Monday, March 16, 2020

The Feelings by Deval Gadhvi

The Blurb: 

We can't always express the things that we feel. But, some or the other way, we want to tell it to the world. Each of these stories is diving deeper into the lives of fictional characters highlighting the real things. The book is a collection of seven short stories which expresses untold feelings. 

About Book:

The Feelings by Deval Gadhvi, a book with a collection of seven short stories, will full of emotions and feelings as promised in the title. The book is divided into seven stories
  1. The One Look 
  2. The Date 
  3. The Decision 
  4. The Proposal 
  5. The Breakup 
  6. The Stitetos 
  7. The Wait 

My Take: 

Each and every story of this book is amazing and mesmerizing. This book is simple and filled with feelings that will make you relate to it in a certain way.  

All the characters are very unique and interesting to read. I liked the way the author has written about Crush, Love, Romance, Suspense, Sadness, Pain and other emotions in a good proportion. A superb well-written stories with a simple and clear writing style that took me to the depth of the situation and it's feeling and brought out my emotions and I started feeling it along. The stories are gripping right from the beginning. 

Overall, A pleasant book. So if you are looking for a book to feel connected, then click here and read the stories full of emotions written by author Deval Gadhvi in the book The feelings.

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