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Secrets of the Seers: Book: 1 Veil of Shakti By Tina Sadhwani

The Blurb: 

An ordinary monk discovers that he has mysteriously become the chosen initiate, one who is bestowed with superhuman powers. He is enrolled in the aryavarts school of Yog - The magical school - where he must now learn how to harness that divine force, which alone can render him a Keeper and master of those ancient-powers. 
But those ancient powers are now hidden behind a mysterious veil that runs across the seven worlds, separating all of humanity from a hidden kingdom that lies beyond. 
It now falls on the monk to go beyond the veil, to secure the secret knowledge of the seers, which alone can dispel the darkness of the coming age of chaos. 
Two other Prentice monks join him in this supernatural adventure, which unfolds in incredible encounters with kings, sages, demons, giants, warriors and gods. 
Will the chosen initiate fulfil that great destiny, which will lift the veil of shakti, to reveal to him what lies beyond?. 

The story: 

The story of Secrets of the Seers starts with the chapter ‘Before the Beginning’ where it introduces us, about the time before God’s and about the 7 worlds. The importance of seers with divine powers, the answer to why the need of powers? ‘I am Unborn and Eternal. Yet, even though I am Unborn, I come into birth by my own divine wizardry. Whenever and wherever there is a decline of Dharm and the uprising of Adharm, at that time, I manifest personally. And to fully establish the Universal Order, I appear millennium after millennium.’

Suka the prentice young monk, the chosen one is following his father, as they travel a long way across, towards a large cavernous arch, where no one is allowed to walk.

At the end of the path, Suka finds himself walking on a magical and mysterious portal. As they move further in the portal, he sees many magical and mystical things. The golden kingdom above the head, mystical shapes that appeared to be idols as they moved. Mesmerized by it they still moved forward, Suka also heard enchanting magical charms and they moved forward into the magical portal which leads them to an enormous kingdom filled with blue mists. 

They reach Aikya, the Realm of 7 seers. The realm where the veil between the world runs the thinnest, Suka was brought here because indeed the time had come. When Suka has to fulfill his destined task. 

Curious and Young Suka were too eager to know what was he destined to do. And he got an answer for it ‘Whatever needs to be known shall be revealed in the time and not a moment before.

So what is this secret task? Why the use of superpowers? What is Suka destined to do? What is the mystery behind the 7 seers?

And as the story continues, Sukas journey begins. From enrolling in the Aryavart, School of Yog to learning how to harness and use the powers. To reveal the secret of seers. 

So will he be able to stop the darkness of the coming age of Chaos? 

My Take: 

This book is filled with lots of mythological, ancient quotes and words that I loved and was very much interested in reading more of them. The author Tina Sadhwani has given an insightful and detailed description of different realms, more of seers, short stories inside a story, the legends, and the adventures journey of Suka. The story is great, I enjoyed every part of it and the uniqueness. I also found the author's writing style quite descriptive and professional. Loved the mysterious and mythological storyline, secrets, indeed enchanting poems and the mystery trills. The cover of the book is also beautiful just like the story. 

Overall, a perfect combination and mysterious book. So click on the link and go on a magical adventure with Suka with the book Secrets of the Seers written by Tina Sadhwani:

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