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Author's Interview with Jack Ori

First, before we move forward with our Authors Interview, I would like to start with an introduction. 

1. Could you please introduce yourself to us?
My name is Jack Ori and I am a transgender life coach and author who empowers young adults through stories to live life on their own terms. I like to write about teenagers who are facing serious issues and who find their inner strength through overcoming these challenges.
2. Congratulations on your book. So what inspired you to write this book?
Thank you! This story is very close to my heart. I wanted to write a story about a young woman finding her inner strength and overcoming a serious trauma, and I also wanted to address the poor way sexual assault is often depicted in media. Finally, I wanted to write a love story about two people starting over.
3. What is the book all about?
Reinventing Hannah is a young adult novel about a shy teenager who struggles to find her voice and reclaim her life after she is sexually assaulted. Throughout the novel, Hannah grows from being so quiet her friends call her "Mouse" to becoming an advocate for herself and other survivors.
4. Why did you choose this genre for your book?
I wrote this book primarily for young adults because that's who I wanted to empower. While there are lots of books about this topic, the available books don't always go deep enough into the issues teens face after a sexual assault, and I wanted to give readers something meaningful that could impact their lives and help them feel less alone. I think the book also has crossover appeal for adults who have survived being sexually assaulted.
5. How much time did it take to complete this book?
About 18 months altogether. I wrote five drafts before I figured out the story and then after draft six I revised another five times.
6. What makes your Book Special?
I get inside Hannah's head and allow readers to explore every aspect of her personality, life, and transformation. Even though the story is about a young woman who has been sexually assaulted, it's also about her transformation, as well as being about the many pressures and sources of stress teenagers - especially young women -- face in all areas of their lives. I also have an interesting perspective, as I am a transgender guy who was raised female, so I am familiar with lots of aspects of what Hannah faces.
7. When is your second book coming?
I'm working on the first draft now, and hopefully, it will be quicker than the first book (I don't want to just put out a book every two years or something.) But I don't have a firm date yet.
8. While writing did you get any writer's block? What is the Tip that you will give others who are facing a writer's block?
Writer's block happens a lot, and I've heard it's because of being resistant to emotional aspects of the upcoming scenes. It helps me to take a break for a few minutes. Often when I'm struggling with a scene, I play a round of a computer game that doesn't require much brain power, like a card game or something, and often an idea comes to me as I'm doing that. I also sometimes have inner dialogues with my protagonist and ask her what she wants to happen next.
9. Apart from being a talented author, what are your other hobbies?
Reading, of course, and I also enjoy playing chess, card games, and puzzle games. 
10. Last but not the least, How did you feel, while giving this interview?
This was fun! I had to think a lot about some of the answers. I hope that what I've said inspires other writers and readers.
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Author's Interview with Vimoksha

First, before we move forward with our Authors Interview, I would like to start with an introduction. 
1. Could you please introduce yourself to us?
I am an IITian with a PhD from a reputed American university. I live and work in Houston, USA and write under the pen-name of Vimoksha. I have written and published several poems and this is my first novel.
2. Congratulations on your book. So what inspired you to write this book?
The story is inspired by my life and experiences in my hometown Dhanbad and Houston. It’s my passion for the poetic expression of everyday life that initiated me onto my novel-writing journey.
3. What is the book all about?
The novel is about an Indian graduate student, James, who in his quest to find his identity, finds out that whatever he had known about himself was a lie. He ventures on a journey to unravel the mystery about his past. The notorious coal mafia and powerful politicians of Dhanbad team up to stop James and conspire to destroy him completely but James has no option but to risk his all for justice and pride.
4. Why did you choose this genre for your book?
I didn’t think much about the genre when writing this novel but I would say that it roughly falls into the category of literary fiction, the genre I love to read most.
5. How much time did it take to complete this book?
It took me about five years to write and revise the book.
6. What makes your Book Special?
The book is unique in the sense that it doesn’t target any audience. The story can be read and enjoyed by the readers of all ages who are bored of stereotypical novels about college romance or mythologies. 
7. When is your second book coming?
I am working on a couple of writing projects right now and expect to release my next novel sometime in 2021.
8. While writing did you get any writer's block? What is the Tip that you will give others who are facing a writer's block?
I faced writer's block multiple times but I feel that it’s a necessary part of writing. If you are a natural writer, you will come back to writing with double the intensity and insight. For the writers facing the writer block, I would suggest them to not focus on their audience or on publishing. Just write to express your thoughts and ideas clearly and beautifully.
9. Apart from being a talented author, what are your other hobbies?
I write poetries and read a lot.
10. Last but not the least, How did you feel, while giving this interview?
While giving this interview I got to think about many things that I didn’t give much thought to earlier. So it was satisfying and productive. 
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Ranikhet Express: The Love Track by Piyush Baindara.

The Burb: 

Ranikhet Express is as young as first love, unaware smiling through the "woo-wooing" of the night train to the Pantnagar. Little aware of his destiny, Palash boards the train of his life and makes the way to Pantnagar in 2004 when his to-be "beloved" Jigna meets him at a place far from his roots. The early morning arrives with a mist of uncertainty, though they get along more while still being so far, only to be supported by those who may never meet them again. The story moves on to friends, relatives, and a few strangers and then makes Palash and Jigna play their life-changing game. Like a tree that has to let go of comfort, Jigna and Palash embrace the unknown. They stand not only for each other but also for their love. Ranikhet Express is a love song, which also carries the pain and equal bounty of uncertainty. It will surely resonate with your own journey when Jigna comes to Palash for forever.

The Story: 

The story is about young couple Palash and Jigna, who fall in love with each other in one meeting. 

