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Top 10 places to Travel within India.



As we all know India is a country in South Asia that is the seventh-largest country by area, and the second-most populous country in the world. 

Did you know there are more than a thousand tourist attractions and several World Heritage Sites in India? 

Yes that's a fact, but don't have to worry, I have got you covered. To truly experience the breadth of Indian culture and history, travel is key. 

                                    1. Kashmir: The wonders of snow

                                Kashmir: The wonders of snow

Kashmir is popularly known as the "Heaven on earth". Kashmir is world famous for its scenic splendour, snow-capped mountains, plentiful wildlife, exquisite monuments, hospitable people, and local handicrafts.

People from all around the world travel to this beautiful paradise to witness the breathtaking landscapes, the gushing waters, the lush green meadows, and the astoundingly high mountain ranges.

Also once you're in Kashmir don't miss the opportunity to grab Pashmina shawls, some Walnut wood carvings, and Kashmiri saffron which is featured as a "World's Best Saffron". 

  • Have you seen travel photos with traditional Kashmiri dresses? It is not just for the photos but to protect you against the cold. 

2. Ladhak: Atithi Devo Bhava 

Ladhak: Atithi devo bhava

Ladakh is most famous for its breathtaking landscapes, crystal clear skies, the highest mountain passes, thrilling adventure activities, Buddhist Monasteries and let's not forget the movie 3 Idiots. 

The best and the most adventurous things to enjoy on the Ladhak trip are White Water rafting, Chadar Trek or Snow Leopard Trek, Camping, Rock Climbing, Ice Hockey, or just a Jeep Safari to feel the calm and freezy air. 

Have you heard the charm of Pangong lake has the ability to change colour? The shades range from light green to crystal blue and sometimes even golden, red, and pink too. well, experts believe that change in sky colour and refraction at high altitudes causes this phenomenon, but why not discover this by yourself?

3. Amritsar: Divine yatra

Amritsar: Divine yatra

Amritsar is a city in the northwestern Indian state of Punjab. It is most famous in all over the world for the Golden Temple, also referred the holiest Gurdwara. 

 The are 5 best places to include in your Amritsar trip itinerary are:
  1. Akal Takht: It is one of the five takhts in Sikhism
  2. Wagah Border: It is the last Indian area before the Pakistan mainland
  3. Gobindgarh Fort: Located in the heart of Amritsar, it is one of the most historic tourist attractions in Amritsar.
  4. Partition Museum: The museum aims to remember those who were affected by the India-Pakistan partition.
  5. Lal Devi Mata Mandir: It is a must-visit place as it is popular for its shrine of Lal Devi and the unusual interior and the colourful old shrines. 
Do you know why Amritsar is so special? It is for its great heritage and significance in the history of Sikhs.  

4. Varanasi: World’s oldest living city.

Varanasi: World’s oldest living city.

Varanasi has a history dating back to more than 3,000 years, Located in North India on the banks of the River Ganges, Varanasi has been an important center of learning for ages as well as a chief pilgrimage destination for many Hindus

The star attraction in Varanasi are 
  • Kashi Vishwanath Temple.
  • Ramnagar Fort. 
  • Dashashwamedh Ghat for Evening Ganga Aarti. 
  • Assi Ghat. 
  • Varanasi Ghats.
  • Kabir Math.
  • Sarnath.
Did you know the best time to visit Varanasi is during the winter months that is November to February. 

5. Manali: A paradise for travellers.

Manali: A paradise for travellers.

Manali is a high-altitude Himalayan town in India’s northern Himachal Pradesh state. It is reputated as the most adventurous backpacking center and romantic honeymoon destination. 

Skiing in the Solang Valley and trekking in Parvati Valley it a must do activities when you reach Manali. Also paragliding, rafting and mountaineering in the Pir Panjal mountains is something you need to add in your bucket list. 

The famous Hadimba Temple, the scenic Rohtang Pass, the snow-laden Solang Valley and its delightful culinary scene are also a something you don't want to miss. 

Did you know what Manali is famous for? Besides natural charm and unparalleled beauty? It is known for its unlimited adventure opportunities. 
6. Kerala: A place of tropical beauty.

Kerala: A place of tropical beauty

The southwestern state of India known as Kerala. Palm trees, white sand beaches and eco-tourism are all big reasons to explore the region. 

Kerala is famous for backwaters, elegant houseboats and temple festivals. It is also home to Thekkady, a tiger preserve which allows you to admire flora and fauna without crowds. 

The hub of Kerala is the city of Kochi also known as Cochin, where you can see the local fishing industry. It is ethnically and religiously diverse, and in a single afternoon, you can explore the Jewish synagogue, the Dutch palace, the Portuguese Pallipuram Fort, and the Hindu Thrikkakara Temple. 

