Saturday, March 14, 2020

A Tea Stall By The Side Of The Road by Murad

The Blurb: 

A Tea-Stall by the Side of the Road is a collection of short stories based on anecdotes, folklore and urban legends from all over the country. Presented in the first person narrative, these stories are based on actual experiences. A tea-stall, popularly called a ‘tapri’ in India, is a place where people gather to gossip, share news and views, tales and anecdotes. It is also the favoured place for inspiration and the author’s preferred spot for writing his book. The book is well-suited to be read over a relaxing cup of tea, around the coffee table or around a campfire on a weekend getaway trip. It has stories from all genres including humour, drama, horror and romance. Thus, there is something good for every mood and taste.

The Story: 

The story A Tea Stall By The Side Of The Road by Murad has a collection of 8 stories. A book with a mixture of different genres; Romance, Drama, Humour, Thriller, Mystery & Horror, all in one book. 

The book starts with the story "Megha a Forgotten Love Story" A romance tale narrated by the author Murad. On a week travel to Jamreli, author Marud comes to know about a love story of Megha & Hardik. That he will remember all his life. After this, the next story "A Train Journey to Pune" continues a drama story along with "A Peepal Tree". "The Case of Disappearing Passenger" a story filled with humor. A thriller suspense story of "The closure" along with "The Shadow Man" a full of humor and mystery, "Scary Stories" filled with Horror and confusion & the last story "Haunted Stories" that will surely make you want to read the book again and share it with others. 

So do you want to know the adventures of the author Murad? 

My Take: 

The book A Tea Stall By The Side Of The Road by Murad is a fun, quite interesting to read with an engaging stories. The stories are narrated by the author Marud and it’s what made the book more unique and it felt like I was reading a diary with personal experience. I like the way author has captured even the minor details in the stories and the way he described the beauty of Megha, it was just intriguing. 

The highlight of the book is the narration and the writing style of the author Murad. As I continued reading the book I found myself feeling the same emotions that the author was feeling and I was seeing memories with what he has written. 

The book has stories with genre like Romance, Drama, Suspense, Humour, Mystery & Horror, which was so realistic and seemed like a part of life as true events. 

Overall, A chilling narrated book that will not only grasp your attention from the very start but will also make you wanna read again. So click here and have a cup to tea along, to read the finest stories written by Murad in the book A Tea Stall By The Side Of The Road.

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