Monday, March 9, 2020

Brooklyn: The Do or Die by Dean Hamid

The Blurb & Story:

The year was 1971, and Khalid Muhammad spoke out emphatically against the violence and drugs that plagued, Brooklyn community, and tragically he's killed as a result. 

It's now 1985, and his wife Waseema struggles against all odds to hold the family down, but it all gets away from her, quickly. The oldest son, Mustapha, resorts to selling drugs; Rasheed, another sibling, gets caught up in robbing drug dealers; and a sister, Shaheeda, falls prey to crack-cocaine and prostitution. 

To only make matters worse, Rasheed and his crew rob a larger than life stash of cash and drugs from one of Brooklyn's top dope pushers, and then make plans to take down his main stash next. Rasheed unwittingly stumbles on a break surrounding his father's death, and the web is further tangled. 

But, all is not lost as Khalid's last words are revealed; an Arabic translation for the melodramatic lunacy of Rasheed's crazed world-the clue...Dunya! Be prepared for the mean, unforgivable streets of Brooklyn: The do or die!

My Take: 

This book Brooklyn: The Do or Die by Dean Hamid is very impressive to start with. The way author Dean Hamid has written about everything from drama to action, from lies to betrayal, from deceit to murder and with the epic and never stopping twists and turn. 

As I finished reading this book, I was just speechless and impressed by the author Dean Hamid. This book contains everything and more that I always wish for before reading the book and I could really imagine it just like a movie. The author Dean Hamid has also done a great job in writing in an impressive and comprehensive manner. While reading the book, I suddenly got a rush to finish this book and was curious to know what happens and how will the story end. And the book didn't disappoint me at all :) 

The impressive work is done until the end of the book, and that's what makes this book unique and refreshing. I really enjoyed reading this story with a detailed description of every scene. And wait to read the second book. 

Overall, I loved this book and if you are looking for an excellently written book to read and wants to add it to your reading list, then click here and read the book Brooklyn: The Do or Die by Dean Hamid.

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