Did you know Kerala is named as one of the ten paradises of the world by National Geographic Traveler? Its unique culture, traditions, meals, and places, have made Kerala one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.
7. Andaman: Escape to the scenic island

Andaman: Escape to the scenic island

The Andaman Islands are an Indian archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. There are around 300 islands which are known for their palm-lined, white-sand beaches, mangroves, and tropical rainforests. 

Andaman is popular for diving and snorkeling sites, and the top attractions in Andaman and Nicobar Islands are 
  • Radhanagar Beach. 
  • Cellular Jail. .
  • Ross Island.
  • Elephant Beach. 
  • Chidiya Tapu. 
Also, Andaman Islands are one of the greatest underwater biodiversity housing corals and sea dwellers. 

Did you know the best time to visit the Andaman Islands? It is considered between October and May as the weather is pleasant, perfect for sightseeing, water sports, and beach excursion.

8. Goa Beaches: Enchanting vacation awaits 

Goa Beaches: Enchanting vacation awaits

Goa is a state in western India. It is famous largely because of its spectacular beaches and nightlife. 

The best activities you should definitely do in Goa are
  • Water Sports at Baga Beach
  • Scuba Diving at Grand Island
  • Have Fun at Dudhsagar Falls.
  • Roam at Tito's Street.
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride.
  • Party at Sinq Nightclub
  • Visit The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception
  • Experience Trance Party at Curlies
  • Scuba at Malvan
  • Visit Big Daddy Casino
The list just keeps growing. 

Did you know what Goa is famous for? It is one of the most favorite destinations among Indian tourists due to its pristine beaches. There are more than hundreds of impressive beaches in Goa. 

 9.  Ellora & Ajanta Caves: A art on Buddhist legends 

Ellora & Ajanta Caves: A art on Buddhist legends

Ellora is a world heritage site in Maharashtra, India. It is one of the largest rock-cut Hindu temple cave complexes in the world, with artwork dating from the period 600–1000 CE. 

The shrines are carved from the rocky landscape. 34 cave shrines are up to 1,500 years old, and they majorly represent the three distinct religions: Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism.

At Ellora & Ajanta Caves you will discover of the finest architecture, cave paintings, and sculptures.

Did you know Ellora Caves, Ajanta is one of the major tourist attractions of Maharashtra? It is a the must-travel place, included in all trip plans of Mumbai and Maharashtra.
10. Rajasthan: Padharo mhare desh

Rajasthan: Padharo mhare desh

Rajasthan is a state in northern India. It has borders with Pakistan and is a home to the Thar Desert. 

The views of the Aravallis Mountains for sand and stone and of masses of rose-coloured quartzite is just magical. 

Rajasthan contains some of the best places to visit in India. Jaipur; the Pink City, is the capital of Rajasthan and a wonderful place to begin your trip.

Rajasthan is famous more its incredible architecture, three forts, many temples and the extraordinary City Palace. Also in Rajasthan Jodhpur is a must visit place, the so-called Blue City that is the gateway to the Thar Desert as well as the home to the spectacular Mehrangarh Fort.

Did you know which place is most visited in Rajasthan?
  1. Bundi.
  2. Bikaner. Welcome to camel country.
  3. Banswara. The city of a hundred islands.
  5. Ajmer. The delightful Dargah destination.
  6. Jaisalmer. Where the forts are still alive. 
  7. Rajsamand. The marble land of Rajasthan. 
  8. Hill station of Rajasthan. Mount Abu.

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The Following by Harshada Pathare.

The Blurb:

Everything seems ordinary in Kalki’s life. Working as a freelancer and living with her mother, the only thing that makes Kalki’s life extraordinary is her relationship with her high-profile, billionaire boyfriend. Until, one day, her world is tipped upside down and she starts to see ghosts, and discovers that she possesses the supernatural ability to heal the dead.

In this thrilling paranormal romance novel, you are welcome to enter a world of ghosts, soothsayers, saints, and paranormal occurrences as Kalki journeys to unravel the truth about life and death.

Is Kalki prepared to fulfil her destiny and discover her true purpose?

Will she find the answers she so desperately seeks?

In The Following, join Kalki as she travels to the mystic land of Kashi to find out how to uninstall her superpowers and live a common life.

My Take: 

Did you read the burb? Did it grab your attention?

As I read the synopsis, in an instant I knew this book in going to be phenomenal.

The following is the first book I have read written by the author Harshada Pathare and I’m simply amazed at the skilled penmanship.

