Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The Essence of Nonsense: A Comedy of Satire by Kaushik

The Blurb: 

The Essence of Nonsense is a compilation of Nonsensical Rhymes which have been translated by the Author into English from a select few of the exceptional Poems present in the hilarious Abol Tabol, which had originally been composed in Bengali by the legendary but Late Sukumar Ray, in an attempt to convey at least a fraction of the side-splittingly funny but yet incredibly provocative satire of Abol Tabol" to those readers, especially children, who have so far been deprived of the satirical humor inherent in the magnificent verses of the marvelous Abol Tabol.

My Take:

The book The Essence of Nonsense: A Comedy of Satire by Kaushik is a poetry book that contains a total number of 17 poems beautifully translated into English.

The book starts with the poem "The Cubs of Monsieur Boo Hoo" a beautiful poem with perfect rhyme and easy to read. I found all the poems easy to read and they are interesting enough for me to read them twice because I found myself mesmerized by it.

I am a poetry lover and the book The Essence of Nonsense: A Comedy of Satire by Kaushik is just a perfect book to add on to my poetry collection.

The writer has not only done a great job by translating into English as these poems that were originally written in Bengali but has also has done a tremendous job by expressing true emotions through these poems.

My Favorite Poems.

An Essence Most Curious
An Irresistible Invitation 
The Eligible Bachelor 
The Bully 
A Tall Tale

Overall a poetry book filled with 17 lovely poems that will blow your mind and will make you wanna read them twice.  Add this book to your collection and click here to read the poems now in the book The Essence of Nonsense: A Comedy of Satire written by Kaushik.

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