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Twilight Of Broken Heart : Pain in a Man's heart By Milik Ahmed

The Blurb: 

Twilight Of Broken Heart is a collection of Poetry describing the events of a Heart in the journey of Love. It contains different phases of love and explain the feelings associated. The book contains long and short poetries and quotes in total of four sections, Hurt Healing, Love and Honey Dew, which contains poetry related to taboo topics and others

About Book: 

The has a total collection of 41 beautifully expressed poems. The book is arranged into 4 chapters based on emotions and each chapter has poems related to it. 1st Chapter ‘Hurt’ that contains 15 heart touching poems. Chapter 2 ‘Healing’ that contains 14 soulful poems. Chapter 3 'Love’ contains 6 heart whelming poems and the last chapter ‘Honey Dew’ contains 6 sweet and lovely poems. 

My take: 

I have always loved poetry books, this book is my personal favorite and reading these beautiful poetries, it has refreshed my mind and soul. I think the author Milik Ahmed has done a clever job by diving the poems into 4-chapter, Hurt, Healing, Love & Honey Dew. I found it unique and quite impressive. All the poems are easy to read and will touch your heart as it certainly did mine. The author has done a great job and has successfully expressed the emotions and other touching stories via his poems. 

My most favorite poems from each chapter are: 

1. Hurt – Yes it was my mistake. 
2. Healing - You have never tried. 
3. Love – First Kiss. 
4. Honey Dew – To my mother. 

Overall, I loved this book would and for sure will gift my loved ones, a copy too 😊 So click on the link to read and find yourself lost in the aura created by the author Milik Ahmed with his lovely poetry book Twilight Of Broken Heart:

Adhaata Asao's Liege by Afroz Alam

The Blurb:

A long time ago... He had imprisoned them in the caverns of Mt. Hemil. They who ravaged the city of Kushlam...the golden capital... The Gods spoke of a Prophecy then... And now it has come to pass. The dark enemy of yore rises. Only an incarnation of Lord Vishnu has the power to defeat and destroy the enemy of Kushlam. A farmer from Bamiyan, unaware of what destiny has in store for him, is pushed into circumstances beyond his control. Will he accept that he is the prophesised Avatar? Will he save Kushlam from its enemies and free the world from the fear of the trapped monsters who have found a way out of their infallible trap?

The Story: 

The story 'Adhaata Asao's Liege' starts with 5 merchants traveling on their way home from Purshapuam to ply their trade. To reach home, they have to cross the mountains to reach home, and they were far away from home. Rabhu, Gopall, Banku, Peru and their leader Aarnik were the 5 merchants. Rabhu and Gopall are the youngest in the group and are the best friends. They were in the middle of the desert and storm is dancing over their head, so to reach the nearest civilization they need to take a shortcut, a way faster than on the mountain. But it was said that the path was dangerous and cursed, a blood road and whoever crossed it never survived. Even though the path was dangerous, but their desperateness for rest that made others agree with the decision. But as said the 5 did lose someone in the valley, but who?

A civilization Kushlam located between two mountains, a city of Lord Visnu, filled with gold and beautiful houses. A mahant (Monk) broke his 3 years austerity as he sensed the arrival of the destined one from the golden lake. Kushlam is Lord Visnu’s city and from thousands of years, the city had an enemy that only a few remember. Even though the city has forgotten the enemy, but the evil hasn’t and they still remember and are waiting for all these years to take revenge.

The destined one is one of the 5 merchants and when the king, and others were told about his role, no one believes it, not even the destined one himself.

But as said the destined one is the Avatar of Lord Vishnu and he will save the city of Kushlam from the evil army. How will he do that? Who is he?

Also, the book contains dragons, a magical sword, beyond our imagination an epic storyline and divine power. 

My Take: 

I have read many mystic stories, but I found this the most uncomplicated book ever. Author Afroz Alam has written this book in a simple language and easy-to-understand storyline, that grasped my attention till the end. Who doesn’t loves dragons’? Well, I do and this is a perfect story for them, and again I’m just impressed by the writing style of the author and the storyline. All the characters were well defined and their roles were perfectly portrayed. The ending was also clever and perfectly timed. 

Overall, loved this book and if you are a dragon and adventure seeker, you must read this book and enjoy it just as I did. So click on the link and read the book adventurous book of Adhaata Asao’s Liege by Afroz Alam:

Mysteries Inside The Dreams By Gokul Sundara Moorthy

The Blurb:

What are Dreams? What is Reality? A perfect blend of Dreams and Reality. Iniyan who lost his happiness is trying to find his happiness. On his journey, he meets Mr. X who entirely changes the vision of Iniyan's life and shows the other dimensions of his life. Finally Iniyan finds the truth of his life and happiness. What mysteries will straighten out? Welcome to the unseen, never before experienced journey of dreams and reality. How things would get mysterious with time travelling? Witness a thrilling and nail-biting suspense story with head scratching twists and turns and edge of the seat action. Mysteries of Dreams and Reality are revealed.

The Story:

The story is about Iniyan, a schizophrenic patient struggling with his parent’s unfortunate death. That leads him to be not happy and finding it all his life. Though Iniyan found happiness when he married his love Sarah with a stepson Joe. Whom he loved dearly. But the dream or reality had already been caught up and still, it couldn’t keep him happy. In most parts of his life, Iniyan has been followed by Mr. X and heard him whispering in his ears. Iniyan doesn’t know what’s real and what’s a dream anymore. So struggling form himself he checks himself in hospital. So what will happen next? Who is Mr. X that follows him around? Will he find happiness? Is it really a dream?