As the book started, I was on sitting on my toes, waiting for a bang starting and I will say the author did not disappoint me, the book indeed is as great as it sounds.

The highlight of the book is the smooth flow of the story, from horror to drama, from spiritual to fictional the link between suspense and mystery is just beyond compare. Every chapter has a well-calculated scene that made the ending perfect. Also, the best part is the way the author has written this book in lucid language along with emotions, I was so completely lost in reading that I got Goosebumps throughout the book.

Overall highly recommended. So what will you do if you discover that you possess the supernatural ability to heal the dead? So click here and read now the book, The Following written by Harshada Pathare.

Selling from Your Comfort Zone: The Power of Alignment Marketing by Stacey Hall.

About Book:

You don’t have to betray yourself or your values to close stellar sales. This book introduces a simple formula for a personalized approach to building connections through alignment and problem-solving.

So many salespeople believe that they have to push themselves out of their comfort zones and compromise their values to sell products. But, as Stacey Hall shows, the comfort zone can actually be a power zone that leads to sales, satisfaction, and success.

Selling from Your Comfort Zone shifts away from “pushy” and “spammy” sales tactics and instead shows how you can bring meaning to your role as a salesperson. Hall teaches how to remain in alignment with your calling, with yourself, with what you are selling, with your prospects, and with what you are saying to your prospects. By being aligned with your core values and personality traits, you will have more confidence, energy, and courage to achieve your goals, which greatly increases the chances of success.

Studies reveal that while men generally rely on improving and driving outcomes to close sales, women tend to emphasize building connections, shaping solutions, and collaborating. Hall’s Alignment Marketing formula combines both skillsets in an easy-to-follow process for gently expanding your comfort zone to the edge of its safe boundaries. By adopting this approach, you can stay flexible and resilient in the face of problems and objections that all salespeople encounter along the way.

My Take: Are you a working professional in the sales field? Or are you a business owner and selling is everything you do?

Selling from Your Comfort Zone: The Power of Alignment Marketing is the first book I read written by Stacey Hall and I am too stunned to express my views.

Author Stacey Hall is an expert on sales and has given us a brief detail on all the topics related to Sales, the book contains strategies, solutions, common difficulties, how to deal with, and knowing your audience. It’s a helping guide that will educate you and will brush up your skills even more.

The highlight of the book is, it will answer all your questions that arrive while reading the book, which I found interesting and essential for everyone to know the logic and tactics behind it.

It’s an export guide that will help you achieve your goals and milestones, easily and productively. When I started reading the book, what really impressed me was one simple formula that not just amazed me but changed my whole perspective of reading this book.

Alignment + belief x consistency = sales, satisfaction, and success.

A life-changing formula that will help you achieve your goals in a positive and confident manner.

Author Stacey Hall is an expert on sales and her work in this book is valuable and essential for every working individual.

Even Now the word Sales has an effect on people who do not choose the sales field as it has many challenges. But once you start reading this, I guarantee it will help you understand the logic more simply and you will find everything a bit smoother.

Overall it is extremely helpful and highly recommended. Click here and read now Selling from Your Comfort Zone: The Power of Alignment Marketing written by Stacey Hall.

Echoes of the Past: A Zombie Apocalypse Novel Shaped By The Choices You Make by Stipe Lozina

The Story:

"I remember them, as if they stood here moments ago... I remember when everything was okay, when everyone was here, when there was peace..."

Those were the words Peter would remember every night before closing his eyes, the words which kept him going...

After 10 years of imprisonment in the Colorado State Penitentiary, Peter Folley would find himself standing outside the bars of steel, although his freedom would not last for long...

An outbreak would begin spreading throughout the world, a strain with unknown effects, the city of Colorado not being left out...

As Peter was preparing himself to find his long lost son, he would find himself standing in chaos, a new world at his doorstep...


"Echoes of the Past" will tell a story of a man named Peter Folley, a prisoner who would finish his ten year sentence after a crime he deeply regretted, a crime that cost him his family...


You will find yourself in a story set in an ongoing zombie apocalypse, following a man having an unbreakable goal of finding his son...

As the pages will turn, Peter will meet several people, all having their own goals of survival in the new world before them...

Some will be caring and friendly, others will not...


The story of "Echoes of the Past" comes with a twist, however...

Throughout the novel, YOU, the reader, will be making crucial choices that could affect the experience, the overall progression, and the ending of the story.

"Echoes of the Past" will mark the beginning of a trilogy, having a story shaped by the choices you make.

The choices you make will alter the environment step by step, leading to both downfalls and salvations of the characters Peter Folley will meet as the story progresses, as well as the locations around them.

There will be grief and sorrow...

As will there be hope and light...