The story starts with Palash a young and confident guy who came from Rajasthan to Pantnagar University for his bachelor's degree. For the next four years, he will spend as a bachelor student in the college of agriculture for his graduation. 

Everything was new for him hostel life, new place, new friends, and altogether with a new experience. As he started with college he gone through all the experiences a guy goes in his college life ragging, fresher’s party, the routine of getting early & scheduling yourself. 

Palash made a plan with his roommate to go to Delhi for CBSE pre-medical test, but as they had already completed their 1st year in the graduation yet Palash’s roommate was still interested in the exam. 

He visited because he knew his aunt also lived in Delhi and his cousin Dev, he was excited to meet him. Palash and Dev shared a great bond and they share everything about their lives. Dev loved Jiya but he was hesitant in talking and Palash was always good in communicating so Dev planned a meeting with Jiya along with Palash and also invited her friend Jigna for company. 

So they met and Palash made them comfortable by leaving Dev & Jiya alone to talk and while he sat with Jigna separately. By sharing the time, talking Palash & Jigna made a good bond in a few minutes where Palash found Jigna a sweet and innocent girl. 

Palash knew it was first and the last time they were meeting because they both live in different states but Palash tried his luck and gave her his number as she didn't have a mobile phone. 

When Palash got back to Pantnagar he didn't know his life will be changed. But in the middle of his second semester, he got a call from Jigna which made him recalled all the memory, and then something unexpected happened. 

So will they meet after talking on the phone and confessing their love? Will they make it to be in a relationship as a couple? Can their love become successful? 

My Take: 

Ranikhet Express: The Love Track is the debut novel written by Piyush Baindara and it's very impressive and interesting to read. 

The author Piyush Baindara has beautifully developed a love story of a young couple which was an extreme pleasure to read. The author has also written this book impressively and with passion, as I read this story I was so touched by it, that I really felt all the emotions and it just touched my heart. 

Every love story is not the same and the way they met each other will make you feel magnificent. The story was very delightful and heart touching and couldn't stop myself to know the end. 

The story is well written and character will make their place in your mind which will drive you to the story every time you think of them. 

The highlight of the book is the story is filled with honesty, simplicity, and craziness for their love and they stick together no matter what happened. No doubt the author has captured my mind with this powerful book and I can wait to read the second book. 

Overall an elegant and wonderful story. So click here and read now to become a part of Palash & Jigna's love story in the book Ranikhet Express: The Love Track by Piyush Baindara. 

Reinventing Hannah by Jack Ori.

The Blurb: 

She wanted to be someone different. But an unthinkable crime will change all her goals…

Shy sixteen-year-old Hannah Kollman longs to be like her confident besties. So after being reassured nothing bad will happen, she agrees to a college party with her fun girlfriend to watch her back. But despite never touching a drop, Hannah wakes with no memory of the night before… and discovers she’s been sexually assaulted.

A wreck of her former self and ashamed to share her truth, she struggles with vicious bullies and the loss of her friends. But after she finds refuge in the Students Against Destructive Decisions organization, she finds an inner strength that could turn things around forever.

Can Hannah reclaim her life and come out the other side?

The Story: 

The story starts with Hannah and her two friends Molly and Sierra, sitting in a library and talking about the plans for partying 

Against her wishes, Hannah agrees to go to a party with Sierra but then soon also gets invited to a party with Brad, her classmate, and her secret crush. Even though Sierra refuses her to go out with him Hannah, on the other hand, was thinking to go out with him but didn't and instead went with Sierra as promised.

Everyone was drinking alcohol at the party and even though Hannah didn't drink anything apart from Ice tea ends up being hammered and wasted. Getting up next morning she doesn't remember what happened but her body hurts, sees bruises all over her chest and pains in her stomach, and between her legs made her feel uneasy. 

Soon she starts to share the same with Sierra's brother who informs her that she was drugged with date rape drug and he thinks she was sexually assaulted also force her to go to a hospital in which he would a company her along with Sierra

So the story continues with shock and emotional ride so what happened next? What happened at the party? What will the doctor say? How will Hannah's life change and what will she do next? And how will she change her life and forget this incident? 

My Take: 

Reinventing Hannah is the debut novel written by Jack Ori and it is a very emotional and heart touching story. 

The story is about a teenager and how her life changed after one party and what happens after being raped at the first party she ever went to.

The author Jack Ori has written this book in a very creative and lucid language that kept my interest in reading the book from the very start. All the characters are described in details and their personalities are perfectly elaborated. This book can be a bit sensitive for some and it is also the book that will help you emotionally.

I liked the way author Jack Ori has written at the start of the story the emergency numbers for the USA resident which is personally a very nice thing to do and clever work. Also at the end of the book, there are few chapters that will help you and if you are a survivor this book is very helpful. 

The highlight of the book is the storyline that is very well expressed with emotions and has a realistic touch that will make you imagine what author Jack Ori has written. A very well written book and very thoughtful. 

Overall an impressive and must-read book. I would recommend others to read as well for awareness. So click here and read now the story of Hannah in the book Reinventing Hannah by Jack Ori.

A Chest's Tale by Jinal Shailesh Doshi

The Blurb: 

It's hard to resist the temptation of possessing an antique golden chest, even if, one doesn't own it. It's even harder to stop trying to open it, when it stays stiff shut. What if, it contains precious gems, jewels, important documents or may be vital nation's security? However, when this chest goes missing, closely followed by their Dad's disappearance, the fraternal twins - Prash and Nish involuntarily don the teen detectives' avatar. A withered puzzle engraved on an old stone pavement showers light on their mysterious journey to seek their Dad's whereabouts and locate the precious chest. Will the young boys taste success at their first go? Only, The Mystery Crackers: A Chest's Tale has the stirring answer.

