Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Let's Rise in Love by Tanishka Juneja

The Blurb & Story:

Vivaan Saxena is from the Diamond City, Surat; the ever-sweet Ryan Evans is from the Chocolate Capital, Brussels; and Amara Cage belongs to the City of Smoke, London. Life is full of unexpected events.

Though they live in completely different worlds, destiny brings them together at the London College of Fashion. They instantly click and become the famous 'trio'. Love blossoms between Amara and Vivaan, and they start dating.

But if everything happens according to our plans, wouldn't life be boring?

One trip to India and everything changes. Their relationship isn't the same as before, friendship is at stake, parents are hurt, and society becomes the devil in their lives. Let's Rise in Love puts friendship, love, family and society to the test. It is a story of knowing who you are on the inside and having the courage to listen to your heart.

My Take: 

Let's Rise in Love, is a debut novel with great story-line and inspiring work done by Tanishka Juneja. As the author has said this book is about friendship, love, family, and society and makes you wanna ask the question of who you are? is exactly what the story is a book written in a very impressive way. The story-line, characters, the realistic detailed description of them and the emotions expressed are what make this book interesting to read. 

The book is written in lucid language and makes us relate to it in our own way. The humor and story-line had grasped my full attention from the very start and I found myself not being able to stop reading. With this book, author Tanishka Juneja has given us a clear picture of what she thinks of the society. 

Overall an interesting story filled with friendship, love, family, passion, society. So click here and read the story that will make you feel the urge to finish reading without stopping with the book Let's Rise in Love written by Tanishka Juneja

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