My Take:

While reading did you ever ask the question “What if?” or if you had a choice would you choose differently?

Well, the book Echoes of the Past: A Zombie Apocalypse Novel Shaped by the Choices You Make Novel written by Stipe Lozina is by far the most unique book I have ever read. The whole book’s outcome is depended on my choice.

I have read many books but by far this is the most unique and the best book I have ever read. The intriguing thing about the book is at the end of the chapter there is a choice you need to make, eg. If you want to turn back click here to read the chapter, and if you want to move ahead and click here and read chapter this. Intriguing right?

The storyline is amazing, and the author has written it compellingly, making it a must-read series. I liked the way the author Stipe Lozina captured my attention from the beginning of the book with a captivating beginning; Mysterious and hooking.

If the 1st book of the series is such a great hit, then I m just wondering what did the author has stored for us in the next books. Can’t wait to start the next book.

Overall a Unique and best seller. So click here and read now Echoes of the Past: A Zombie Apocalypse Novel Shaped by the Choices You Make Novel written by Stipe Lozina

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SAMUDRAN: The Extraordinary Journey of an Ordinary Man by A R. Vikram.

The Blurb:

Making moral choices is hard enough even with religion or family as a navigating guide. But what if you had neither?

Samudran, aka Sammy, is a twenty-three-year-old photographer. He is also an abused orphan, and an atheist to boot. A highly unorthodox and independent thinker, he accepts a last-minute assignment to work at a tiny remote island for a small scientific team planning to study the island's unique flora with amazing dietary and medicinal properties. Sure, there are several risks that come with the project, but what does he care? After all, he has completely sworn off such mundane things as family and marriage and life purpose, and has no ties binding him to anything. That is, until he meets.....

Seventeen years old. Or maybe eighteen. Beautiful, sweet, and naïve. Both burdened and blessed with her own unique past, she also happens to be the daughter of one of the tribal chiefs. In spite of his strong views against love and marriage, Sammy falls madly in love with her, but knows that there are several obstacles to overcome. But then he is met with the biggest challenge of all, in the form of.....

A Betrayal
Sammy and his teammates discover a heinous plot by one of their own, who is in cahoots with a powerful and greedy corporation to sell out the island and its trusting tribes. But exposing the evildoer's plot turns out to be not as easy as they hope. And when their best-laid plans go awry, Sammy is forced to go into hiding on the island.

Faced with an extremely tight time constraint, it is now up to Sammy to try and save the island and its tribes. Will the young maverick prove himself up to the task? Will the friendships and relationships he has forged along the way help him in this highly risky endeavor? Will he be able to win Meila and save her people before time runs out?

Find out in this heartwarming tale about humanity, bravery, friendship, brotherhood, and love.

My Take: Samudran The Extraordinary Journey of an Ordinary Man is a debut novel written by the author A R. Vikram and it's a story that will not only touch your heart but will also leave an unforgettable impression. 

The book starts with a thrilling prologue which set the mood for the rest of the book perfectly. As the story started, it felt like the author has done a great deal of research while writing this book, as the details were finely described. The characters, places, surroundings, drama, situations, love, friendship, betrayal, suspense, and every emotion was defined as a perfectionist. 

The book has an easy flow with lucid language, trapping our minds in the book. The book is not a short/quick read, I read it in intervals and trust me when I say this, even when I was not reading, I was actually thinking about the story, what will happen next and the thing that already happened. 

Truly addictive and can't wait to read more future books written by the author A R. Vikram.

Overall a unique book with a sensational storyline. So click here and read now and be amazed by the book SAMUDRAN: The Extraordinary Journey of an Ordinary Man written by A R. Vikram.

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Surprise Travel in February.

Alert! 2 months left for Valentine's Day. 2022 is almost over and as we all know, we are too late to plan a last-minute couples trip now, as all the places are either full or simply out of budget. Let's plan a trip romantically to celebrate being a couple, and avoid the last-minute brainstorming on gift ideas.
Did you know February is the cheapest and most Romantic month of the year to travel?

Now we know February is the best month for traveling, and before you search for places to travel, MakeMyTrip has planned vacation trips keeping in mind all needs of a couple, which will not only be just romantic but also budget-friendly trips too.
Gone are those days when Valentine's Day was meant only for staying in fancy hotels, shopping, and dining. Now you can add adventure and thrills, like exploring places, trekking, canoeing, or even motorcycle riding trips too.

We are sure you will plan a great gift with chocolates and a surprise, but why not make it the greatest and loveliest gift ever with a surprise couples trip? Just imagine their face when you surprise your partner with a trip, where you gift them the most precious thing that they can never get enough of; that is your time.