The Story:

The story starts with Prash and Nish, the twin brothers along with their best friend Hri, who are racing on their bicycles. Nish was leading and Prash and Hri aren't far behind until Nish crashes his bike and falls near an abandoned well. 

It is here that they find a puzzle that seems intriguing enough for them to look into it. Soon the police inspector - Golu, catches them wandering and angrily orders them to leave.

They come across an antique golden chest that wouldn't open no matter how much they try. Later, this Chest goes missing and the twins' father - Mr. Viraj Dattani - an eminent Scientist gets kidnapped!

So what was hidden in the chest? Who took away this chest? Will the twins and Hri find the chest again? Is the puzzle connected to the chest? 

My Take: 

A Chest's Tale is the debut novel and the 1st book in The Mystery Crackers Book series written by Jinal Shailesh Doshi and it is a very fun and exciting book to read. 

This story is short and can be read in one sitting. The story is simple yet exciting to read. The Puzzle was very impressively written and easy to guess. 

I like the way the Author - Jinal Shailesh Doshi has written this book with a mysterious puzzle which sparked my curiosity from the very beginning. 

The book is written in lucid language, but some character names confused me. The Author can work on it in her future novels. Apart from this, it is a truly exciting treasure hunt story. 

Overall a fascinating treasure hunt adventurous story that will take you to a new experience. So click here and read now and solve the mystery puzzle in the book - The Mystery Crackers: A Chest's Tale written by Jinal Shailesh Doshi.

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Author's Interview with Trisha McKee

Let's start the Author's Interview with an introduction. 

1. Could you please introduce yourself to us?
Hi! My name is Trisha McKee. I live in a small town in Pennsylvania, I work for Penn State University. I'm a mom and a wife, and a writer. I'm a survivor of a dark childhood, and I think that's what has steered my life in this direction. To be better, to receive better. To give life my best and enjoy the days now that I'm free from that.
2. Congratulations on your book. So what inspired you to write this book?
Thank you! I wanted to write something, a romance that started while fishing. My husband and I are very different, but we both love to go fishing. And he is not a very romantic person, but when we go fishing, he is. He carries all the equipment, he helps me in and out of the boat. I swoon. And it inspired this.
3. What is the book all about?
This book is about overcoming. Whether it is a bad childhood, failed marriage, mistakes in parenting, or even one's insecurities. Ella has to figure out her life after ending a marriage of over twenty years. She has to find her joy again. And she has to be brave enough to take chances. I think that can resonate with a lot of people. She falls in love, but she has to come to terms with whom she is and how her past affects her before taking that leap.
4. Why did you choose this genre for your book?
You know, it's funny. I write short stories. Most of the short stories are horror and sci fi. But for my novels, it is romance. Total romance. I love the twists and turns that romance can take, the falling in love and navigating each other's emotional baggage, the past. Figuring out if this can work and if love really can overcome all.
5. How much time did it take to complete this book?
It took about two months. This was while working full-time and also getting over 50 short stories published. I don't sleep much.
6. What makes your Book Special?
What makes Beyond the Surface special is that it isn't focused on just a couple and their love story. This focuses on emotions beyond that. It focuses on three generations of trauma, toxicity, and healing. There is no perfect relationship, no flawless journey. I try to capture that while also lending hope.
7. When is your second book coming?
You know... hopefully soon. I'm just polishing it up.
8. While writing did you get any writer's block? What is the Tip that you will give others who are facing a writer's block?
Every now and then I get stuck. And I just keep writing. I think that is the important thing. Even if every word has to be pulled out, even if the sentences are clumsy, and the characters are not behaving... keep writing. If it persists, I leave the house. Go for a walk or shopping. Usually, something jolts me back to that writing space in my head.
9. Apart from being a talented author, what are your other hobbies?
Oh my, I am such a hobby person. I love fishing, reading, walks... I love puzzles and throwing dinner parties. There is so much to do and so much to love doing.
10. Last but not the least, How did you feel, while giving this interview?
I felt comfortable and happy. Thank you so much!
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Beyond The Surface by Trisha Ridinger McKee

The Blurb: 

Ella is a middle-aged woman with a stagnant career, an exasperated teenage daughter, and a husband that has left to make a new life with another woman. Her first attempt at dating is a disaster, and in an attempt to refocus her life and rediscover her joy, Ella goes fishing. It is here that she meets Dennis, the older, captivating man that ends up saving her life and stealing her heart. But Dennis has a history, and Ella might just be in for the biggest heartbreak of her life if she can not get her emotions under control and face the demons from her own past.

The Story: 

The story starts with Dennis staring at Ella who is fishing just like him at the riverside, looking at her he was all amazed and mesmerized by her presence and she is looking lost and sometimes gloomyWeek-by-week their meeting at the reverse side became frequent as they fished and they started becoming friends. Dennis seemed to like her company and she did like to talk to him too. 

So one day as Dennis was walking he heard someone hitting another person,  soon he yelled to stop him, and help the other the person and instantly realizes that the person who was beaten up and with the swelled face is Ella and that person that hurt her was the person whom she went on the first date after her divorce, that she had mentioned. Saving her from him is what made their friendship grow deeper and while saving her it is when he met her 15 years old daughter. 

So the story continues from friendship to love, from doubt to happiness, from moments to memories, from family drama to epic story. So is this a start of a new love story? What will happen next? Will Ella be able to become an independent woman? What will Dennis do? 

