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Deyga - Pure Handcrafted Natural - Hair Products

About Company: 

Deyga strongly believes in Natural- Its the only way to keep your skin safe and flawless. All products are hand made and the base ingredients are highly nourishing.

Our Ingredients are 100% Natural. Natural ingredients originate from nature and ONLY undergo chemical changes due to biological processes such as fermentation, distillation, and cold processing. 

My View and Website. 

When I first came across this brand, the most intriguing part was that the products are hand made and 100% Natural. 

As I visited the website the first thing I noticed is that the website is easy to go through with elegant and beautiful images of the products. 

Deyga provides different types of products to all types of concerns like Skincare, Hair Care, Body and Bath, Oral Care, Wellness, Baby Care, For Men. They also provide combo kits & Gift Boxes too, making itself a perfect gift to give our loved ones. 

There is also a section where you can identify your skin conditions like dry or oily and the website will suggest a suitable product. Also when you select any product it will show you, description of the product, Ingredients used in it and how to use the product, that I personally liked it. 

My Take: 

I like that there are a variety of products to choose from that will suit all types of requirements, like the skincare products contains Tone, Face Pack, Eye Care, Budy buffer and many more. Similarly with other cares too. 

So today I'm going to review about 3 products that I got for myself. 


The presence of dandruff in your scalp restricts hair from getting proper nourishment. Our Anti-dandruff oil will be a real savior, because it gives intense hair treatment to control dandruff. The ingredients used in the oil have the ability to fight against dandruff and scalp issues. It also provides the nutrients for hair to grow healthy and dandruff free. So, it's time to fix your hair problems with our anti-dandruff oil.

Ingredients: Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Olive Oil.

How to Use: Apply directly to the scalp and massage after applying. 

Due to the change in weather and a busy schedule, it became a habit for me to not apply any oil on my hairs, which led to dry scalp and hair fall. Deyga Anti Dandruff Oil is what I needed for nourishing my scalp and taking a step toward solving my hair problems of dandruff and hair fall. 

Click here to buy the anti-dandruff oil by Deyga.


Fed up of your unruly & tangled hair? Don't worry! as we have a perfect solution to it. This comb ace the task of detangling your hair at ease. Made of wood from medicinal neem it is also beneficial for your scalp health.


1. Detangles hair at ease 
2. Neem wood keeps watch of your scalp health 
3. Prevents hair loss & breakage.

Weather change, lack of nourishment are not the only reasons for hair fall. I came across this comb made of wood from medicinal neem which claims to be beneficial for scalp health as well. The comb looks cute and is handcrafted making me inquisitive to buy this. 

Click here to buy the Wooden Comb Deyga. 


This luxurious coconut milk Shampoo bar has deep nourishing properties. Farm Fresh coconuts are crushed to extract pure coconut milk which makes our shampoo bar luxurious. The pure coconut milk, coconut oil, soapnut & shikakai makes a perfect blend to cleanse your hair leaving it smooth & shiny. While Shikakai makes your hair silky, Bhringraj and Amla make them stronger. Crafted with all-natural ingredients this unique bar will be a perfect addition to your hair care regime.

  • The luxurious coconut milk used in the shampoo bar makes hair soft and frizz-free. 
  • Coconut oil in the shampoo bar conditions hair naturally making it smooth and shiny. 
  • Coconut milk shampoo bar repairs damaged hairs and work for split ends 
  • It helps to remove dryness and gives you manageable hair 
  • Ingredients Coconut Milk Coconut Oil Shikakai Amla 
How to Use: 

1. Thoroughly wet your hair. 
2. Rub shampoo bar from scalp to end. 
3. Gently massaging the scalp and working through to ends 

When I first saw this product the first thing that came to my mind was, I need this. This is such a unique and interesting product, I have never seen or heard about a shampoo bar before. And after reading the description and ingredients used. I made up my mind that this will be my next step toward nourishing hairs. 

Click here to buy the Coconut Milk shampoo bar by Deyga. 

Overall, I loved this brand and I just can't wait for the product to arrive and I start using them. So if you are facing hair issues just like me or want to change the currently using products with 100% natural products? Then click here and visit the website of Deyga and shop.

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