We all have seen it, these days travel reels are trending, the top trending romantic places to visit in India include Goa; Stay in huts on a South Goa beach, Havelock in the Andaman Islands, Kumarakom in Kerala, Darjeeling, Shillong & Cherrapunjee in Meghalaya, Gangtok in Sikkim, and Manali. We can already feel the mesmerizing memories being created.

Cheap vacations for couples internationally are also something you should think of while you plan your trip. Thailand is the most traveled tourist destination for budget-friendly people, it is also stated as the 20th most populous country in the world. Other places like Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Vietnam, Laos, the Philippines, and Malaysia are also the best places to visit for couples.

We have covered both national and international trips, but have you given a thought to a Cruise Trip? All you need to do is hop on the ship and visit a number of places. A perfect winter vacation with your partner.

MakeMyTrip is the most trusted and India's leading trip planner for hotel, flight, and holiday bookings. Our main goal is to provide you with the best couples vacations and to help you book flight tickets that are affordable and customized to your needs.

No doubt there are numerous ways to plan a trip and before your searches overwhelm you, here is the trip planner. You can plan your trip here and can also read more on places to visit for couples, which will guide you to plan romantic places to visit more efficiently. Find the best Vacation packages that will suit your pocket and the plan that is already cooking in your head now. All the details are just a click away.

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Generously yours by Inderpreet Uppal

The Story:

‘Love is forever’ or so thought Diya.
Shy, bookish and loving, Diya never thought she would ever need to be anything else.
Her charmed life slips away from her in ways, she never imagined.
Will Viren be able to sort the jumble of their lives or is it already too late?
A bittersweet story of life, longing, and lasting love.

My Take: 

Generously yours is the second book I have read written by the author Inderpreet Uppal, and there is no doubt that she is a talented and gifted writer. Her expert writing skills and her technique which she shared in her last book can be seen here, which really impressed me.

Generously yours is an exquisite story that is short, sweet, relatable, and full of emotions and characters that definitely left a mark. While reading this book I didn’t realize that it’s such a short book, at the start I felt the story is rushed but then at the end, I realized that it was supposed to be this way. Unique and Expressive.

I enjoyed reading it and wouldn’t mind reading more of the same story, hoping the author releases the next book soon.

Overall, simply too good. So grab this book now with a cup of coffee and read now the book Generously yours written by Inderpreet Uppal.

The book is available free for Kindle Unlimited Users.

Self-Editing, Editing, and Editors: The Book Club Writer’s Toolkit by Inderpreet Uppal.

About Book:

The Writer's Toolkit is for Self-Editing, Editing, and Editors for a polished book and a calm author.

Self-Editing, Editing, and Editors will help writers and authors demystify the nitty-gritty of editing.
The Writer's Toolkit covers the basic steps needed to ensure that you have a well-edited book.

Editing Simplified!

Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions on :
How to search for an editor, and how to negotiate and finalise the right editor?
Do you need self-editing? How can self-editing help you?
How to ensure that you have the best editor? Why does every writer need an editor?
How to negotiate, find the right editor and have the best contract?
How to ensure your work is safe and edited as per your needs?
All your questions and doubts answered.

My Take:

Are you a fresher content writer? Or not sure which skills a writer should require?

Writer’s toolkit written by Inderpreet Uppal is the perfect book for you. It’s a book that will help you brush up on your writing and editing skills. This is a quick book that has clear details and instructions, which are easy to understand, and easy to follow steps.

The highlight of the book is the steadiness of the information, the facts, and the awareness written in this book clearly states that the author has expert-level experience. Her knowledge and expertise have made this book a must-read for all the writers out there.

This a quick expert guide to help you understand basic requirements and knowledge that every writer should know.

Overall a highly recommended book, the most productive book. So click here and read the book, Writers toolkit written by expert writer Inderpreet Uppal.

The Book is available free for Kindle Unlimited users.

Where Love was Sinful by Chirasree Bose.

The Story:

A tangled love on the battlefield of sinners… Maya: I’ve arrived in Delhi to meet my husband’s family after six months of our wedding. But what should have been a celebration turns catastrophic and people begin to die. Has it got anything to do with my secret? Shaaman: I love my wife, Maya, and God knows I have tried to be what she likes. But as I step into this house, my maternal grandfather’s house, I can feel the demon in me waking. I need help. But…what if it’s too late? Aahil: Maya. She always called me a mystery. And so I am. The mystery that started it all. The mystery that will end it all. Sparing none, not even her. Witness the most gruesome game of love, greed, revenge, power, betrayal, and hate in a tale full of sinners, a tale where love was sinful.

My Take:

Are you a fan of thriller books with mysterious events, or a book that unlocks a secret that will rattle you and give you strange relief when the truth is finally out?