My Take:

Beyond The Surface is the debut novel written by Trisha Ridinger McKee and this book is a great example of elegancy and simplicity that amazed me and took me to a whole new episode of love. 

I liked the way the author Trisha Ridinger McKee has written this book with creativity and with the beautifully expressed emotions. The story is written in easy to read English which made the book more imaginative and attractive. I also liked the cover of the book, which is beautiful and lovely. 

The highlight of the book is the narration which is impressive to read. The storyline has an easy flow and has a perfect balance of emotions. And the best part of the book is that throughout the book there are few quotes that will touch your heart and will make you feel the emotions of what character is feeling like when Dennis says "I think the hardest part is to break in routine. people are such comfort creatures. We crave that familiarity, the safeness of what we know. But you will eventually get your own routine and get used to not being with him daily." 

No doubt the book is emotional but in a way, it also shows how to be independent and have confidence in ourselves. 

Overall I love reading this elegant and beautiful story. I will definitely recommend all the other readers to read this. So click here and read now the sorry of Ella & Dennis in the book Beyond The Surface written by Trisha Ridinger McKee. 

Where Only The Winds Dare by Vimoksha

The Blurb:

When James defends this PhD thesis in microelectronics, he finds himself entangled in a mesh between his present and his past. His lifelong search for his biological parents had been all but fruitless until he finds a bullet in his grandfather’s secret possessions.

James’s world comes crashing down as he discovers that his foster grandfather was convicted murderer, possibly of his biological grandfather. With evidences only as strong as his faith, yearning for his identity and struggling to rebuild his broken life, James ventures on a quest that brings him face to face with his deepest insecurities and fear.

James’s only redemption is in fighting his foster grandfather’s long-lost battle and defending his hometown from the powerful mafia that has tormented his hometown for decades and for which he must overcome his limitations and sacrifice all that he has ever cherished.

“Where Only the Winds Dare” is a thrilling story of human struggle and survival that shows that it only takes doubting hope and selfless love be a real hero.

The Story: 

The story is about James, who finds himself in a situation where his heart seemed to burst out due to mixed feelings and emotions. The story is about James who grew under the shadow of his grandfather. The only idol figure in his life that made him do Ph.D. that was his grandfather. He always thought him to follow his dreams and it took him from Dhanbad to USA. 

James was following on the footsteps of his grandfather had set and but as he was just one step away from achieving Ph.D., an unfortunate event happened and his grandfather expired 6 months before. 

He was shattered but all he could do is gather all the old memories that he had with him. The grandfather had a memory box and that's where James finds that he was taken from the streets. So the world of James falls apart, and all he can think of is to discover who are his biological parents? 

So the story continues with the struggling his own identity to knowing the truth which was difficult as his grandfather had never spoken about this ever. 

So why did his grandfather hid this truth about his parents from him? Why did his grandfather hide him from the world? Why he left him alone with the deepest and darkest secret of his life? Will James be able to find out his biological parents? What would be his reaction after knowing about them? 

My Take:

Where Only The Winds Dare is the debut novel written by Vimoksha and it's is a thrilling story of the human struggle of finding his biological parents. 

The storyline of this book is very realistic and the reader can easily absorb what the story is all about. While reading it creates great enthusiasm for any reader to be curious to know what happens next in the story.

The author Vimoksha has written this book and has created his own identity by characterizing the character so well to understand and to feel related to the story.

The book has reminded me of the joy and pain of my college life which was a struggling experience. Also, the book is full of suspense and mystery, and as you will keep reading, you will find yourself obsessing to find his parents too. 

I enjoyed reading this book as it took me to a new adventure and experience what the author Vimoksha has created impressively. 

Overall an amazingly written suspense book that has made an impression to find a solution from the tight situation to accepting the challenge of life. So click here and read now Where Only The Winds Dare by Vimoksha. 

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5 skincare choices with Deyga for this Summer

As we all know UV rays of the sun can lead to many skins problems like Tan, Dullness, premature aging and wrinkles, Dry lips, Dust, and Cloning. Deyga provided a variety of products that will suit all skin types and help you with any skin concerns with it's natural, homemade, and healthy solutions that will keep your face and mind glowing. 

Today I'm going to review and share with your 5 skincare choices with Deyga for this Summer that I got for myself. 

1. Protect your skin with Suncreem 


A light formula containing all-natural oils, UV protection safe, natural mineral Zinc oxide which reflect the sun rays back from exposed skin. Olive Oil condition skin without making it greasy. Nourishing Shea Butter soothes irritation, repairs sunspots, and other signs of sun damage. 

Broad-spectrum protection from UVA & UVB rays.

No oxybenzone   • No Octinoxate  • 100% Natural    • Paraben Free   • Fragrance-free


100% Natural.
Broad Spectrum SPF 30 & PA++ Sun Protection. 
Non-Nano Formulation prevents skin penetration for safe, long term use. 
Safe for Children above 3 years of age. 
Gentle, Non-Comedogenic formula suited to sensitive & oily skin.
Suited for everyday use on Face and Body.

How to Use
1. Take an appropriate amount onto your palm.
2. Apply 20 before sun exposure. 
3. Make sure to apply in arear of sun exposure, until well absorbed. 
4. Apply once in three hours for Best Protection.

Ingredients: Raspberry Seed Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil


I believe Sunscream is the most important thing summer or not because it saves your face skin from dust, harmful UV rays, from making your skin dry, turning your tone darker with Tanning, and also helps to prevent of pore-clogging with dust and other products which leads to acne and other skin concerns. 
Sun Screen SPF30 by Deyga is what everyone should have it. It's made with a natural and handmade base. The ingredients used are natural and keeping in mind the healing and protective ability of it. 