My Take: 

As the book title says Mysteries inside a dream, it suits the story perfectly. The story is filled with mystery and suspense. At the end of every chapter, it will keep you on your toes to what will happen next, and who is this Mr. X? I found dialogue written a bit confusing at first but later after 2 chapters I was familiar with the writing style. I like the story wherein the end everything is connected. And the character is dumbfounded just like us. 

Overall, I liked this book it’s a short interesting story filled with a thrilling and extraordinary suspense story with head-scratching twists and turns that will keep you on edge of the seat. So read now the Mysteries of Dreams and Reality as they are revealed By Gokul Sundara Moorthy :

When a Girl Meets a Guy by Ashis Chirgun

The Blurb: 

What will you do, when you meet your soul mate for the first time? Nobody can get an idea that a particular person is the love of his/her life until destiny comes in their way. All you can do is wait and let destiny write your story. Experience one of the most unusual love stories of the current time. When Aishani met Abhi for the first time in that hall, she never had an idea in her dreams that she will meet him again and again. There is no accidental meeting between two souls. Aishani’s fortuitous meeting with Abhi in that heart-breaking moment had just changed her life forever.

The Story:

When a Girl Meets a Guy is a story of 2 different individuals. A story of an actress and a reporter. Aishani a newbie in the acting industry won an award in supporting role, is at a press conference for an interview. But the interview is suddenly cut short when the famous celebrity’s kid shows up in the studio and all the press and cameraman leaves to take their photos instead, leaving Aishani shocked and heartbroken. With teary eyes, she is ready to leave when suddenly a reporter asks her to continue, confused and astonished she sees one reporter is still sitting. The same reporter who had asked her questions regarding her career just before everyone left. Seeing his dedication towards his work, she was truly thankful and grateful continued her interview for the next 25 minutes. 
Abhi, the reporter who couldn’t see the new actress in teary eyes, it was clear that she was heartbroken, and it was just sad to see. He continued the interview as he saw the hardworking and devoted person in her and enjoyed every minute of the interview, making her relaxed and confident. Later, for not taking the pictures of the famous kids, Abhi was fired, and he went back to his native place, but he still couldn’t let go Aishani from his mind. Like a teenager, he stocked her social media and as she grew in her career as Abhi had already predicted, Abhi found himself falling in love with her and finally after 3 years they meet again in an interview. So what will happen next? When they meet, how will she react? Will she remember him?
My Take:
A simple love story with hope and support. How a small gesture can make others happy. This book is a perfect story for hope and kindness. As the story moved forward, the characters grew too, and author Ashis Chirgun has done a great job in doing so. The story-line is simple and elegant. I liked the other characters and their encouragement, which is not so easy to find in other books. I found this book relatable and the author has done admirable work in this book. When a Girl Meets a Guy book is in simple English and can be read within a day. The highlight of the book is the writing style of the author Ashis Chirgun. As I read, I found myself wondering what will happen next? How are they going to meet now? Which is great for a new author.
Overall loved the simplicity of the story and would recommend romance lover to give this book a try. So click on the link and fall in love with beautiful Aishani in the book When a Girl Meets a Guy by Ashis Chirgun:

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Jim Ozy & The Perils of Algebra By Nathan Pratyksh Khanna

The Blurb: 

A writer travels to a faraway land to meet his hero. The journey takes him on a trail of suspense and adventure, across uncertain terrains. When the writer finally meets Jim, the subject of his proposed book, he is amazed in many ways, for Jim’s tale is no ordinary one. It is closely intertwined with many complex situations and incredible characters, both good and evil. 

Within the larger tale unfolds many a story—stories of a mysterious cult, a serious combat for restitution of order and an eventual fortuitous disclosure. 

In a resplendent land that has seen no summer heat, where darkness lurks here and there, something strange has been fomenting for long. Will someone rise to the occasion to safeguard his homeland, even if it means the end of his life? 

The Story: 

The story Jim Ozy & The Perils of Algebra is about a writer Nathan Rhet, a traveler, an explorer who came to a province Annie Serpent Stretch in search of Jim Ozy. Jim Ozy hero of the story and the writer Nathan. The story starts with Nathan traveling to a small province, a hamlet, to write stories on Jim Ozy and his adventure. Nathan is a great admirer of Jim and believes in all the stories he had heard about him. It was known that Jim was presumed dead as no one had known about him from the past 6 years. But after coming to Jim’s hometown, he finds that he is alive but missing. 

Living in Jim’s home province, Nathan explores his house, and gather his stories from the local neighbored and villagers. Nathan also finds himself interested in local traditions and legends linked to the hamlet. The villagers and the locals are very welcoming, and they embraced Nathan wholeheartedly. They gave him not just stories, but feed him, gave him a place to stay and a place in their hearts. 

While giving company to 2 villagers to Marieland, the main town, to help them get the new rare apple trees. While returning, Nathan attracts the attention of shape-shifting creature with cyan eyes that follows him to the province and in the house where Nathan and others hide scared. Saved by Jim, who kills the creature, Nathan is not only grateful but also eager to meet his hero. Nathan is more than happy when Jim agrees to the offer of Nathan to travel together to Jim’s yark; house. And all the time, Jim shared the adventures and true story of Algebra. 

So who are these shape-shifting creatures with cyan eyes? Is the story of great gold treasures true? Will Nathan find what he came for, a great story of Jim Ozy in perils of Algebra? 

My Take: 

Starting from the start, I like the personally drawn map by author Nathan Pratyksh Khanna of the province. It gives a real touch to the story and giving  us a fair idea of the payout of the province. Author Nathan Pratyksh Khanna has done an outstanding job in creating this book. The book is fascinating to read, and also I found myself lost in the adventure. The story-line is expressed in details and the author Nathan Pratyksh Khanna has done a tremendous job in explaining the legends and other province traditions and stories. Though the author has given fictional names to ordinary things, I still found myself interested and eager to read ahead. 

