy but did eating at home during lockdown proved to be wholesome? A recent survey showed, 39% of the population gained weight during the lockdown. Even though we can blame it on lack of moment or lack of space to walk or exercise, still this proves that even home-cooked meals can make you overweight.

The last 2 years have been challenging, and even though we are not wearing masks and not locked in our rooms, we are still stuck in our minds. The food industry has high rocketed after the lockdown.

During this period, many of us tried different hobbies, cooking and baking were one of them. Tutorials from Instagram and How to cook videos from Youtube made everything easy. So we ate, with our mouths along with our hearts, with a full stomach and gaining weight, we survived lockdown.

Many of the small businesses and hobbies ended as we resumed back into our work life but did we stop eating? Currently, we are still stuck in the same loop but instead of cooking food our mind still feels hungry and we now started binge eating. 

Gone are those days when the only stall we ever saw was a Pani Puri stall. There was a time when the Khau Galli (Food Vally) was only available at famous places where a variety of food stalls were together and one can eat different tastes all in one place. But now if you walk outside any station you will see stalls everywhere, from Pani Puri to Dosa, from Sandwich to Sugarcane Juice, from Vada Pav to Momos. There is a significant change in the food industry. One of the major rises in the industry is due to Swiggy and Zomato making it easy to order and deliver food without actually stepping out.

Earlier some diets restricted some food consumption, Veg, Non – Veg, and Vegan, but today a single dish, like momo’s can be found in all these three types. Is this growth or is it a sign that our mind is shrinking and the only thing we want is to eat, eat to satisfy our mind?

Overall I read somewhere that the only thing better than talking about food is eating. Eat good feel good, and stop worrying. To read more please check the “Page Link” How to plan daily routine can make you happy.” A blog post that will guide you to plan a routine, track habits, and control inhibitory.

So should we continue like this or do we need to take action? Send me an email with, what you think and suggestions.

Written by Rakhi Verma.

Monday, November 14, 2022

Between the Devil and the Dark by Brandon Hill and Terrence Pegasus.

The Story:

A New Captain. An Untested Crew. Will Fortune Favor the Reckless?

Xerxes "Xerx" Paraska is a champion in the G1 Leagues. Enjoying the sweet life with his wife Neela and trusted crew, he crushes his opponents’ mechanized warriors in stadium after stadium.

But during a shakedown run for his newly bequeathed warship, the Reckless, bad luck strikes. Xerx's slightly dysfunctional found family is faced with a mysterious intruder and potentially deadly hazards of flying an untested vessel.

Will the neophyte captain and his crew survive to fight in the arenas another day or will they succumb to the wild and unforgiving blackness of space?

My Take:

Between the Devil and the Dark is the first book in the series Wild Space Saga written by Brandon Hill and Terrence Pegasus, and after reading this, let’s just say this is going to be the next big thing.

This is the second book I have read written by the author Brandon Hill, I must point out that he has an eye for detail and has written this novel with perfection.

Over the years I have read many books. Sometimes starting a new book becomes challenging and tricky to understand the backstory or the main characters. Only after the first or few chapters, does it start making sense and the story falls into place. But after reading the Brandon Books, I’m simply amazed at his unique writing skill that hooked me from the prologue itself and made it easy to understand from the very first chapter. Which I find is a rare quality in an author.

This is an adventurous book that is filled with action and mystery, making it a trailer series. Do you like a futuristic fiction novel with missions and beyond-the-imagination space stories? Then this is the perfect book for you that has all the action and adventure you can think of. I also think the authors has started this series with a bang and I can’t wait to read the Future books written by them and what adventure will the next book will bring.

Overall a great start for a Wild Space Saga. So click here to read now and discover the important mission with an exceptional crew, travelling through the Galaxy in the book Between the Devil and the Dark written by Brandon Hill and Terrence Pegasus.

The Other Side by Samantha Evans.

About Story:

Years have passed since the falling out of what happened to Henry. Now Liam’s daughter’s birthday is approaching, and he wants to make her happy. While planning to have his daughter’s birthday go without a hitch, he learns his trustful advisor keeps a secret. A secret that can lead to the one thing Liam does not want. To have once more adventure that leads to him protecting his home and the people he loves. Can Liam face one more adventure and succeed?