I liked the texture of the sun's creams its very soft and creamy, which made the application easy. Also, there is no color or preservative added and it also ensures high sun protection.

It sets and absorbs in the skin quickly and keeps it moisturized. Also while applying you can smell the creamy and oil scent but once set after 5 to 10 mins the smells dissolve and only the soft and moisturized skin is left. 

Click here to buy the Sun Screen SPF30 by Deyga for sun protection. Price: Rs. 600 For 100G. 

2. Refresh your face with Charcoal Face Pack


This is a good product if you would like to remove all the impurities from the skin. It’s especially good to use for the pollution that is in the world. So after a hard day’s work,  you can come back home and then apply this face pack. It will leave you refreshed and energized.


The charcoal face mask is highly beneficial for reducing skin irritations, dry skin or oily skin, blackheads, whiteheads, acne, and scars.

How to Use: 

1. Take some amount of Charcoal Face Pack.
2. Dilute charcoal face pack powder with toner to activate it. 
3. Apply a layer on your face.
4. Remove it in 15 minutes.
5. Spray tonner after washing for good hydration. 

Ingredients: Activated Charcoal Powder, Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay, French Clay.


When used Charcol on the skin it draws out toxins, impurities like oil, dirt, sweat, and fine makeup like a magnet from your face. I believe Charcoal Face Pack is good for your skin because of its ability to remove excess oil is easy to use and painless, compared to the peel-off masks that I used once, which can also be too harsh for those with sensitive skin. 

The Charcoal Face Pack has a dry and fine powder that needs to be added with tonner to use it. After applying the pack, my skin didn't feel any burning or itching, which was great. And after washing my face felt smooth, fresh, and radiant.     

Click here to buy the Charcoal Face Pack by Deyga Refresh your face. Price: Rs. 420 For 200G.     

Click here to buy Rose Water Tonner by Deyga. Price: Rs. 430 For 100G. 

3. Keep your Lips Hydrated with Beetroot Lip balm


Now you can get the desired smooth lips with Deyga Lip Balm. Enriched with the goodness of beeswax, which helps to moisten the lips and protect them. Enriched with essential oils, which keep the lips nourished.


It is ideal for people with dry and chapped lips.
It leaves a subtle shine on the lips.
It makes the lips soft and supple.
Heals the cuts on the lips caused due to dryness.

How to use: 

1. Take a small amount on your fingertips. 
2. Apply directly on your lips 
3. Apply as frequently as required. Also, you can apply with your favorite lipstick for a smooth application. 

Ingredients: Beeswax, Beetroot extract, Shea butter, Avocado oil.


In summer your lips can turn dry, rough, and can turn into a darker tone, but using Deyga Beetroot Lip balm it will not only keep your lips hydrated and soft but will also keep it naturally pink tone to your lips. 

I liked the waxy texture of the Lip balm, after applying my lips felt smooth and soft. Also as it is made with natural ingredients, so it doesn't smell like chemicals or has any chemical color.  Beetroot Lip balm by Deyga is one of my favorite lip products that I used.  

Click here to buy the Beetroot Lip balm by Deyga to  Keep your Lips Hydrated with. Price: Rs. 290.

4. Keep your face fresh and glowing with Rose Glow Serum, this summer.


A unique oil for the skin. Non-greasy, lightweight and fast-absorbing serum for softness and shine with antioxidant and antibacterial benefits. This unique blend of oils and herbs is formulated to help skin look young and healthy.


100% Natural
Brightens dull skin
Repairs pigmentation
Minimizes fine lines and signs of aging
Relieves dark circles.

How to use: 

1. Take a few drops of Rose Serum before bedtime. 
2. Apply on your face evenly.
3. Leave it for overnight.

Ingredients: Rosehip Oil, Saffron, Rose Essential Oil, Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Vitamin E Oil. 

Face serums are lightweight moisturizers that penetrate deeper to deliver active ingredients into your skin. And Rose Serum by Deyga is the lightest and most effective serum. After just using it for 1 night, in the morning I felt my skin softer and glowing. I like the lightest feel of the serum. 

Click here to buy the Rose Serum by Deyga to Keep your face fresh and glowing. Price: Rs. 790 30 ML.

5. Protect your face and body with dirt and sweat with Face & Body Exfoliator.


This is a gentle exfoliator that is prepared with Marjoram, Neem, Khus Khus, Lemon, Matcha leaf, Lemon, Black rice. Every ingredient has the common benefit of revitalizing, refreshing, and giving a  natural glow to the complexion.

How to use: 

1. Take a spoon full of Powder on your palm
2. Add water or tonner to make it a face.
3. Rub it on your skin for 60 seconds.
4. Wash off and pet dry. 

Ingredients: Marjonam, Neem, Khus Khus, Lemon. 


Face & Body Exfoliator acts like a face and body scrub, that removes dead cells and helps to promote clearer and softer skin. Also, Exfoliator helps in removing the barrier of dead cells that clog the skin and uncovers fresh new cells below. This clears the way for moisturizing products to enter more deeply into the skin, which makes them more effective. A regular exfoliating routine with Deyga  Face & Body Exfoliator will leave your skin looking fresh and healthy. Also, all-day sweat and dirt can make you feel irritated so use Face & Body Exfoliator to relax and feel refreshed. 

I like the soft muddy texture of the Exfoliator, while using it, it felt gentle on the face which was really great to use.

Click here to buy Face & Body Exfoliator to protect your face and body with dirt and sweat. Price: Rs. 350  for 100 ML.