The characters, creatures, the stories, the places all are described and explained well and with details. So once you start reading I'm sure you will find yourself addicted to it and won't stop until you have read the whole book. I also loved the ending chapter where author has mentioned all the fictional names and their role in the book which is interesting to read.

Overall, I loved the book and would definitely recommend all the fiction lovers to read this book and experience the adventure. So click on the link to read and experience the adventure in the book Jim Ozy & The Perils of Algebra By Nathan Pratyksh Khanna:

Dating Jia by Krupa Somani

The Blurb:

There is an old phrase, ‘If you want to get over a man, get under another.’ Two years after breaking up with her boyfriend, Jia downloads a dating app to meet men. Somewhere deep down, she is hoping to find someone who is great in the sack and likes her just as much. After all, she is that next-door, hot, sassy girl every man wants! She sets out on her quest. 

About the Author:

The author is a believer in love, with quite an interesting young perspective. She takes a witty outlook in the new age world, dating experiences around for her friends to laugh and reflect. With a comic flair in her writing and detailing, she is the perfect mouthpiece of today's young women. 

The Story: 

Jia a passionate content writer that turned workaholic after the breakup with her long-distance boyfriend. The story is about the start of her sassy yet epic relationship. Jia lives alone and has everything she wants but except for love, after her breakup, she has lost her faith in men and doesn’t show her true emotions. And after constant reminders from her friends, Jia finds herself surfing through dating apps to find love. Through an accident, Jia meets Aryan and within 12 days she finds herself connected to him. Aryan, a businessman in construction find Jia interesting and wants to be with her, but his past is what comes in between them. So will they ever be together? What happens when Aryan finally says he has a feeling for Jia? What will Jia do? 

My Take: 

The story starts with Jia and Aryan’s meeting that happens in a very filmy way, but it’s fun to read. I liked the boldness of the character Jia that the author Krupa Somani has developed smoothly. The details and descriptions of the other characters are also great. I loved the book and who does not like a modern and young love story? I certainly do. The story is said from Jia’s point of view but there are other chapters as well that are from Aryan’s point of view that give the perfect explanation to the story and give us an idea of what goes on Aryans mind. I also like the way Jia and Aryans mother meets, the sarcasm and humor of Jia are what makes the book interesting. The book is written in simple English which makes it easy to read and builds interests. 

Overall, I liked the book and if you are looking for a fun and exciting modern life dating story, then click on the link and find out how does Jia does it in Dating Jia by Krupa Somani:

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Afsaane - A Collection of Short Stories By Ameya Bondre

The Blurb: 

A sky-blue paper bird glued to a mirror. A handmade book on music to be gifted. A pair of mud-brown tea cups without handles. A shelf to hoard dying memories. A little home tucked away in a remote village. A haunting voice after boarding an empty bus... The images on the cover belong to people whose stories are packed in this book: A man who meets his lost friend in a new world. A seeker who resists everyone to reach an unwanted place. Lovers that separate, only to find some hope. A failed artist who finds another voice. A new entrant in a home who creates turmoil. A cheated girl who makes a desperate call. A shattered man who pegs on a sudden dreamy trip. With eleven stories of unrequited love, hope, acceptance, heart breaks or just needs, ‘Afsaane’ will tug at your heartstrings and open windows to people that experience unusual situations in far too usual lives.

The Story: 

Afsaane has a collection of 11 stories, and each one differs from the other! Every story is interesting on its own, and a pleasant read. The first story, ‘Distances' is about a couple that wants to 'find themselves' in their relationship, closing towards a moment they both seem to want, and yet want to avoid. The second story, ‘Dreams’ is about passion and struggle, showing that one needs just a little push to achieve what they want in life, just that one push... to break the wall that stops them to chase their dream. The third story, ‘Blinkers on’, is about a couple Nisha & Ankit battling prejudice and acceptance viz. a new member in the family. Similarly, eight more heart touching stories are told with a hint of happiness, in spite of deep conflicts; hope in spite of real struggles; and love, not without the friendship! These are: ‘Chaos’, ‘A Regular Date’, ‘Trapped’, ‘A Healthy home’, ‘Not in the Dark’, ‘A Frantic call’, ‘Deaf’, & the last story, ‘Long Lost’ which is about two childhood friends with their cherished history, that awkwardly meet after several years in a foreign land.

My Take: 

The author has said that this book is filled with eleven stories of unrequited love, hope, acceptance and heartbreaks, and he has been true to his words! I found the stories relatable, and we can all find ourselves or others in similar situations, or we have heard the same experiences. The author has done a remarkable job in writing these stories. I liked the writing style, the characters, the feelings, and each situation that is described perfectly, with a smooth flow. I also liked how at the end of each story... it left me thinking about what happened next?

Overall, Afsaane is a wonderful book filled with realistic stories, so I would highly recommend it! So click on the link and read now the Afsaane - A Collection of Short Stories By Ameya Bondre:

One Precious Moment By Ritu Kakar

The Blurb:

One Precious Moment is a poignant and beautiful story of love and loss. Mira Singh, discovers her ability to re- bulid her life on her own terms. This is a story that will tug at your heart, and hopefully make you feel thankful for the life you lead.

