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The Justice by Nikhil Khasnabish

The Blurb: Ime Borah, who is Uddipan Saikia’s fiancée, is brutally raped at the foot of the hills, the abode of cursed souls and witches. The rapists plan to kill and make her a feast of jackals. But they fail to do so. She finally manages to escape from the hills. Unable to forget that she is a rape victim, she makes the hard decision to spend the rest of her life alone. But luck steps in to walk her to meet with the unexpected happening. My take:   The Justice is Nikhil Khasnabish’s first book I have read. The story is about a girl who is struggling with herself and about the world at the same time because, just before her wedding, she gets raped. Heartbroken, confused, and shattered, she wants to share the truth with her soon-to-be husband, Uddipan Saikia. Whether he will accept her after knowing the truth gives her worries and tension. Will she find enough courage to share the pain? The question nags her.   It is a heart-touching story packed with suspense, surprise, emotions, and

Fight or Flight: The Ultimate Book for Understanding and Managing Stress by Gary R Plaford.

The Blurb: Fight or Flight is a two-part book. Part one explains how stress is an integral part of our lives. It can be motivational or debilitating. Therefore it is not avoiding stress, but rather managing stress that is critical. The book discusses the four conditions that cause stress, mindset, habitual thought patterns, and how the brain functions during stress. Part two is aimed at helping us manage stress. Stress can affect us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Hence, rather than relying on general stress reduction techniques, it is better to employ specific physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual techniques for managing stress. My Take: Fight or Flight: The Ultimate Book for Understanding and Managing Stress is the new book written by Gary R Plaford which will make you realize that Stress is not external it's internal and the best way to reduce it is to take control of your thoughts. Stress is not always bad. Stress creates pressure. Remember a lump of co

The Different Bride by Charu Singh

  The Blurb:  It’s not everyday that we come across stories like that of Chandrika and Prakash. In a world where it’s not easy to be different, Chandrika does not carry her supposed ‘flaw’ as baggage. She instead lives a happy and cheerful life with clear and serious goals. She works hard towards getting into a top business school, to turn her dreams into reality. Despite her endearing nature, deep within her heart she truly believes that love is not for her. But one fine day, the love bell rings, thanks to Graham Bell! Prakash works as a sales executive with an internet company. He has a strained relationship with his father because of his father’s rigid rules and rigorous expectations. When the two meet by fateful design, it’s not just Chandrika’s beliefs that are set to change but her entire life! The Different Bride is a love story of its own kind. It will leave you feeling stronger about how love transcends all the barriers that may come in its way. My Take: The Different Bride is