Where Love was Sinful, written by Chirasree Bose, is a book for you that is mysterious and secretive both in a right way that kept me hooked till the end. This is the second book I have read written by the author Chirasree, and as I read, a fresh wave of memory passed through me of how the author has a unique sense of humour and writing style, which I was impressed by from the 1st book itself.

The highlight of the book is that each and every character is defined perfectly. The timing and the placement of the side characters are what impressed me the most. Also, the interesting thing is throughout the book, you will feel different genres that are unique on their own. The lucid language and the smooth flow of the storyline are simply amazing and must say the characters kept me on my toes.

Overall, a trailer story that is exquisite, and mysterious, that has phenomenal twists and turns. So click here and read now highly recommended and a best seller book Where Love was Sinful written by Chirasree Bose.

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When the Light Goes Out by Lisa Myers.

About the Book:

As the expert in mental health, psychiatrist Dr Lisa Myers has always been expected to have the answers to help her traumatised clients. However, her professional knowledge and tools did not fully prepare her for when her life was upended by an act of unimaginable violence, which plunged her into a spiral of grief and trauma-management.

In this deeply intimate narrative, Lisa takes us on an illuminating journey through her own life-changing loss. She reflects on her upbringing, relationships and roles which shaped her ability to cope and come to terms with her tragedy.

This courageous memoir reveals how emotional and psychological suffering show up for everyone in different ways and encourages us to seek help when the light goes out. As an impassioned advocate for mental health, Lisa neutralises the shame and stigma by sharing her personal and professional insights for moving through trauma.

My Take:

Have you ever wondered how exactly anxiety and trauma affect some people? How doing even small regular chores can be a trigger point?

When the light goes out is a book written by Dr. Lisa, who has shared her personal and inspiring story that will surely inspire you, she is a professional that has shown her side of life that we never thought of.

The book contains the emotional personal journey of the author and her expert tools to deal with trauma and grief. The book also covers a brief about trauma, anxiety, vulnerability, and self-control, and is also fully motivational.

It’s an untold story of a mental health professional and her life experiences. Everyone is a survivor. This book is written beautifully and with perfect balance. At times I found myself so lost in the book that it seemed I was part of the story as well. Truly a captivating and compelling story. If you ask someone or know someone with trauma or depression, then you must definitely recommend this book, it is written in lucid language and will help you heal.

Walking a path of life with trauma, and completing the journey of life is not easy and dealing with others’ experiences as psychiatrists is something just indebted. The below quote from the book is something that touched my heart and I'm sure I will always remember this.

There is no quick fix to the struggles we face. Life is a series of hard and dark times. I hope this book offers a small light along your path because where there is light there is Hope.

Overall a sensitive and inspiring book. So Click here and read now When the light goes out written by Dr. Lisa Mayers

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Author's Interview with Suresh Sippy,

Let's start with an introduction.

1. What is your name and Could you please introduce yourself to us?
Suresh Sippy- actor & writer of short stories and poems
2. Congratulations on your book. So what inspired you to write this book?
My life experiences and perhaps my age, I think that getting to a certain age makes one ponder over what has gone past and the wish that one could have made different choices in life, perhaps searching for that perfect life & happiness.
But of course, perfection does not exist, and we must all make the best of what is in the now & present and realize that the simple everyday things in life are the source of true joy.

3. What is the book all about?
The book is about Edward Garcia, Ed to his friends, a retired Wall Street banker in New York who has had a successful work life but a failed personal one and fantasizes about having another chance in life. 
Ed's been divorced for a long time and is estranged from his only child, a daughter who now lives in London and who never forgave him for abandoning her as a child, after the marriage broke down. Ed has not seen his daughter or his grandson for as long as he can remember, in fact, he has never seen his grandson. This a source of great unhappiness to him and he usually drowns his sorrows by drinking excessively
Ed also imagines himself falling in love with a pretty young lady who seems to frequent the cafe he regularly visits for breakfast; Ed is infatuated by this mysterious lady called Maya.
If only he could be young again and re-live his life, he would do things differently, fall in love and have a chance at happiness.
In the fantasy world of my book, this is possible with the help of the AEC, who is mystical being and can help Ed become young again but of course, there is a price to pay.
Ed must give up some of the years of his life to gain to his youth, will he accept the AEC's offer and will it worth it?
Will he ever reconcile with his daughter and get to meet his only grandchild?
4. Why did you choose this genre for your book?
I am fascinated with the supernatural and what is possible beyond our five senses
5. How much time did it take to complete this book?
About a month
6. What makes your Book Special?
I believe it has an unusual story mixed with a bit of fantasy, Indian mysticism and finding true happiness in life
7. When is your second book coming?
I am in the process of publishing a collection of 38 short poems and then plan to write a book about insurance fraud.
8. While writing did you get any writer's block? What is the Tip that you will give others who are facing writer's block?
I think that once I had the idea in my mind, I found it relatively easy to keep writing, I also spoke to some of my contacts in the creative business who were very encouraging.
I suggest that taking a break if you face a Writer's Block and doing something completely different is a good idea.
9. Apart from being a talented author, what are your other hobbies?
I think there is plenty of talent out there, so, calling myself talented is a bit daring.My hobbies are of course reading, I do read regularly; acting, I have acted in about 17 Bollywood films, a recent one being the Doctor's Role in "The Girl on the Train" (The Bollywood version) on Netflix. I also do corporate training films, Role-plays and presenting to camera assignments.
10. Last but not the least, How did you feel, while giving this interview?