The Story:

One Precious Moments by Ritu Kakar is an emotional love story of Mika Singh and Rahul Singh. After sharing 6 beautiful years of marriage, an event left her widow and alone. This is the story where Mira shares her and Rahul’s Love story. The story starts from the first meet to the first date, after months of silent talks to falling in love, from traveling in a train together to talking with eyes. Mira explains to us all. This story is not just a love story but also a story of loss, hope, and support. How family is always there to help and guide us in every aspect of life and to share the burden of grief.

After the death of her loving husband, it was very difficult to live, but she manages just fine with the support of her families and a piece of good news at the end.

Life is about living and accepting what happens. So will Mira move on after her husband's death? What leads Mira to finally being able to move on? How one precious moment can change your life forever?

My Take:

In simple words I just loved this story, it made me smile, blush, laugh, cry and sad and many other emotions that I can explain. Author Ritu Kakar has defined emotions in remarkably well manner, and I found myself feeling the same things that the character Mira was filling, from sadness to joy and from love to loss. The language is also written in simple English and admirably written, making it extra interesting to read. The most perfect and best part of the book was chapter 19 and the ending, which not only made me cry with happiness but also showed me hope that no matter what life brings at us, it always finds a way to give us one precious moment to be happy.

Overall, loved this book and if you are looking to read a love story, then click on the link and read now the story of Love and loss of Mira in One Precious Moments By Ritu Kakar:

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The Rainbow Acres By Simrita Dhir

The Blurb & The Story:

In the spring of 1916, seventeen-year-old Kishan Singh is euphoric in his village Noor Mahal in Punjab, British India as he dreams of going to college, landing a government job and marrying his heartthrob Roop. Summer flies in with promise but ends in disaster when heavy rains flood the fields, wrecking the cotton crop and triggering influenza which leaves behind a trail of dead villagers. Kishan Singh’s dreams are ruthlessly washed away. Devastated, he sets off on a life-threatening voyage across two oceans for a distant and unknown land.

On a cataclysmic day in 1919, Sophia’s idyllic world in Guadalajara, Mexico, falls apart when she becomes a hapless victim to the ravages of the Mexican Revolution. She battles hunger, poverty and near prostitution before embarking on a perilous night journey across the border. 

Will their paths cross in the land of opportunities that is overrun with racial and class barriers? 

The Rainbow Acres is a moving saga of migration, selfless love, fortitude, friendship, and the quest for land and identity, set against the backdrop of old Punjab, early California and revolution-torn Mexico. 

About Book & Author: 

The Rainbow Acres has made it to Amazon Memorable Books of 2018 and was also on Amazon The Very Best Fiction from Winter 2018. Those are rare honors for a debut novel. 

The Author Simrita Dhir grew up in Patiala, Punjab in a family of distinguished academics. A national-level debater, writer and actor in school and college, she is a Duke of Edinburgh Gold Standard Awardee. A recipient of the Chancellor’s Medal for Academic Excellence in Post Graduate Studies, she received her PhD on Toni Morrison from the Department of English and Cultural Studies, Panjab University, Chandigarh. An avid reader, some of her favorites are Prem Chand, Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, RK Narayan, Ismat Chughtai and Nirmal Verma alongside other literary stalwarts of Indian and World Literature. 

Simrita has contributed to leading national newspapers including The Times of India, The Indian Express and The Tribune. She now lives with her husband and their son in San Diego, California where she studied Advanced Rhetoric at the Department of Rhetoric and Writing Studies, San Diego State University. She lectures on Writing, Diversity and Imagination at the University of California, Art Institute of California, among others. The Rainbow Acres is her debut novel.

The Story: 

The Rainbow Acres starts with Kishan a 17-year-old who lived with his Aunt and Uncle at Noor Mahal in Punjab, British India. Kishan a boy from a small village with big dreams. Having a teen crush on Roop, the most beautiful girl in the village and his childhood friend. Kishan is always reading and studying well so that he could end up working for the British Government. With that, it will be easier for him to marry Roop. So the Story starts with beautiful teen crushing story, from blushing to storytelling, from meeting secretly to going on the other village for celebration, from flirting to dreaming of kissing her. It's the story of Kishan. 

Far away 20 years back at Acapulco in Mexico lived Sophia Morales, an adventure seeker girl with charming nature. Always looking for an opportunity to live life fullest and listening to her family story moving from Spain to Mexico. After the living one more adventure that is life, Sophia found herself passion for chocolate, thus giving her an idea of making the most delicious milk chocolate. 

The Rainbow Acres has 2 stories of two different individuals happening at 2 different times, 20 years apart and finally merge into an exquisite family. 

The Rainbow Acres tells the brave story of the pioneer Punjabi farmers of California who started their journeys from Punjab in the early 1900s, shortly after the California Gold Rush. Undertaking perilous journeys, they sailed across two oceans to reach California with the hope of claiming and farming their piece of this golden land.

Many of these pioneer Punjabi farmers of California married Mexican women, who had migrated to California after having been uprooted by the Mexican revolution. As a result, a fascinating Punjabi-Mexican community sprang up in California. It was a beautiful coming together of two cultures - a truly secular, bi-ethnic set-up that came to exemplify a new and eclectic California.

Life is an adventure and at what new turn life will take us to, we don't have any idea. So how do Kishan and Sophia meet? What happens in their lives?

My Take: 

This book The Rainbow Acres By Simrita Dhir is a book filled with hope, love, friendship, brotherhood, family, and respect. Both the stories differ from each other in every way, and the author Simrita Dhir has done an incredible job in describing every part of it admirably. The culture, traditions, family history, the war ear and struggle of that time, everything is explained and fitted together perfectly in the story. 

I like the way Author Simrita Dhir has written this book and tells us that life is an adventure. The growth of characters from childhood to adulthood, everything is refined and well written. 

