Sunday, March 29, 2020

Petit à Petit: Little by Little by Ambica Uppal

The Blurb: 

Petit à Petit is a collection of simple and inspiring poetry that motivates one to dream and change the narrative of their lives. It assures you that tomorrow will be a better day and encourages you to realise your potential and achieve your aspirations. Petit à Petit is centered on themes like self-love, self-confidence and taking life into your own hands.No matter how far-away and impossible your dreams seem, don't be afraid to reach for them.

My Take: 

This book Petit à Petit: Little by Little written by Ambica Uppal, contains a total number of 75 poems that will touch your heart and make you smile as you read these poems.

As I read these poems I felt like I was reliving my childhood days, reading about fairytales and ball gowns. 

The poems seemed to be written based on personal experiences and personal thoughtfulness.  I could relate to them deeply. 

The main highlight of the book with no doubt are the wonderfully expressed poems that are written beautifully and with deep meaning, the author/ poetess has expressed her emotions through these poems elegantly. 

The poems are divided into five sections

1. Petit à Petit2. The magic that You Hold
3. Look within
4. Bloom
5. Dream on

No doubt all the poems are clear to read and natural to relate. 

My favorite part in this book is the section 'Dream on' where all the 19 poems touch my heart and made me feel everything that the poetess has written. The poems are written in very simple and easy flow writing making it more attractive to read then it already is.

"Give your dreams wings
let them fly 
whoever tells you otherwise
is telling you a lie."

"On your darkest nights 
That are low in stars 
Know that this won't stay.

The night will glide
And bust in light, 
Giving birth to brand new day.

Tomorrow is another day."

Poems have always been my weakness and after reading this book it reminded me of my passion for poems. A book like this is what gives me a reason to read more poetry.

Overall a perfect book and after reading this I would recommend this book to all the poem lovers, also it's a great book to gift your loved ones. So click here and read the beautiful heartwarming poem written by the author/ poetess  Ambica Uppal in the book Petit à Petit: Little by Little.

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