Friday, March 27, 2020

Torch Bearers: 51 Real Inspiring Stories by Major Pradeep Khare- Veteran

The Blurb:

There are many self-help books. Quite a few of them sound like sermons. They enumerate the success principles, but the readers find it difficult to apply them in their life. Instead of being theoretical, this book describes real-life situations in which ordinary people used the success principles in their lives and achieved what is considered impossible by many. Going through the pages of Torchbearers 51 real inspiring stories will urge you to recharge yourself, gather confidence, and dare to do what you were hesitant to do earlier. The heroes of these real stories are ordinary people like you and me, who struggled against all the odds, social, financial, physical, emotional, and emerged winners because of their indomitable spirits. They followed their dreams and turned obstacles into stepping stones in their journey of success. You never know your story may be featured in one of the subsequent editions. 

My Take:  

A Book with 51 real-life stories that will motivate you and inspire you to the core. The book starts with the story "Daughter of an Autorickshaw driver becomes All India Topper in CA Exams." A truly inspiring and encouraging story, followed by the story of " A lady in the Drivers Seat" along with other 49 more stories of ordinary people being an inspiring heroes. 

Every story started with an exceptional quote and the end of the book, "All things come on an end. The end is but an opportunity for a new beginning because success is  a journey and not a destination." 

A truly motivated and inspiring book that will touch your heart with the real-life stories. After reading the book, it brought positivity in me and I could sense the difference to do something great.  

Overall, if you are looking for a book that will inspire and encourage you then click here and read the book of 51 inspiring real-life here in the book Torch Bearers: 51 Real Inspiring Stories written by Major Pradeep Khare- Veteran. 

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