Overall, this is a story of proud Sikhs and conscientious Mexican together as a family. So click on the link now and read the most adventurous life of two individuals in The Rainbow Acres by Simrita Dhir:

Thursday, February 20, 2020

The Phoenix's Creed: Rising From The Ashes By Govinda Chaddha

The Blurb: 

Jayoe Malmo was a decorated lieutenant in the Vega Army, a staunched Patriot, and a doer of good. After the Supreme Aurora Sentinels conquered his loving country. Jayoe was reduced to a mine worker and fed on scraps. A twist of events will see Jayoe stumbling into 'The Phoenix', a militia group consisting of Veteran Heroes bent on saving Vega from Its conquerors.

The story:

The book The Phoenix's Creed: Rising From The Ashes By Govinda Chaddha is a story of a fallen country after the war.
Joyes Malmo an ex lieutenant of the fallen country of Vega, now works as a mine worker and takes care of his 13-year-old brother. After weeks of living and feeding on scraps, one incident changes everything. So there is hope for the fallen country to rise again? Will Jayoe play an important role in it?  What happens next?

My Take:

This book The Phoenix's Creed: Rising From The Ashes is a short story on the after-effects of a fallen country after the war. As the chapter starts, it starts with all the fictional countries names, it's written in a consummate way that it sets a perfect room to read ahead. I liked the story-line and the way Author Govinda Chaddha has described is just great. The only thing that I wished for in this book was, that I hoped it didn't finish so soon :(

Overall loved the short story and if you are looking for a quick break from reality would suggest reading this book. So click on the link and witness yourself the after-effects of war:

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The Unfortunates: and yet life goes on By Abhinav Mishra

The Blurb:

When four individuals embark on their separate journey, fighting with all the obstacles life throws at them, they are not aware of that one piece of thread that links them together. One event from the past changes the course of their life and they're not able to do anything about it. Or are they?

The Unfortunates is about their journey and their struggle to find out why are they so unfortunate. Is it because of something from the past, a result of their karma, a curse or all of it? So when life gets out of their control, will they give up or continue fighting their misfortunes?

The Story: 

The book The Unfortunates: and yet life goes on starts with Swati's random diary note, Meera's Prologue, Tanya's unfortunate since birth and Ritesh's Shahrukh at heart. The story revolves around these 4 different individuals that are facing different life crises in their journey of life but yet are related together. The story is about how a single decision can affect so many lives and at the same time, karma a vicious cycle that no human mind can understand will catch on, in part of life. So what is that thing that connects everyone together? 

My Take: 

The book is a perfect blend of uniqueness and suspense. The ending is what I like the most. The secret reveling and all the answers. Author Abhinav Mishra has written this book with detailed emotions and heartbreaks. I like the way the author has developed very realistic characters, that even after the hurt and loss they still end up giving chances to the same person. Isn't it what we do in real life? The story-line and other events are smoothly narrated. And I do believe in Karma what goes around comes around, and this is the perfect story for that. And at the end the short note from the Author's desk, his confusion in life, he asks one question that most of us ask our-self.

Overall I liked this book and if you are looking for a unique story then click on the link and read now the story of The Unfortunates: and yet life goes on by Abhinav Mishra:

What a 25-Year-Old Wants! By Rahul

The Blurb: 

Today, in the constantly evolving world, opinions have become noise, propaganda is at its peak, expectations are soaring through rooftops and time, as usual, is a constraint. To know what u really want has become the most difficult question and keeping up to speed with the life around u has become exhausting. We all have learnt to build a public image for ourselves and our opinions are based on social media timelines. Nothing seems right and nothing makes sense!

Look I know it's a questioning phase of ur life at this point in time. M not being a hypocrite here and M a 25-year-old too. So let me take u on a journey and let's discover what a 25-year-old really wants! We will look into the life journey of imminent personalities and see what they were doing when they were 25. I will walk u through the 9 gems that I have discovered in my life while navigating my 25th year on a sea of chaos, uncertainty and confusion. So bear with me and talk to me about What a 25-year-Old Wants!

The Story:

What a 25-year-Old Wants! is a personal development and self-help book that is written by Author R who is itself 25-year-old and writes about the struggles and how to really help ourselves. 

The Book Consist of 10 gems in life that is important for a 25-year-old should know about. Starting with 

1. Spontaneity, it gives us the power to be anyone we want and do anything we want. That also help us to transfer our boring life to something exiting. 

2. Awareness, its about what goes around you. The chapter also covers the part of Mental health, the book says having a health issue can make you feel that everything around us seem shitty and insignificant, so advise for it is to get up and U should if not for our self but for the sake our parents. 

The chapter also covers about Harassment! and Awareness and to speak up.

3. Experience, it can make us understand the Gravity of our situation right now we are in. 

4. Sensibility, it is to believe in our self and keep our intentions pure. Instead of complaining, we can do something to change that. Everything we do has an impact, Author says the impact on us, impact on others and most importantly impact on our Planet

5. Expression, it helps us get rid of those pretentious boundaries existing around us and forces us to be collaborative, to be respectful to other’s gifts and be tolerant of every being around us. 

6. Choice, at the age of 25 there is a fine line between being immature and being Responsible. We find ourselfs struggling between career, relationships and practically everything around us. So this chapter gives us another perspective on how to see it and how it will help us.

7. Humility, As per the Author, there is only one gem in this world that helps us get over ourselves, stops us from being selfish and prevents us from being the arrogant that is Humility. With Humility comes Acceptance, Acceptance of everything around us and finally start to accept the reality of the situation we live in.