Overall, I loved using these products by Deyga. All received the product is a very nice and secure packaging that protected all the products. So try 5 skincare choices with Deyga for this Summer with 100% natural products click here and visit the website of Deyga and shop.

A Savage Set My Soul On Fire by Nola Jewels.

The Blurb:

The life that Lacye Samuels has had to endure has been nothing short of heartbreaking. The abuse she’s experienced from her mother and step dad has left her sheltered and guarded. Her only motivation is to one day escape the darkness that surrounds her. Her vision is clear: work hard, get an education and walk away from the house of horrors for good. When the opportunity to get more money comes her way she jumps at the chance. Money is now her goal and the path she’s taking to get it will lead her down the road to an unexpected future.

The Hampton brothers Za’Shon ‘Fire’, Jaivon, and Tyree are running things in Atlanta. Of the trio, Fire’s the most arrogant and the only one willing to do anything to take his family to the next level. His focus was on one thing building his empire and making more money. That is until he meets Lacye. He falls fast for her.

Lacye has never met someone like Fire. His arrogance and bluntness takes her by surprise. But it’s also the thing she falls in love with. He believes he’s found the perfect woman who’s beautiful, smart, and innocent. Their romance goes fast but the secrets she’s been holding comes out. His lifestyle and her secrets crash together making the perfect storm. It leaves a path of destruction and hurt. They both find themselves losing everything they’ve worked so hard for. Za’Shon won’t allow his world to come crashing down and he won’t lose Lacye. The savage in him won’t let her go but the cost of loving her threatens to bring down him and his brothers. His recklessness creates havoc and starts a war that threatens to take everything and everyone away from him. But that’s what happens when you set Fire to Lacye.

The Story:

The story is about a girl named Lacye and the journey of her life.  The story is about her family, her passion, her goals, her motivation, her love life, her secret, her emotions, and in all her life and what comes in the future. 

So the story starts with the Lacye Samuel waiting desperately to get over her graduation, as soon as she graduates she will move out of her mother's house who is an addict and abuser and also with her stepfather that not only sexually molested her but also was a drug dealer. 

Soon one year was passed and Lacye was still living with her mother and stepfather because it was very difficult to pay for to stay on campus and also due to lack of attendance she didn't get the scholarship that she was hoping for. 

Saving all the money for her next year's college fee, Lacye works the hardest and saves all she can. Then one day one of her work buddy Devisha asks her help with her side work for extra income.  It was to go on a date with strangers and be arm candy and get paid. Even though Lacye rejected her offer but as soon as she heard her say that she would get$ 500 she soon agrees and after their work she goes to her apartment for getting ready with Devisha for their date. 

Then the story continues with twist and turns, from business rivals to personal cheat, from love to suffering, from vendetta to human trafficking. The story continues and brings Lacye at a stage where she needs nothing but drugs. 

So being arm candy to earn extra money was the right decision? What happens next? What will her stepfather do? Will her love for Fire will bring her down? 

My Take: 

A Savage Set My Soul On Fire is the debut novel and 1st book in the series written by Nola Jewels it just gripping and fascinating to read. 

The storyline is very addictive from the very beginning, which did not only captured my attention but also made me feel emotions of what the character was feeling. 

The book is written in lucid language and in a very impressive way that will amaze you. I liked the way author Nola Jewels has written different chapters with different characters' perspectives making the book and storyline interesting to read and very effective drafting. 

Also, I like the way all the character's backgrounds and personalities are described uniquely and in a detailed manner. 

The highlight of the book is the ending that will shock you and at the same time make you emotional. I like how the book is ended with a promising, excitement, and curiosity for the second book. I can't wait to read the next book.

Overall a very intriguing and gripping story. I will recommend others to read this too. So click here and read now A Savage Set My Soul On Fire the 1st book in the series written by Nola Jewels.

Spiral Into Darkness by Joseph Lewis

The Blurb: 

“A thoroughly compulsive police procedural by one of America’s most promising new writers.” –Best Thrillers

He blends in. He is successful, intelligent, and methodical. There are no clues. There are no leads. The only thing the FBI and local police have to go on is the method of death: two bullets to the face—gruesome and meant to send a message. But it’s difficult to understand any message coming from a dark and damaged mind. Two adopted boys, struggling in their own world, have no idea they are the next targets. Neither does their family. And neither does local law enforcement.

The Story:

The story is a blend of psychological thriller/mystery with crime fiction. 

The story starts with the murder of a young advertising executive. One day he was following his everyday normal routine, and when he reached the garage, suddenly he heard a voice and was shot dead. 

The story continues with the next murder of Shirley Bodencamp, a middle school principal. One day after work, she heard a voice calling her name. As she turned, she was shot dead.

The story continues by appointing Jamie as Chief of Detective to investigate a case and solve the murders. So what is his strategy? Will he be able to handle the case? Will the murderer be caught? Who is this serial killer and why he is targeting these people? What is the motive behind these murders?

My Take: 

Spiral Into Darkness is the sixth novel written by Joseph Lewis and its the most amazing book you will read. It has the elements of mystery and suspense. 

The Story line is filled with intrigue, action, suspense, and drama. This book kept on the edge of my seat as all I wanted to know was what will happen next. 

The Story line is impressively written and grasps your attention in all the right places. I found myself breathless as the story has a tight hold on your mind which will keep you involved in the book till the end. 

I found this book very intriguing and the title of the book is a perfect match. The book will show you how interrelated they are to each other. 

The book is written in simple English and was very imaginative. It was easy to imagine the characters and actions. Author Joseph Lewis has done impressive work in writing this amazing book. 

