Tuesday, May 12, 2020

One Little Mistake: A Book of Love by Jatin Gautam.

The Blurb:

We all make mistakes in our life. Being human, it’s normal for us. We don’t face any serious consequences for them most of the time and sail through without any trouble. But sometimes, somebody might face terrible consequences even for one little mistake. This story is about one such person. Her name is Ritu.

My Take: 

One Little Mistake: A Book of Love is a debut novel written by Jatin Gautam everything about the book is engaging and creative.

Starting from the start the book is written in a very gripping way and lucid language that grasped my full attention from the very beginning. 

The storyline has a smooth flow and all the characters are described in detail. The book is very mysterious.

I loved the cover of the book which is beautiful and elegant.  Emotions are written in a very expressive and impressive way. Once I started reading I found the storyline to be unique and as I read further I was amazed that grasped my attention completely till the end.

The author Jatin Gautam has given this book a realistic touch that will make you wanna keep reading. Even though the book is a better long but trusts me the storyline is so interesting that you will forget about the length and you just want to keep reading it. 

The highlight of the book is the narration which is gripping, the twists and turns that are creative, the book also contains a scary scene that is the most exciting part, the emotions expressed are both beautiful and very expressive. Also, the book seems more realistic because of life decisions made in it and emotions. 

Overall, an amazing book that will bring out the emotions in you and make you feel lost in it completely. So click here and read now the beautiful book One Little Mistake: A Book of Love written by Jatin Gautam.

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