8. Courage, it can cause a stir in our Life and can change everything for us.

9. Independence, it can help us in making the any dream, come true.

10 The Last Gem!, You have to read the book to find out about it ;)

The book doesn't finish here, later there is the chapter on the list of inspiring people, that changed their lives and of others around them, all around the world. 

And ending it with a Conclusion

My Take: 

I too am 25 years old and after reading this book I can say truly that this is what exactly I want others of my age to know. This book has inspired me and will give any readers hope that they are not alone if they are struggling to find their way in this world. 

I like the narrative of the Author R. And the experiences that he speaks about and the ways the sees world is great and inspiring. 

The best part of the book is the list of inspiring people, each story is different from others and each is unique on their own. The author has given us great examples of Courage, Humility, Experience, Expression, Independence, Awareness, Spontaneity, Sensibility, and of Choice that we always have. And it all ends with a beautifully expressed Conclusion

Overall I would personally recommend everyone not only my generation but also others, Folks to read this and understand. So click on the link and read What really a 25-year-old wants:

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Ink on Paper: Stories to set the aura and poems to tell the story By Vishikha

The Blurb:

Ink on paper is the finest from the pen of a 13-year-old girl. The book is a perfect read for any time. It is a blend of emotions set in rhyme. There is something for everyone. Each chapter begins with a short story, setting the entire aura, and then, presents the poem.

Question peoples presence with "Where were you then."

Mourn with solder's poor choice in life with "Regret in wars."

Deal with heartbreaks and realize she moved on with "Happier."

Each poem is a journey through the best and the worst of Vishikha. Won't you join her for one?

"Played by the fools of sham,

To find true people, there were none.

I did say everyone is wearing a mask,

But I never said they were wearing only one."

The Story:

Have you ever read a poem and wondered what might the story be behind it? Well, this book Ink on Paper by the Author and poetess Vishikha is the perfect answer to this question. This book contains 82 Poems along with beautifully expressed short stories before each poem. The book starts with the poem Photograph, which will not only touch your heart but also your soul.

My Take:

The Thing you need to know is the Author Vishikha is a talented 13-year-old, but when you read the book you will find yourself doubting about the age of the Author. I loved each and each and every poem. The beautifully expressed feelings, the amazing short stories, the highlighted emotions, the magic in every chapter. Some of my favorite poems that touched my heart are Tears, Krishna, If I were a bird and many more which I'm sure all the readers will find too.

Overall a very delightful read, it's a perfect book to gift the young ones, nieces or nephews to inspire them. So click on the link and read now the beautifully written book by Vishikha Ink on Paper

Monday, February 17, 2020

Mrs. Basu's Uncensored Familism By Chirasree Bose

The Blurb & The Story: 

Mrs. Arpita Basu, the only daughter-in-law of Basu family, is here to tell you a story that will leave your stomach hurting with chuckles and laughter. A Chudail to her prim mother-in-law, inexistent to the devil father-in-law, a damped down bomb to her once best friend Naveena and well, nothing whatsoever to her own husband Akash, the 23-year-old finds herself questioning the very concept of familism as her six months of tumultuous married life is hit with unanswerable questions sprouting every now and then in her head.

Speaking of head, what do you think is its importance in Mrs. Basu's life? Oh boy, you're in for a surprise! Because the quirks of their tongue-in-cheek relationship is bound to make you split your sides. 

However, in a split second Mrs. Basu's life goes kaput as her dark past comes knocking at the door. While she struggles to keep it at bay, her husband leaves her side with no promise of coming back ever. 

Is it mere coincidence that her past holds a connection to the disappearance of her husband? 

Or, is it what Mrs. Basu deserves for all she did in the past? 

This chapter of her life will unravel the mysteries of the present, all the knots of the past and the road to the future. Of course, in the most hilarious way possible.

My Take: 

A book filled with dramatic mother-in-law along with humor and laughter. I loved every part of the book. From Indian saas-bahu serials that mother in law watched to the gossips of the maids from one room to another and their rebels. From a husband's lack of attention in a new arranged marriage to the growth of new love along with a shocking twist, everything is penned perfectly along with the difference between family and Familism. I also like the part where the author Chirasree Bose explains one should change own's vision before changing others and breaking the cycle of men being superior to women. As I read this book and I'm sure if anyone else starts to read this, it may seem that this book is a comedy genre, but I found this book eye-opening and impressive. When Author Chirasree Bose said I want to get rid of the monster; i.e my head. I felt that. I like the storyline and there is something to learn in every chapter. The talk about Karma, the change and growth of the character from a shy girl to speaking up. I liked the realistic touch of the saas-bahu relation in Indian. 

Overall I loved this humor-filled book and not only did I enjoyed reading but also loved the characters. So click on the link now and read yourself Mrs. Basu's Uncensored Familism By Chirasree Bose:

Sunday, February 16, 2020

OFFSPRINGS By Krishanu Banerjee

The Blurb:

Offsprings'- the book contains seventy poems which are unique by nature. Unique in this sense that each and every poem describes the poet's realistic thoughts which he has experienced and beautifully penned. Each poem (except 2 or 3) is written in rhyme, beautiful to read and recite. The poet has heartily worshipped the best genre of literature

The Book:

The book is a collection of 70 beautifully written poem by the author and poet Krishanu Banerjee, an elementary teacher by profession and a bilingual poet by nature. Krishna Banerjee is also a co-author of few books like What if, Silent Thoughts, The Unspoken Tales, My Running Mind and many more.

My Take:

The book starts with the first poem 'Prayer to my god' a simple rhyming poem that I like the most. The second poem is 'Poem' its the poem in which Krishanu Banerjee has written the feelings of him while writing a poem at night. And the list of poems goes on. I loved each and every poem as these are the most beautiful and elegant poems. And the rhyming poems are my favorite. Some of my favorite poems are Mistake or Sin, A little story, A small love poem and others of course.