Overall an amazing read that is exciting to read. So if you are a suspense lover just like me, then this book is a must-read. So click here and read now to know who is the serial killer, and why, in Spiral Into Darkness by Joseph Lewis.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Sparkle - Life is Poetry: A Book of Positive Poetry by Pranjulaa Singh

The Blurb: 

"Sparkles - Life is Poetry" is A Book of Positive Poetry by the poet Pranjulaa Singh. This book will inspire you to choose light over darkness. The poems within, while challenging your imagination, will guide you on your own path of soul searching.

About Book 

The book is full of short and beautiful poems, which consists of 23 poems. The author & poetess Pranjulaa Singh had started writing the poems when she was 13  years old, and to date she has written over 800 poems which is commendable. In this book she has shown us a few of her poems which will lighten your heart with the pleasure of reading.

My Take :

Sparkle - Life is Poetry: A Book of Positive Poetry is the debut book written by the author & poetess Pranjulaa Singh.

The author & poetess Pranjulaa Singh has beautifully expressed the poems with positivity and elegance. From the very first poem 'That Girl' it captured my full attention and I finished reading all the 23 poems in one go. 

A few of the most powerful and impressive poems are: 
'That Girl', It says, her eyes are set for the gate, to find ways by cheering every beautiful aspect which exists in the path. 

'Let us Save' in this she says, accept everything that happens in life just move forward and love yourself to the fullest this is your moment to enjoy. 

And my favorite poem 'The Search Within' says we find ourselves in many things whether it's friend, family, smile, success, in each and every aspect we should love & enjoy and be grateful for it. 

There are many poems that will touch your soul and refresh your mind. 

The highlight of the book is the way author & poetess Pranjulaa Singhtalents has expressed her emotion through beautiful poems. Also, the way her poems made me feel connected to her made me amazed at her writing skills.

Overall a delightful treat with positivity and motivational poems will make you amazed by the author & poetess Pranjulaa Singh's talent of writing the beautiful poetry book. So click here and read now Sparkle - Life is Poetry: A Book of Positive Poetry by Pranjulaa Singh.

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Author's Interview with Martin Ferguson

So let's start our Authors Interview with an introduction. 
1. Could you please introduce yourself to us?
My name is Martin Ferguson and I am the author of the YA adventure series Relic Hunters. I live in Norwich, England, am a keen runner and footballer and of course writing.
2. Congratulations on your book. So what inspired you to write this book?
I was brought up on tales of legends and myths. King Arthur, Robin Hood, the Trojan Horse, the Pharaohs of Egypt. I always knew that one day I would write my own stories and that they would involve these myths. With Blood of the Dragon the myth this time is vampires, with of course the most famous of them all, Dracula, being the focus.
3. What is the book all about?
Relic Hunters is a Young Adult adventure series, drawing on the myths and legends of different time periods and blending them with thrill-seeking action in the modern age. Book Four: Blood of the Dragon: An urgent plea for help leads Adam Hunter and the Relic Hunters to the ruins of Poenari Castle in Romania. In the former home of the most infamous mass-murderer in history, Vlad the Impaler, they find that history and myth collide more than ever before. As their actions lead to the return of an evil long-thought banished to the pages of fiction, Adam and his team soon find that they are not the hunters, but the hunted. The darkness pursues them across the globe and nowhere, not even the British Museum itself, is safe. One by one they fall until only Adam remains, facing the horrifying wrath of the Blood of the Dragon alone. Can he save his friends and survive the greatest fight of his life or has Adam’s luck finally run out? 
4. Why did you choose this genre for your book?
For me it was always going to be adventure writing. I guess in a way it is wish fulfilment to travel the world and live out these adventures. 
5. How much time did it take to complete this book?
It took six months to pull together the storyline, the endless research and then to finally write down the book. My books tend to take a little longer than should as each entry in my Relic Hunters series is two entwined stories and hence takes twice as long to write. 
6. What makes your Book Special?
My series is special in that each entry in the series is two entwined stories. The first is of Adam Hunter in the modern setting, investigating the myth, legend or relic. The second entry is the historic story, giving an origin to the myth or treasure. The main characters from these historic storylines have been a Roman Centurion, Egyptian Queen, a British soldier in the second world war and, in the newest book, Vlad the Impaler.
7. When is your second book coming?
EDIT QUESTION TO BE 'NEXT BOOK' The next book in the series is actually already written. I cannot reveal too much about as it will give away a few plot points from Blood of the Dragon, but what I can reveal is that the era of history Adam Hunter and his team will be investigating will be Ancient Greece and the many myths of those times, chief among them being the Trojan War. This will be the most ambitious book in the series yet.
8. While writing did you get any writer's block? What is the Tip that you will give others who are facing a writer's block?
I often get writers block before beginning a new book. The best way I have found to get around this is to write something completely different - a short story nothing to do with the main project you should be working on. Once this gets my writing going I find it much easier to overcome whatever hurdles were blocking me.
9. Apart from being a talented author, what are your other hobbies?
I enjoy running, football and going to the cinema. I did suffer a terrible knee injury a few years ago and was told by surgeons that I would never run or play sport again. I ignored the advice and retrained myself so that I could be as active as possible. The knee still gives me a lot of problems, but I have returned to playing football and last year I completed the London Marathon for the British Heart Foundation.
10. Last but not the least, How did you feel, while giving this interview?
This interview was good and some interesting questions that got me thinking. Thank you for your time.
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Eagle of the Empire (Relic Hunters) by Martin Ferguson

The Blurb: 


When his brother mysteriously disappears, sixteen-year-old Adam Hunter discovers that the myths and legends he was told as a boy have more truth to them than he ever thought possible.

