Sunday, March 29, 2020

Our Love Story by Rohit Sharma

The Blurb & Story: 

Veronica is done. Done trying to make it as a model. Done with getting sexually harassed by casting directors. And done seeing her mother struggle to provide for her family. Tonight, everything ends. She teeters over the edge of the parapet, imagining how the cold water of the Arabian sea will take her breath away when she drowns. And then, she is stopped. By a man with an endearing smile and a guitar strapped to his back. Enter Aditya Bakshi. 

Aditya is the son of a filthy rich business tycoon, who lives each day like it’s his last. He seems to have it all, but behind his happy-go-lucky persona, he is hiding a painful secret. Both feel that they can’t be together. But will that stop them from falling in love? Our love story is a sensitive, romantic, and motivating story about selfless love and intricate relationships inspiring tale of love and heartbreak, hope and hopelessness, friendship and hatred, smiles and tears.

My Take:

This book Our Love Story is the debut novel of the author Rohit Sharma and as the title states, this book is a love story.

I have always been a great enthusiast of love stories plus poems and this book has a perfect combination of both. This book contains all the things like the passionate love, happiness, melancholy, tough choices, sensitive moments, inspiring romance, and all the other emotions that are expressed beautifully by the author. 

The book Our Love Story by Rohit Sharma is about two lost souls who find each other at a very low point in their life. The storyline is the smoothly written with an easy flow that will make any reader fall in love with the book. 

Reading this book it seemed the author Rohit is a skilled and intense writer. He has described everything in a very detailed manner that kept me curious enough to read the book in one seating. 

The highlight of the book is no doubt the love story of selfless love and the short poems that are written all across the book. 

I owe my smile and my life to you,
Only for you, I live my every day,
Every moment of my life is now just for you, 
I love you the most that all I have to say.

Overall a great love story with heart touching poems that act as a treat to your heart. So click here and read the full of emotions love story in the book Our Love Story written by Rohit Sharma.

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