Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Every Frame Is A Painting: A anthology of plays, poems, short stories by Abhishek Ghosh

The Blurb: 

In this anthology, you will find genres of Comedy, Drama, Psychological, Social, War and Thriller. Some of the intriguing plots for short stories have a non-linear structure which keeps the plot moving and simultaneously to build up for the final moment of the story. 

The story:

The book Every Frame Is A Painting, has a collection of 8 full of excitementing plays, 8 lovely poems, and 9 fascinating short stories. The book starts with the play ‘The Official Dilemma’ - A Farcical Office Dramedy, a scene in the office, with characters Nirupa, Abhinash, Rathod the employees, the boss pet (also an employee) boss & RM, a typical office scenario with target pressure and office hierarchy. Followed by the 2nd play ‘Devil’s Last Breath’ a short play, 3rd ‘The Communedy’ A fun and very interesting play, a scene of placement agency taking interviews in a college and other plays are mentioned below: 

4th Few Morning left 
5th The Usual Morning 
6th Point of No Return 
7th The Perfect Heir 
8th The Final Wish with 4 Acts. 

After the play, the Poem section starts, beautifully expressed and unique on its own. 

1st The Clock is Ticking 
2nd Into the Path of Unknown 
3rd Into the Moonlight 
4th Struggles of Arms 
5th The Heart of Rebellion 
6th The Dead System 
7th The Unemployment Disaster 
8th Opinion - In an Orwellian Society. 

Then it comes, the collection of 8 short stories that will blow your mind off. 

1st One-Shot: The Assassination, The Verdict, and Execution 
2nd The Justifiable Probability 
3rd Death of a Blackmailer 
4th The Insect Pendant 
5th The Hand of Fate 
6th Every Frame Is A Painting 
7th Promises 
8th Leap of Faith 

The book is filled with stories of various genres like Comedy, Drama, Psychological, Social, War, and Thriller, Mystical, and Fiction.

My Take: 

I’m just in love with this book. I enjoyed every play, every poem, and every short stories and I think I will re-read again soon :) This book Every Frame Is A Painting is not only entertaining but a delightful treat. Also, the great part of the book is no matter how many times you read this book, it will still make you laugh and wonder in admiration. The dialogue exchange between characters is simply great. As it’s written in easy to read English, it makes the book even more worth reading. I have not read many plays and I found this one quite impressive. Also, the great thing about the author Abhishek Ghosh's writing is that I could imagine all the scenes without thinking much, as it was written perfectly. 

Overall, loved the book and if you are looking to treat yourself? Then click on the link to read the book and to bring a smile on your face with Every Frame Is A Painting by author Abhishek Ghosh: https://amzn.to/2VFTDGw

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