To free his brother, Adam must uncover the truth about the lost Roman Ninth Legion and find its fabled Eagle Standard, an artefact of mysterious mythical power. Adam calls on the help of the British Museum, a team of quirky Relic Hunters, skilled in recovering and protecting relics around the world.

However, they need to act fast for they are not the only ones searching for the relic. To save the life of his brother, Adam and his allies will face an immortal tyrant who seeks to claim the Eagle of the Empire for himself, and with it, bring the world to its knees.

The Story: 

The story is about Adam Hunter, 16 years old, who finally sees the world as more than just myths and legends. 

The story starts with a mysterious chapter that is from the further part of the story which is filled with action and danger. Later in the next chapter is where the story truly begins, where Adam finds out that his brother is missing and what he needs to do things beyond his limits. 

From action to adventure, from friendship to love, from truth to myths, from humans to immortals. This book tells a magical and mysterious story. Will Adam be able to find his brother? How did he disappear? What exactly do the British Museum do? Will Adam find the Relic first or will the immortal one will rule the world? Where & what is the Eagle of the Empire? 

My Take: 

Eagle of the Empire is the 1st book in the Relic Hunters series written by Martin Ferguson and its a series that will keep your excitement at the top.

This book is filled with adventure and full of action and once you start reading it, from the first chapter itself it will be clear that you are reading the most adventurous and exciting book. 

I liked the way author Martin Ferguson has written this book in a very fun and compelling manner. The storyline has a smooth and easy flow and is written in an artistic way. 

The characters are described in a very detailed manner and along with gripping narration. The author Martin Ferguson has described the story in a very imaginative way, which made it easy to imagine all the aspects and adventures. 

The book is filled with action that is defined in a perfect way. The writing skills of the author made it seem like I was actually visualizing the action scenes. 

This book has a great story that you will read with action, adventure, excitement, friendship, and characters that are crafted creatively and impressively. 

The author Martin Ferguson is a talented writer with expert skills, it very applaudable that the way he has explained all the myths and legends, that while reading, it creates curiosity within, and then I just felt lost until I finally had few answers. 

The highlight of the book no doubt the writing manner that is imaginative and full of myths that will keep you entertained till the end. 

This book is a very captivating to read and its a must-read series, If you are a seeker and now seeking for an adventure that will blow your mind. Also, I think this book can become a great action and adventurous movie. Can't wait to read what happens next in the 2nd book.

Overall a phenomenal read that will impress you with its addictiveness. So click here and read now Eagle of the Empire is the 1st book in the Relic Hunters series written by Martin Ferguson.

Author's Interview |

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Bloodline Gems by K. Young

The Blurb: 

Prince Shubishup is a vampire who was put in a coffin to be shipped to Transylvania along with his family for a ritual, but was accidentally sent to Pennsylvania – West Philadelphia. He quickly becomes addicted to crack cocaine prior to meeting two local drug dealers, Stizz and Keem. After a little disagreement, they promise to aid Prince Shubishup in returning home, but they see an opportunity to make some money, and use Prince Shubishup.

Terka, Prince Shubishup’s older sister, is ordered by their father, King Shubishup, to locate her younger sibling and to return with him so they can complete the ritual..

Will Terka be able to find her little brother in time? Will she find him at all? Can Prince Shubishup survive the vicious streets of Philadelphia? Or will he become another statistic, and remain stuck in the trenches?

Bloodline Gems is a unpredictable novel that will grip you in suspense that is also packed with humor, action and a little gore. This story is a definite page turner, anda breath of fresh air in the urban book world.

The Story:

This story is about Prince Shubishup away from his home and everyone, his father King Shubishup and his sister to complete a mysterious ritual. 

The Shubishup family are Vampires and Prince Shubishup is alone and now in the west of Philadelphia where he becomes addicted to drinking blood from druggies. 

So Prince Shubishup starts to search for people who are high on crack cocaine so that when he drinks their blood even he can be high. And soon he comes to meet with 3 friends Keem, Stizz and Mook, who stealings, and sell drugs for a living and soon they make a deal after knowing about his true identity and story. 

On the other hand the Shubishup family were from Albania and they were shipped to Transylvania in a casket for a ritual but unfortunately it got Shipped to Pennsylvania and Prince was now away and alone. Soon the king Shubishup orders his eldest daughter Terka, to find Prince Shubishup for the ritual. 

So will Terka find her younger brother Prince Shubishup? Will Prince Shubishup honor his deal with 3 drug dealers? Will Prince Shubishup will be able to follow the ritual which is been followed from years as a vampire?  Or Will Keem and Stizz survive from the vampires or no?

My Take : 

Bloodline Gems is the debut novel written by K. Young and I just loved reading the story on Vampires. 

The author K. Young has wonderfully elaborated on the book bloodline gems which is a true vampire story.

The story is well crafted and written in a very imaginative way which also made me feel impactful. While reading could sense what the author K. Young has described, as when he described the drug addiction that made a vampire crazy, I too could feel the craziness. 

The storyline is filled with action, drama, drug addiction, and new adventure of Vampires which is very interesting to read and impressive.  

The author K. Young has written this book in easy to understand and addictive language. From the beginning the story is captive and has fascinating creativity and imagination.  

Overall an amazing read that will keep you hooked to the book and you will keep asking what will happen next? and what will the vampire do if he doesn't get the drug? So click here and read now Bloodline Gems by K. Young.

Top 10 places to Travel within India.

                                          India  As we all know India is a country in South Asia that is the seventh-largest country by area...