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Life-a contradiction by Megha Agarwal

  The Blurb:  "Life: a contradiction" Is a revealing set of poems which shows some spirituality you can relate to. Every truth has its own counterpart, which contradicts it And much more. Rest you can be assured that more of it is true than you will ever know. My Take: Megha Agarwal is a renowned writer and has written many books including Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta Kaavyaroop and The Braces Club and several others books. Life-a contradiction is a poetry book written by her and it's any personal favourite.  I loved reading poetries, because of the way it makes anyone feel emotions and the depth of the poet's heart. This book is a perfect read with expressive and elegant poems. There are a total of 50 wonderful poems and each one of them is written beautifully and with passion. I really liked how every poem is different and with every read it created a new chain of thought making me see life with a new perspective.  A few of the best poems that I kept rereading are,  What y