My take:

The Other Side is the Fourth Book of The Land of the Four Series written by the renowned author Samantha Evans and in simple words, you should definitely start reading the series soon.

I have read the last three books in the series and after reading the fourth book I’m just stunned to express my amazement because the novels keep getting better and better and have been exceeding all my expectations.

The land of the four series is amazingly written with wonderful characters, that was perfectly developed throughout the series. It is an incredible book to read, and the character's growth, expressions, and emotions are smoothly written in the book with lucid language. After reading this book, it will definitely create a new world in your mind that you won’t stop wondering about.

The highlight of the book and the author’s writing is that it’s written with creativity and full of imagination. It not only makes the story visionary but also makes it seem real. Like the dragons were real somewhere on the planet and this story did happen in the past.

Overall this is an incredible novel. I will recommend this to everyone who loves reading exciting fiction books. So click here and read now the amazing book The Other Side is the Fourth Book of The Land of the Four Series written by the renowned author Samantha Evans, available for free for Kindle Unlimited Users.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Hold Me Tight: Book 1 in the Entangled Series by Chinazom Akobundu Godwin.

The Story: 

*Warning. Your heart will race and you'll swoon.*

Sam, a man consumed by morbid jealousy and insecurity is determined to protect Monica, his 'angel-on-earth' wife from doggy men. Attracted by one of his efforts put in place to ward off men to his house is Jack Drill, a ravenous playboy with high libido and romantic expertise.

Jack is in Donkey Street to acquire bulldogs to protect himself and family against powerful men he had slept with their wives when he encounters Monica.

He vows to die for her sake as unworldly, innocent Monica startles to realize she can’t live without Jack.

To complete his disguise against an ever-present watchdog, Jack visits Monica in women's wears and voice and in the process, Kathy, Monica’s cousin entangles herself in series of unimaginable *escapades*.

What happens when Sam unexpectedly visits his home as usual and finds Jack in action with Monica and Kathy, her watchdog?

This is the first installment of this series.

*This book is intended for mature audiences*

My take: 

Hold Me Tight is the first book in the Entangled Series written by Chinazom Akobundu Godwin and let's just say it’s not what I expected.

Chinazom Akobundu Godwin, the author of this book is a renowned writer and has written many books over the years with exciting and intriguing topics. This is the first book I have read by the author and I am just impressed by the simplicity of the writing skills. 

I am unsure if I can explain this right, but the author has a mysterious writing style, or in other words, I can say every sentence big or small is definitive and expressive, making the reader feel lost in the book. 

This book Hold Me Tight is a medium read, which can be finished within 2 to 3 days making it a quick and dreamy read.

Overall a book that will excite you so click here and read now, an exciting book that will enchant you with the spicy and juicy storyline in Hold Me Tight the first book in the Entangled Series written by Chinazom Akobundu Godwin, also available for free for Kindle Unlimited Users.

Click here to check out other books written by the author.

Monday, November 7, 2022

The Bengal Tiger's Silent Roar by Anil Nijhawan.

About Story:

The Bengal Tiger’s Silent Roar’ is a powerful, fast-paced, highly atmospheric novel with a passionate love story at its heart. It explores the widest range of human emotions.

Thirty-year-old Tarun, who has learning difficulties, wants to get married. His mother is horrified; she considers him incapable of raising a family. This is a dramatic and highly engaging story of Tarun’s struggles to find a wife in a society where the families arrange marriages. His boss’s daughter, Sangeeta, is trying to befriend him, while he has fallen in love with Manju, the daughter of his house cleaner. The problem is Manju is already married. Can Tarun prevail despite fearsome obstacles and find a woman to marry whom he truly loves?

My take: 

The Bengal Tiger's Silent Roar is the latest released book written by the author Anil Nijhawan and it has a unique story with mesmerising characters that makes it a best seller.

I liked reading this book, it has a intriguing storyline that I could not get enough of. A love story from 1950s that will touch your heart and will make yor heart glow.

The book is written in lucid language. The chapters from different characters prospective was perfectly balanced and gave the books that extra Spark.

