Monday, March 9, 2020

Double One Zero : Out of the Shadows by Jasveer Singh Dangi

The Blurb: 

Double One Zero (110) – Out of the Shadows’ is a story about deception and one man’s quest to find his identity. The journey to find his identity will take him across the other side of Earth and then back to the capital of India, Delhi. Along the way, he will try to pick up the pieces and solve the puzzle that his life is. Be ready for the ride of your life as ‘Double One Zero (110)’ comes ‘Out of the Shadows’. 

The Story:

The story of Double One Zero’ by Jasveer Dangi starts from a man, who finds a dead body lying down while cleaning. But soon the dead body is walking and very much alive but in critical condition. The police officers soon admit him at the hospital, where his treatments start immediately. All the time everyone is looking for something to identify him, but no, there was not a wallet or even a ID card but only a name card that is used in corporate events, the doctors and the police officer are waiting for him to wake up and answer questions like how did he end up beaten? Who is he? After a while when he wakes up he attacks all the police officers and doctors too out of confusion, but the doctor gives him sedatives to make him stop. And after his attack, everyone is shaken and shocked, all the time wondering who is he? And how can he single handily defeat so many police officers at the same time that too being injured? But there were no answers as after a while when he was conscious again, he remembered nothing about himself, not even his name. And the mystery begins with bits of visions which made him curious to know about his identity. So who is he? Will he find out what the visions are about? And how he lost his memory?

My Take: 

This book is very striking with many interesting twists and turns. I like the suspense in the book, I was just blown away with the story-line. Similarly, I like the writing style of the author Jasveer Singh Dangi very highly and I became admirer in an instant. The book Double One Zero is written in easy-to-read English, which made the story more interesting and all the action sequences were easy to imagine and felt real enough for me to smile. In short, I found the writing style and narration fascinating. The suspense is kept until the end of the book, and that was my favorite part to read. I really enjoyed reading this story with a detailed description of the characters. 

Overall, I loved this book and if you are a suspense lovers and like the rush of the thrillers and wants to be more curious, then click here to read the mystery and find out yourself the identity of the person in the room and in the book Double One Zero : Out of the Shadows by Jasveer Singh Dangi.

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