Profile: Book Review| Book link     

Saturday, December 3, 2022

Why and why not Digital Marketing?

Did social media make you start a new business? Or are you one of us who has started a side business, had a great start earned fruitfully, and now wants to grow your business? Or are you simply an individual that is researching here on the importance of Digital marketing.

Let’s make it easy, starting with what is digital marketing, well there are several explanations and to simplify, the marketing method for which we use the Internet and online-based digital technologies like laptops, mobile phones, or any digital media to promote a product or services is Digital marketing, and digital marketing has become an increasingly important element for a business.

Why Digital marketing is important because it helps you get one step closer to consumers which is the only thing that we want. With more consumers comes greater demand and with greater demand comes significant growth. 

Are your goals, to make your own brand, to add value to your product/ Services, to boost sales and expand, to increase your company’s database and value, to increase product awareness, to understand the current demands, to communicate with customers and rise in the current competition? Digital marketing can help you achieve all these, and where to find a Digital marketing company?

Mumbai is not just the city of dreams but also has a major industrial hub and one of the leading industries here is Digital marketing. Top Search Engine Optimization SEO companies are widely based in Mumbai with a database from around the world.

Before you search for a Digital marketing company in Mumbai, make sure you remember two points to finding a fruitful SEO Company in Mumbai

·       Make a note of which marketing method will suit you the best, SEO, SMO, affiliate marketing, PPC, Google Ads, etc.

·       Make sure to go through Digital marketing plans before finalizing them.

Digital marketing helps you to reach consumers to promote, communicate, create, and deliver. Moreover, digital marketing is essential for the growth of a business small or medium because it allows you to bring customers closer and understand them better.

Overall, we suggest opting for digital marketing now which are handled by professionals instead of reading more and more articles and thus getting more confused as to where to start. Click here if you want to know more. 

Monday, November 28, 2022

The A.E.C.: A Supernatural Love Story by S N Sippy.

About Story:

Do you wish you could turn back time and be young again, fall in love and do the things you always wanted to do? It can be arranged – just speak to the A.E.C.But as with any negotiation, there’s some give and take. So read the contract carefully before you sign your life away.

My Take:

Does your first love still haunt you? The memories, the grieves, the love, the reason it could have been different. Did you ever wonder, if you could wish to go back and change things?

Well, the author S N Sippy has answered our wishes and has given us a unique taste of supernatural reality that I can’t seem to get enough of in the book The A.E.C.: A Supernatural Love Story.

The story has a unique storyline. Also, even though we know it’s a fiction story, the interesting part is it felt really like it did happen and we can also choose this if we want, which still gives me chills and goosebumps. I like the small timely details and emotions which made me connect to the book. 

The highlight of the book is the characters and the storyline, the story is a short read and has the potential for the second book to be more fantastic and we could read more. Can’t wait to read other books written by the author S N Sippy.

Overall, it’s a story that you have never read before, highly recommended. So click here and read now, a love story with a supernatural twist and turns in the book The A.E.C.: A Supernatural Love Story by S N Sippy. 

More About the Story:

The story revolves around Ed, (Edward Garcia) a retired wealthy New York Banker, who is divorced and estranged from his only child, a daughter, who has never forgiven him for splitting up the family, Ed leads a lonely life mostly watching TV and drowning his sorrows in whisky, wishing he could somehow turn back time and make things right again. 

Most of all, Ed so desperately wants to gain back the love and admiration of his daughter, who now lives in London and hasn't seen her Dad for a very long time. Ed’s chance encounter with a mysterious young lady has made it possible to realize Ed's fantasy of going back in time but he has to sign this unusual contract with a strange being called The AEC. 

