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Infinite Stars: Chronicles Book Two by Joe Pranaitis.

The Story: It's the 29th century and the voyages of the starship Lionheart continue. This book covers the years 2858-2862 a period of five years where we see the Lionheart head deeper into the unknown systems and during the first two years they are pulled into a small civil war within the Pirate Republic. Later they run into a nebula that has the last remaining Grays in this universe before returning home. Once home they deal with the tensions between the Dragon Empire and the Cenlen Federation before being christened the flagship of the Judicial Overseers of the Galaxies and dealing with a colony civil war then falling into a S'Phere trap My Take: Infinite Stars: Chronicles Book Two is the second book in the Chronicles series written by the renowned author Joe Pranaitis and the book has the wildest timeline. The book is once again amazingly written and is a gripping read. The idea of the future is mysterious and appealing at the same time. This book has done justice to us by s

Infinite Stars: Chronicles Book One by Joe Pranaitis

The Story : It’s the 29th Century and 94 percent of the galaxy has been explored and conquered. The Starship Lionheart, along with other massive space vessels, travels through time continuums and parallel universes. June 2853: The Starship Lionheart enters a parallel universe and fights the Grey Empire. Shortly after, the entire crew is blown out of that universe and into our present one, after destroying their foe. Captain Bontrk, who is a 820 year-old Mudisan and veteran of the S’Phere War, commands the Starship. Along with his first officer John MacLeod and seasoned crew at the helm, the vessel sets out on another mission. Discovering a space station in orbit around a second Earth, the Lionheart will embark on a perilous journey that will nearly take their lives and prove to be a battle to the death. Who will win power over the galaxy and what old enemies will Bontrk and MacLeod face during their mission? My Take: Infinite Stars is the first book in the Chronicles series and new ser

Temporal Experiment (Temporal Universe Book 1) by Joe Pranaitis.

The Story: The year is 2363, and the Earth Confederation launched their first time-ship the ECS Andrea commanded by Captain Joseph Dyson who is ordered to take the ship ten minutes into the future but the experimental engines throw the ship ten thousand years into the future. Once in 12,363 the Andrea picks up a signal from the Alpha Centauri colony and go and investigate but what they find there will surprise them. Thus begins their voyage back and forth through time encountering friends and an Empire bent on destroying them. My Take: Temporal Experiment is the first book in the series Temporal Universe series written by Joe Pranaitis, and honestly, it seems like it's the start of something big, A unique and impressive story. I like how the author has used his imagination and inspiration to create such an imaginative and adventurous story. A remarkable story with a mesmerizing storyline. I started reading this at bedtime thinking of some light reading, but as I started reading I

Where Songs Come From: The Tale of Ricki Mixx: Tales of Elidria: Book Seven by Jeff Reedy (Author)

My Story: Turning thirteen is tough for anyone, but Ricki’s life is even crazier and harder than the average thirteen-year-old. When she gets a guitar for her birthday, her life seems to take a strange turn for the better, and the songs almost seem to be writing themselves! But then some sinister men start appearing in her life and seem to want her dead. Will Ricki survive long enough to see what effect her songs might have on the world? My Take: Where Songs Come From The Tale of Ricki Mixx is the first book I have read written by the author and I am really impressed. The book has a very fascinating storyline which got me hooked and I still feel the story is running in my head. About the storyline, it is unique, interesting, amazing, charming, addictive, and surprisingly mysterious. Once I started reading it was a simple teenage story with musical dreams but as I read further the storyline moved ahead it became more and more enthusiastic and a hell aa impressive. I really love the endi

Hakka & Bukka - Dawn of the Vijayanagara Empire by Kamal Niranjan.

The Story: An underdog's story that delves into the lives of these lesser-known heroes of the Sangama dynasty. These valiant brothers rose from the ashes of defeat and from their sorrowful past to charter a golden period in medieval Indian history that lasted for three centuries. Hakka & Bukka - Dawn of the Vijayanagara Empire is about their beginnings and the birth of Vijaynagara - the Land of Victory. My Take: Do you love history? Or have always found our culture and history legends fascinating? then Hakka & Bukka - Dawn of the Vijayanagara Empire is a must-read, debut historical fiction novel written by Kamal Niranjan and it's a story straight from 14th century Medieval India. I have always loved reading historical books which are full of mysteries. The concept of empires, the communities, the rules, the rulers, the kith and kin, and the idea of a kingdom has always fascinated me, and after reading this book it has lived to my full expectation and I just relived myse

Myself to blame? by Deepak Dubey.

The Story: The collection is a crude satire on blatant and sexist traditions, bourgeois morality, an ideology of patriarchy and gendered social discrimination, inculcating values with respect for culture, and reflection of the inner soul. It is deemed to answer why Apathy gets its hands in paving the way for the development of existentialism agony that leads a person to suicide? It entails bitter truths of life that have been artistically captured through a series of five short heart-wrenching stories. The distinctness provided through various elements of senses gives you the self-righteous way to envision it with your mind. My Take: Autor Deepak Dubey is back with his new book with his second book Myself to blame? (Untold Misery Book 1) which is full of the painful reality that will leave you with a lot of imagination.  Tears come from the heart and not from the brain, exactly what I felt when I read the 1st story. There are 5 short melancholy stories, and each one of them has its own