Life is full of ups and downs with different difficulties, situationsand and the author has captured them amazingly and written in this book. The characters are well described and felt had a realistic touch that made me feel like the story is based on a true events and not a fiction story.

Anil Nijhawan has a definitive imagination and has creatively penned the story with passion and love. The only thing that came in my mind after I finish reading the book was what must have inspired the author to write such a love story.

Overall be ready to be amazed, so click here and read now the story of Tarun and his love in the book. The Bengal Tiger's Silent Roar written by Anil Nijhawan.

Sunday, November 6, 2022

A Journal Entry by Marina Flores.

About Book:

Marina Flores captivates exactly what it means to grow up in a small town while being queer. Identity is often difficult to grapple with, not to mention the turmoil of denying one's innermost desires, and small towns aren't exactly known for having a whole lot of diversity.

We are suddenly put in the shoes of a small-town kid who hides their rainbow socks. As if looking back from a mirror, Marina enthralls us by showing exactly who we are, blemishes and all. Self-discovery and tribulation come together as one big happy family in her debut book.

A heart-wrenching and personal account, anyone could find solace in her kind and honest words. An out member of the LGBTQ community, Marina shares with us a glimpse into her world. Members or not, we are handed a VIP pass.

Touching on the themes of queer identity, womanhood, nature, love, and culture - A Journal Entry feels like coming home.

My Take: 

A Journal Entry is a beautiful and elegant poetry book written by the poetess Marina Flores and it’s a must-have poetry book.

Poems are songs without music, it expresses many untold emotions, which directly touch one's heart. I enjoyed every single poem that the poet has gracefully written with passion and love. There is a total of 75 poems in this book and every one of them has different emotions and expressions of love.

I found this book interesting and unique. The poems are fun to read and easy to relate to. I also think it will be easy to make any person feel special by sending one of these short, sweet, lovely poems.

The highlight of the book is the positivity and passion, I felt for the poetess Marina Flores. The poems felt more like a confession and as the title states A journal entry is perfect for this book.

Some of the poems that I love the most are

I love like mine,
The spell,
He can no longer hurt you,
Heart race.

It was really difficult to choose these, as I found each and every poem equally amazing just like the poetess Marina Flores.

Overall a fun and full of a passion poetry book. So click here and read now A Journal Entry written by Marina Flores.

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Darkness and Light by Mahevash Shaikh.

About Book:

Don’t let yourself believe that one day
The Universe will make up
For all the times it broke you.
No matter what you’ve been through,
The rule of life remains the same:
Put in the effort, see a change.

Darkness And Light is a collection of poems that explores common mental health problems and the strange, dysfunctional world we live in today. After all, mental health and society are intertwined, aren't they?

My Take:

Darkness and Light: Poems On Mental Health And Society is the new poetry book written by poetess Mahevash Shaikh, and in simple words this book is soulful.

The book contains 133 enchanting poems that have hints of reality and also inspirations. I loved reading each and every one of the poems, I also read a few multiple times which felt closer to my heart.

Mahevash is a versatile and gifted writer, you can feel, every thought and emotion flashing by while reading her work. That I believe is impressive. I am a quick reader, but while reading darkness and light, I’m intentionally reading slowly, taking in each and every word, letting it settle in, and feeling the rhyme.

The highlight of this book is the topics on which the poem is written, the idea of first acknowledging the issue and then motivating others to not take a wrong step is the best thing I ever read. The poetess has an imaginative mind and a creative heart and has beautifully written these poems that will remain with me forever. It has a perfect balance of sensitivity and encouragement.

Overall, a soulful and enchanting *book of poems*. So click here and read now to find sunshine in the darkness in the book, Darkness, and Light written by Mahevash Shaikh

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Author's Interview with David Howell.

First, before we move forward with our Authors Interview, I would like to start with an introduction.

