Monday, March 2, 2020

A Week With Enya by Amar B Singh

The Blurb:

We know how to solve problems. Where we don't, we read, we ask, we learn and then, we solve! What happens when there are no answers though? When nobody in the world knows! When we see the need to invent Gods even if we can't discover Him. Through a string of poems, the author narrates such an experience with his non-verbal and autistic daughter, Enya. What started as a week of babysitting for him soon became a seeking to change her into 'normal'. But, that seeking ended up transforming the seeker!The narrative in the form of poetry touches upon the revelation that comes out of desperation of not finding an answer at all and therefore, the mind taking a back seat. In that silence, the author says, things become clear and all aspects of life show their inter-relation! The intellect gives way to the intelligence, the body and mind as 'me' gives way to the world as 'me'! The mind map once seen, one starts to see the true nature of the 'me' and that perspective and clarity make everything clear and possible in life... 

About Book:

A week with Enya is a sweet poetry book written by Author/ Poet Amar B. Singh. The book is a collection of 25 emotional and expressive poems. The book starts with a preface where the author has explained his emotions towards his daughter, who has ASD an Austism Spectrum Disorder. So this book contains the poems about the time he spent with his daughter and thereafter. The author and his wife had discovered many emotions during the Christmas holidays spent home with their daughter. All the poems are perfect and will make you read it twice in admiration.

My Take:

Poems has always been my weakness and I think poems can express a feeling that normal words cannot describe. Author Amar B. Singh has done a mind-blowing job in writing this poetry book. The book is simply great to read and perfect. I liked the titles of each poem; it promises us for a sweet treat. The cover of the book is beautiful and the pages inside has flowered design watermarks, which makes the book even more attractive.

My personal favorite poems are: 

1. Clueless 
2. Identity 
3. The Deep lake 
4. Opposite 
5. The nature of being 

To be honest, all the poems are great and will make you read twice in admiration. 

Overall, loved this little poetry book and if you are a poetry lover, just like me then click on the link to read the book now and feel the emotions in A Week with Enya by Amar B. Singh:

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