Friday, March 6, 2020

Diversion Of Death By Thalorh Balram

The Blurb: 

What happens when you crack your comfort shell and dare to design the life you deserve? 

Simple marwari boy Arjun floats in love with an all-angle-perfect-girl, Aananya. He goes through his struggling transformation to maintain a standard that would grant him a life with her forever. 

But at the peak of their love, when he acquires equality with her in every aspect of life, she breaks up with him for no reason. 

What would happen next? Would he finish his life or continue his journey and create his own world? Why did Aananya leave Arjun? What happened to her? Will they meet again?

The Story:

The book Diversion Of Death is a love story of Aananya, a beautiful blue-eyed girl and Arjun a Marwadi boy with no sense of style. The story starts with an introduction of Arjun, how he knows that he is no match to other boys compared to his clothes or talking skills with any girls. It feared him to talk to any girl, and yet he had a huge crush on Aananya. The only girl who spoke to him upfrontly with no judgment. So from there, the story continues from daydreaming about her to small talks. From crush to love. From Love to heartbreak. Almost after a year of being together, Arjun had changed, from talking to styling and it was all for his girlfriend Aanany whom he loved with his whole heart, but something had changed in her and she started acting strange, not picking up the call, ignoring, not talking and suddenly wants a breakup. 

Heartbroken, Arjun did everything that he could. He only asked one question to her ‘Why?’ but he never got the answer and after trying for many months it just broke Arjun even more and he left Bikaner. 

A new chapter starts in his life, a new job (changing jobs) new people, all kindly of people in Bangalore. There he meets Nidhi, a young girl but with a mysterious life, no family, no friends and becomes friends with Arjun who never asked her nor he cared about the past. Even though Arjun is far away from Aananya and it has been years since he saw her, but even after 6 years he still remembers her and loved her. After joining in Air Force for 4 years, Arjun finally gets a call from Aananya after 6 years.

So will she give the answer to her question of why? What made Aananya change her mind after 6 years? Who is Nidhi, and what is her secret? Will Arjun find his love? What do we get in life? 

My Take: 

Reading young love stories is my all-time favorite genre and books like Diversion Of Death is what keeps my interest intact to this genre. I enjoyed the simplicity and realistic emotional touch given to this book by author Thalorh Balram. The story contains all the emotions that everyone feels when in love. Happiness, bliss, flirting, blushing, anger, passion, sadness, depression, negative focus, positive and many more. All the aspects of the book are cover perfectly, and I liked the way author Thalorh Balram has described it with professionalism. 

The best thing about the book is when the author has written about emotions, both love, and sadness. Both made me emotional, and I found myself excited and eager to read ahead. I like the detailed and humors description given about character Arjun. This book touched my heart and while reading, it made me smile, laugh, depressed, confused just like the characters and happy too. 

Overall, a pleasant and interesting love story. Filled with full of emotions and love drama. And if you enjoy reading love, romance or simple suspense stories or simply looking for a fascinating book with twists and turns then click on the link and read the book now of Arjun and his life in the book Diversion Of Death written by Thalorh Balram:

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