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Turning obstacles into stepping stones: make the impossible happen by being a positive thinker by Nancy Wanjohi (W A. Leopard )

About Book: Making stepping stones out of stumbling blocks is the secret to achieving a successful future. The best way to treat obstacles in your life is to use them as stepping stones toward a successful future. When you experience drawbacks, have faith that the difficult moment will pass. The difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is the way you use them. You can embrace a stepping stone and use them to assist you in crossing the river by using it as your bridge or you can pile them together and block your path and miss your destination. The greatest secret to a successful future is when you make stepping stones out of the stumbling blocks. In every failure, there’s a seed of success. Our failures are stepping stones in the mechanic's creations to bring us closer to our goals. In reality, there’s nothing like failure since it is the process by which we learn to do things correctly. Failure makes us improve on our shortcomings. Never be overconfident because that

Walk Through Fire by Melissa Woodrow.

The Story: Danielle Deuter was born to a wealthy arms dealer, only she didn't know his true profession. She was raised to believe that they were related to royalty. When her brothers leave the home, she is subjected to her father's wrath. Danielle escapes her tyrant father's grasp at the age of 16, only to find herself on the run for the next five years. Every time she thought she was safe, the men chasing her would catch up and she would have to run yet again. Her running stopped when she met Dominic, who promises her that she would be safe on Storm Haven island with him and his mother. My Take: Walk Through Fire is the newly published book by the author Melissa Woodrow and it's an adventurous book with a beautiful and courageous story. The story revolves around a young girl Danielle, born into a rich and dysfunctional family, with a raging father. Danielle felt alone when her brothers were exiled, for the 14 years of her life, all she did was endure the pain inflicted

Death by Blood by Kerrie Biehl.

The Story: "Death by Blood" is a thriller sure to satisfy your craving for a passionate adventure. The story follows Shawna Davies, a snarky narcotics detective, and Eric Black, a vampire enforcer with the Council, as they team up to investigate a dangerous drug operation in South Beach. Along the way, they must face off against fairies, vampires, Ancient Gods, and more! With plenty of action, blood, and sex, this sizzling paranormal romance will have you turning the pages until the very end. My Take: Death by Blood is the first book in the South Beach series written by the author Kerrie Biehl, and I’m just captivated by the storyline. Do you like reading Vampire or mythological fantastical novels? Well, this is one of those books that you just want to keep reading and reading. Death by Blood is the story of a detective and her partner who is a Vampire. We have all read and fantasized about the Vampires being all charming and handsome, but have you ever read a Vampire head ov