Friday, March 6, 2020

The Third by Amar B Singh

The Blurb:

If there was one root cause of all the pains in this world that all living beings go through, would we not want to solve that forever and live in bliss and peace. We invent the Superman and the Iron Man for the same reasons that we invent Gods but we ignore the fact that our pursuit is on the path to failure because we have forgotten who we are!The problem with finding that out is that we use the wrong tool, the wrong measurement instrument. The human mind is as useless in the discovery of the root cause of all human miseries, as a 6-inch scale ruler in measuring the height of the Himalayas.Aryan, the prodigy, the man of iron will, goes down the same path of ruin until he experiences this miracle that ends him...

The Story: 

The book 'The Third' is about the life story of Aryan, from age childhood to adulthood, his fear, and his passion. The book is about self-realization. Aryan has many fears throughout his life and this story is about him on different stages of life with different emotions. In this book, the author Amar B Singh says Mind is the strongest part of the body but when it comes to identifying the weakest point we fail to understand why we live in fear. Living in fear or agony makes himself self-prisoner and no one likes to be prisoned, and if we see a self reserved or controlled person are they happy? So this is the problems that Aryan faces in his lifetime and this is narrated by someone. And in the end it reveals the secret of living peacefully and without worrying. So who are we? How to live without fear? Who is the one that is narrating the story? 

My Take: 

Firstly I will start with, I was totally shocked when I came to know the identity of the one who was narrating the story of Aryan, that is what made this book a must-read. The author has written this book in a realistic manner making it relatable and glued to the book. The book also contains soulful and heart touching poems. 

This book is the 2nd book of Author Amar B. Singh the first Book is 'A Week with Enya' a beautifully expressed poetry book. And it was refreshing to read the poems again in this book. The story-line has an easy flow and unique to read the story. The best thing that I loved about the book is the ending. There are so many things that the author Amar B Singh has explained and given his thought to us, it just amazed me to seeing life through his point of thinking. The reference given about God's just touched my heart and the questions that he asked were just so true. Never read a fiction story with a powerful self-realization motive. 

Overall, if you are looking for an interesting read and want to change your way of seeing at life then click on the link and read the story of Aryan in the book of The Third written author Amar B Singh:

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