Monday, May 4, 2020

Working the Pews by Anthony Watts

The Blurb & The Story: 

Bethany “Beth” Tibbles, a world-renowned TV Evangelist, had it all. A multimillion-dollar ministry and her husband, Jackson (Jack), who fulfilled all her sexual desires and fantasies. Yes, her world was perfect, until Jack decided that he no longer wanted to live life as a hypocrite. Determined to keep the lifestyle she enjoys; Beth decided to change the rules of the game, making Jack an offer he couldn’t refuse. This time, the “toy” came home to play. What started as a lust-filled triangle, develops into a love affair beyond her manipulative control. With no options left, Beth was forced to make a life-altering decision, but how far is too far; caution be damned.

My Take: 

Working the Pews is the first book I'm reading of the author Anthony Watts and I just enjoyed reading it. 

Starting from the very start the prologue itself is written in a creative way that after reading it I was fully convinced that this book is going to be the most unique and interesting book and I will love it. And I did, very much. 

From the start, the book is written in lucid language but with the hint of suspense that will make you wanna read the book in one go but as it's a big book it will take few days to complete it. I like the ending no doubt and I just loved the last line "Home, where people appreciate you that's a nice thing to have." Truly a heart touching line. 

The author Anthony Watts has developed characters impressively and as the story moves ahead we can see them growing too. The emotions are expressed beautifully and I like the writing style of the author which is well crafted and full of creativity. 

Overall a great book to read would recommend this to other book lovers to read this as well. So click here and read now the book Working the Pews written by Anthony Watts. 

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