Overall its a perfect poetry book with a beautiful book cover. So click on the link and read the collections of 70 perfect and unique poems in the book Offspring:

The Fragile Thread of Hope By Pankaj Giri

The Blurb: 

In the autumn of 2012, destiny wreaks havoc on two unsuspecting people—soham and Fiona. Although his devastating past involving his brother still haunted him, Soham had established a promising career for himself in Bangalore. After a difficult childhood, Fiona's fortunes had finally taken a turn for the better. She had married her beloved and her life was as perfect as she had ever imagined it to be. But when tragedy strikes them yet again, their fundamentally fragile lives threaten to fall apart. Can Fiona and Soham overcome their grief? Will the overwhelming pain destroy their lives? Seasoned with the flavours of exotic Nepalese traditions and set in the picturesque Indian Hill station, Gangtok, the fragile thread of hope explores the themes of spirituality, faith, alcoholism, love and guilt while navigating the complex maze of family relationships. Inspirational and heart-wrenchingly intimate, it urges you to wonder—does hope to stand a chance in this travesty called life? 

My Take: 

I loved how the author Pankaj Giri has covered all aspects of life, from childhood to adulthood, from plain to happiness and sadness to blissfulness of life, family, love, loss, grief, regret, loneliness and hope. Yes as the title says The Fragile Thread of Hope, don't we all agree to it? I certainly do. I like the part where Soham stands at the door and watches his parents sleep and he realizes the importance of them that gave him mental peace. I found this book a very passionate life story and no wonder Auther has done a great job in describing everything perfectly as I found myself emotional as I read it. 

Overall loved the book and would definitely recommend reading this book filled with hope and faith. Click on the link and read yourself an epic story of love and loss with The Fragile Thread of Hope: 

Thursday, February 13, 2020

War of Secrets by Kumar Nishant

The Blurb:

“Oh God. Man, I am a techie…!!, no soldier !!” – thoughts abruptly broke the boundaries of brain and rode on the boisterous vocal cord of Rajiv.

Rajiv is a geek, who is enthusiastic about computers and lives in an advanced world of robots, self-driven cars, and teleporting machines. He is fortunate to have a job in the government department, offering a perfect blend to his passion. He is happily married to Saumya and is an alien to his niece, Sneha; who simply cannot believe, that Rajiv has seen the era devoid of most of the advanced gadgets of her time. She loves to hear Rajiv’s stories and not believe them.

But the happy go lucky life of Rajiv, goes topsy-turvy when he is entangled in an abduction drama engulfing his team lead, Sriram, and a few other colleagues. He is astonished to know that the conspiracy was orchestrated by none other than the government itself on the pretext of security breach in an extremely confidential and ambitious weapon project.

Rajiv’s esoteric skills are at loggerheads with that of an equally competent, if not superior enemy. What seems to be the tracking of enemy, ultimately transpires into an absolute microcosm. As the layers unfold, the roots of the hostile guests are traced to the transnational boundary. Degree of threat not only increases, but becomes somewhat incalculable. It can only be conjectured.

How may secrets can Rajiv Withstand? Can Sehshan meet the deadline of 20 days? If not, then what?? Can they all put together, tenterhook the enemy? Can Rajiv bail them out? Will he turn out to be the weakest link in the company of soldiers? Will Rajiv return to hug Saumya? Will he be able to complete the stories Sneha yearns for?

Yes or no, whatever be the answer to all the above questions, the only constant remains is that each and every stakeholder will definitely end up with unforgettable memories.

"The Story: 

The story begins with Rajiv waking up by Alexa and then telling stories to his niece about the time with no gadgets as currently, they live a world of Robots. With Automated car drive, with walls installed with projectors and Artificial intelligent secretary to assist you in all manner. 

Rajiv a skilled computer professional who works at a high profile tech government firm. Rajiv is living in an automated world but he has seen the era when there were no such technologies and telling about it to his niece is his favorite part. 

Receiving a stress signal from office Rajiv rush to his office only to be kidnapped with his teams. As Rajiv was worrying about his wife Saumya and Family, he comes to know the kidnapping was fake done by the government only to capture the real culprit that tried to hack in an extremely confidential and ambitious weapon project. So a secret mission was kept in front of Rajiv.

A secret mission for 20 days, where he risks his life in order to help catch the enemy and protect our country. So will Rajiv achieve his goal of catching the bad guys? In the age of Robots, how will Rajiv catch them? Are the skills of Rajiv enough to help the government? What happens after 20 days are over?" 

My Take: 

The story War of Secrets is great and pleasant to read the story. I like the plot, twist and turns in the story. The characters were well defined and were perfectly fitted with the story. As the storyline is in the future with the world living in Tech, I loved how Author Kumar Nishant has described the ear without tech too. The most favorite part of the story was, that I liked, was when Rajiv told that stories to his niece. 

The 20-day secret mission was well defined and the suspense was built perfectly. All the computer terms and networks were defined in details giving an allusion that the author itself is a hacker ;) 

Overall I loved the book and once you start reading it, you will find your self hooked into it until you finish the book. Its a perfect fiction story that will take only a day to read. So click on the link to read and unrevealed the secret of war by yourself:

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Beyond my Blinkers By Subir Adhicary

The Blurb: 

Dwarka, new Delhi largest subcity is home to 1.1 million people. This is veteran blog writer subiradhicary'smalgudi. Competing with Krishna’s dwarfs, the name denotes aspirations. From the ruins of a medieval baoli rise dreams of a smart city. This book offers pouches of humour culled from places like Pune, Kanpur, Lucknow and the modern Dwarka and the everyday experiences provide vultures like Subir, the masala to write about the mundane matters of life which we Miss and mess with.