1. What is your name and Could you please introduce yourself to us?
Hi, I'm David, I live in s small village in Cambridgeshire in the UK with my wife, Louise, and young son, I'm new to writing and not lucky enough to make it my day job, I have always worked in warehousing, driving a forklift, but who knows, one day I may be able to make my writing a full-time job.
2. Congratulations on your book. So what inspired you to write this book?
Writing came about by accident, I'm a daydreamer. Life is my inspiration, and aspects of my life experiences are in the book, for example, Louise and I suffered 3 miscarriages before we had Jayden, ( he's on the front cover), I wanted to get the feelings we felt in the story. We all have a life story. in us, to which we could adapt to a meaningful fictional story if we so wished to do so.
3. What is the book all about?
The book is about a young mum in an abusive relationship, she escapes the abuse to start a new life with her young son, Tommy. Fate plays a cruel trick on her when she wakes up 5 years in her past, two years before Tommy is born. The dilemma, does she relive the abusive relationship so Tommy can be born, or stay with John the man she always regretted leaving.
4. Why did you choose this genre for your book?
I love the thought of time travel, I wanted to get across that every decision we make in life shapes your and others' life.,you don't notice how fate shapes your life as it just becomes your reality and the reality of people around you. You would only notice it if you could go back in time and every minor change could reshape your and others' reality beyond recognition. I think about 80% of my readers are female. I never really had a genre in mind it just worked out that way.
5. How much time did it take to complete this book?
Three years altogether, that's from the minute I put pen to paper, so to speak, right up to when I published with amazon.
6. What makes your Book Special?
I've been told by readers that they found it a unique read, uplifting, and thought-provoking. To hear that has made the writing process worthwhile and emotionally rewarding to me.
7. When is your second book coming?
There wasn't going to be one, but I have had so many readers ask if there was going to be another. I've started writing the sequel, Echoes through time. The more great comments I get the faster I write lol.
8. While writing did you get any writer's block? What is the Tip that you will give others who are facing writer's block?
Yes, quite a few times, the best way I found to get over it is to write further on in the story as ideas pop into my head then fit all the pieces together at the end like a jigsaw puzzle, there's no rule you have to write it from start to finish, in fact I wrote the ending first.
9. Apart from being a talented author, what are your other hobbies?
Well, I'll let my readers decide if I'm a talented author or not. I don’t have much time for hobbies, I love playing pool, and watching Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are my favorite drivers.
10. Last but not the least, How did you feel, while giving this interview?

I feel great, and I hope more readers get pleasure from my book and interview.

Profile: Book Review| Book link    

An Angel Came for You by David J Howell.

About Book:

At the age of twenty-six Sarah only ever wanted the best life for her three-year old son Tommy, and after living four and a half years of hell with Charlie, Tommy’s father, a controlling, abusive and very violent man she manages to escape his grip.

Now finally free of him, she feels for the first time in Tommy’s short life that she can give him all of her time, love, devotion and the life he deserves but fate has different plans for her.

Somehow she wakes up five years in her past, finding herself back with her first love John, and living back at home with her mum, two years before Tommy’s birth.

Struggling to come to terms with life without Tommy and the guilt she feels for failing him, Sarah needs to figure out why she is trapped in her own past. With nobody to turn to, and with only her faith in her guardian angel to help her, she has to make the almost impossible decision; follow her life path the same way, meet Charlie all over again and relive every painful minute of her abusive life with him so that Tommy will be born, or believe that fate has changed her destiny to give her a second chance with her first love John, the man she always regretted leaving.

My take:

An Angel came for you is the first book I have recently finished reading written by the author David Howell and this book is full of emotions, love, drama, and reality with empowering storyline.

The story has a very captivating and creative start which grasp my full attention and kept me hooked to the book until the end. The most interesting part is that throughout the book I felt many emotions and goosebumps which I believe is rear and shows skilled penmanship.

The author David Howell has described and portrayed the main characters with different personalities and struggles which is incredible, the characters were diverse and unique. The book is written lucidly and incorporates everything together like emotions, and mental and physical health, the smooth flow, into this plot was very touching and heart whelming.

The highlight of this book is, it shows us how talented David is with his writing skills, which not only made me feel lost in the book but also kept me hooked to the book d the flow of the story intriguing until the end.

Overall a story of emotional roller coasters. What will you do if life brings you a second chance? Will you take it and change your life forever? Or continue the same life as it's familiar?

So click here and read now the book An angel came for you written by talented author David Howell.

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