Thursday, March 19, 2020

Lost Friend Found by Zachary Ryan

The Blurb & Story:

They were just six-years old when they became inseparable best friends, brothers, thick as thieves. But during senior year of high school, everything changed. Caleb was gay, a fact that Colin just couldn't accept. So the pair went their separate ways for four long years. And now, standing at the pulpit at Caleb's funeral, Colin couldn't possibly regret it more.

My Take: 

This is the third book that I have read of the author Zachary Ryan. And just like other books, I liked reading this book as well. This story is about friendship, love, self-development. Finding answers after Caleb's death, and can a single decision could have changed the outcome? 

The highlight of the book is the easy flowing story-line and way author Zachary Ryan has expressed the emotions. Emotions are never easy to pen down, and you know that the author has done a great job when the reader can feel those emotions too. I felt the pain, happiness and every other emotion expressed by the author and enjoyed as well. The book is also written in lucid language making the book interesting to read and keep you hooked to the book. The mystery and the story-line are perfectly balanced with the characters making the book compelling to read. 

Overall a great and must-read book. So click here and find the answers with Colin in the book Lost Friend Found written by Zachary Ryan.

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