The Story:

The Book Beyond my Blinkers is like a personal diary of the Author Subir Adhicary filled with true events and life experiences. Author Subir Adhicary lives in Dwarka and has many tales to tell from places like Pune, Kanpur, Lucknow, and the modern Dwarka . The book mostly consists of events that happened in the Author's life from his young age till now being a 65 year old. The book is filled with humor, opinions, and avid observations of the Author. 

The book contains 60 short chapters of life experiences with each being unique on its own. It starts from The Protest Technologist, where one of the Authors neighbors has started his own successful business after facing failure in many, now runs a successful in the business of The Protest Technologist, where he sells candles for The Silent March, and other such items used in any protest. Another chapter The Positive Thinking, that will surely make you laugh out loud. The last one being The educational Minister. Its a unique and modern written diary of the author.

My Take: 

I loved this book Beyond my Blinkers which I read with a cup of tea and a smile on my face. The way authors have narrated the book, it will not only make you feel what he has felt but also will make you relate on a personal level. 

I like the writing and narrating style of the author Subir Adhicary and his keen observations on doctors while being in medical situations. The typical dialogue in the Hindi language, in almost every chapter, took the excitement to another level. The most personal favorite chapters are with the Dream of Yamraj, The Mullingar Hotel, The Three Claps, Gifting Time. I just realized that I can't choose only a few chapters as for me the whole book is my favorite read. 

Overall loved the book and it can be read not only once but as many times as you want and each time it will be a different smile. So click on the link and read your self the tales of Subir Adhicary a keen observer with humor and amusement life events in Beyond my Blinkers:

Below are some of the cartoons drawn by The Author Subir Adhicary itself. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Last War: & Other Stories by Sambit Daspatnaik

The Blurb:

The year was 2080 BCE… The epic Mahabharata war that was fought thousands of years ago between the Pandavas and the Kauravas was thought to be the last. But generations later, everyone was mistaken. The descendants of the Pandavas and the Kauravas (Pauravas) faced a mammoth invasion by the Gandharvas. The Pauravas had to face new geographical and political challenges to save the land of Bharata (Ancient India). New lessons were learned, old secrets were unveiled and new allies were made. Would the Pauravas be able to save the city of Moenjo and Hariapa? Would the Ancient Aliens (the sky Gods) really come to their rescue? Read on to know more in the story "The Last War".

Can we really rely on an extra-terrestrial object as the source of unlimited power? What would be the repercussion? Read on to know more in the story "Genesis".

A team of researchers went to an alien planet that was inhabited by humanoid species. However, they were faced by an imminent danger. Would Captain Hari get an answer to the imminent threat that lies ahead for his crew? A spiritual journey awaits you in an alien planet in the story "The Holy Temple of Eula".

Anna hated her eyes. But what you think as a curse can turn out to be a blessing in a blink of an eye. Explore the space travel through Anna's eyes in the story "BLINK".

What if our Sun was on the verge of extinction? And what if we could resurrect our dying star? Read on to know more in the story "Resurrection".

Sambit Daspatnaik offers a collection of Science Fiction stories and fantasies to trigger your mind to explore the unexplored and to ask What If!

The Story: 

The book contains 5 interesting stories, of which "The Last War" is the main story and rest are short stories. 

The Last War, fought between the Pauravas and the Gandharvas. The story revolves mainly around Agrasena the head of the Army, princess Charulata and other characters. It's easy to fight an army of soldiers but not if they are powered with magic. Agrasena had never encountered with such an enemy before (the "Mayavis") and the first battle was lost. But to regain what was theirs, Agrasena needed to learn the magical techniques himself to save his kingdom from the evil invaders. So how does Agrasena learn the magical ways of the mayavis? What happens at the end of the last war? Are sky Gods really just aliens that visit our planet only when needed?

Story 2 Genesis, a short story on an object with unlimited power. 

Story 3 The Holy Temple of Eula, A team of scientists from earth traveled to an alien planet where humanoid species lived, only to find later that there were deaths due to a disease that not only took the life of aliens but also of our researchers. Captain Hari goes to his extreme length to not only help his fellow crew members but also the Aliens themselves. How will he do that? Will he be able to succeed in doing so?

Story 4 Blink, In an Accident Anna lost her eyes and got eyes transplanted which made her see again, but she hated her eyes. During the space patrolling with her crew, they faced imminent danger, with an alien that no one could see except Anna, So will she defeat this invisible alien and save her team?

Story 5 Resurrection, What if the sun dies? and what if we had a way to resurrect the star again? Will it restore the solar system as we know or will it change to something else? 

My Take: 

As I read the story The Last war, I said, Yesss Finally I found someone that too thinks that maybe Gods are Aliens visiting our planet Earth from time to time and there are laws in the universe that govern the extent to which they can interfere with human civilizations ;) 

Author Sambit Daspatnaik has written stories in a very detailed way and must say has a very vivid imagination and a keen eye to details. Writing about war can be easy but writing with Aliens and their technologies and keeping in mind about our real world, it takes hard work and a great deal of patience. And you can see the hard work by reading the stories. I liked the way the author has described new technologies beyond our imaginations and how characters reacted when they first saw it. I like the part when the author says the Sky gods are aliens and there are laws that prevents them to use their powers on earth.

Overall this book is filled with a lot of imaginations and yet you can feel deep down that yes it can happen. I loved the realistic touch to the stories and would recommend everyone to read it. So click on the link and read your self "The Last War"....... will the sky god help us?:

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