Will Ed agree to this contract, was the encounter with Maya, the mysterious lady a chance one, who is The AEC, and will Ed find happiness and the re-union with his daughter, do find out in this Novella, The AEC.

Click here and read now, a love story with a supernatural twist and turns in the book The A.E.C.: A Supernatural Love Story by S N Sippy. 

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Did we cook food or a food obsession?

Have you ever wondered, the things that we crave and the things we eat are decisions that our mind tricks us into doing?

Lockdown in over the world has affected each and every one of us, maybe at an emotional level or at the mental level and no doubt at a physical level as well. Lockdown has thought us one major thing, which is we can survive even with basic needs. Without eating outside, without spending on shopping, wearing simple comfy clothes without branded clothes, without going out, even though it was depressing to stay at home but we did spend quality time with our loved ones.

Home-cooked meals are always considered healthy but did eating at home during lockdown proved to be wholesome? A recent survey showed, 39% of the population gained weight during the lockdown. Even though we can blame it on lack of moment or lack of space to walk or exercise, still this proves that even home-cooked meals can make you overweight.

The last 2 years have been challenging, and even though we are not wearing masks and not locked in our rooms, we are still stuck in our minds. The food industry has high rocketed after the lockdown.

During this period, many of us tried different hobbies, cooking and baking were one of them. Tutorials from Instagram and How to cook videos from Youtube made everything easy. So we ate, with our mouths along with our hearts, with a full stomach and gaining weight, we survived lockdown.

Many of the small businesses and hobbies ended as we resumed back into our work life but did we stop eating? Currently, we are still stuck in the same loop but instead of cooking food our mind still feels hungry and we now started binge eating. 

Gone are those days when the only stall we ever saw was a Pani Puri stall. There was a time when the Khau Galli (Food Vally) was only available at famous places where a variety of food stalls were together and one can eat different tastes all in one place. But now if you walk outside any station you will see stalls everywhere, from Pani Puri to Dosa, from Sandwich to Sugarcane Juice, from Vada Pav to Momos. There is a significant change in the food industry. One of the major rises in the industry is due to Swiggy and Zomato making it easy to order and deliver food without actually stepping out.

Earlier some diets restricted some food consumption, Veg, Non – Veg, and Vegan, but today a single dish, like momo’s can be found in all these three types. Is this growth or is it a sign that our mind is shrinking and the only thing we want is to eat, eat to satisfy our mind?

Overall I read somewhere that the only thing better than talking about food is eating. Eat good feel good, and stop worrying. To read more please check the “Page Link” How to plan daily routine can make you happy.” A blog post that will guide you to plan a routine, track habits, and control inhibitory.

So should we continue like this or do we need to take action? Send me an email with, what you think and suggestions.

Written by Rakhi Verma.

Monday, November 14, 2022

Between the Devil and the Dark by Brandon Hill and Terrence Pegasus.

The Story:

A New Captain. An Untested Crew. Will Fortune Favor the Reckless?

Xerxes "Xerx" Paraska is a champion in the G1 Leagues. Enjoying the sweet life with his wife Neela and trusted crew, he crushes his opponents’ mechanized warriors in stadium after stadium.

But during a shakedown run for his newly bequeathed warship, the Reckless, bad luck strikes. Xerx's slightly dysfunctional found family is faced with a mysterious intruder and potentially deadly hazards of flying an untested vessel.

Will the neophyte captain and his crew survive to fight in the arenas another day or will they succumb to the wild and unforgiving blackness of space?

My Take:

Between the Devil and the Dark is the first book in the series Wild Space Saga written by Brandon Hill and Terrence Pegasus, and after reading this, let’s just say this is going to be the next big thing.

This is the second book I have read written by the author Brandon Hill, I must point out that he has an eye for detail and has written this novel with perfection.

Over the years I have read many books. Sometimes starting a new book becomes challenging and tricky to understand the backstory or the main characters. Only after the first or few chapters, does it start making sense and the story falls into place. But after reading the Brandon Books, I’m simply amazed at his unique writing skill that hooked me from the prologue itself and made it easy to understand from the very first chapter. Which I find is a rare quality in an author.

This is an adventurous book that is filled with action and mystery, making it a trailer series. Do you like a futuristic fiction novel with missions and beyond-the-imagination space stories? Then this is the perfect book for you that has all the action and adventure you can think of. I also think the authors has started this series with a bang and I can’t wait to read the Future books written by them and what adventure will the next book will bring.

Overall a great start for a Wild Space Saga. So click here to read now and discover the important mission with an exceptional crew, travelling through the Galaxy in the book Between the Devil and the Dark written by Brandon Hill and Terrence Pegasus.

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                                          India  As we all know India is a country in South Asia that is the seventh-largest country by area...