Thursday, May 14, 2020

The Bust: "Live By The Gun Die By The Gun by Stanley E. James II

The Blurb & The Story:

Drugs, homicides, corrupt officials, and gang violence have taken over the Los Angeles County streets of Long Beach, California. Mitch is a ‘Tiny Gangsta’ who had been patiently waiting and is now in charge of the daily operations of their Crip set Square Hood Crips.

Mitch and his fellow Crip homies, C Mac, Tristan, and Roddy all have different hopes and share similar journeys in life. As Mitch tries to change for the better after dealing with so many of life's tragedies, he wanted to continue his career and dreams of becoming a world renown writer and poet. Being from the ghettos of North Long Beach, the gang life reels him back in deeper than ever.

The FBI, and local authorities are trying to lock down Mitch and his gang, the homicide count has risen in the streets.

Will Mitch escape to the East Coast to lay low and start a new chapter in his life with his family? Or, will he end up either locked up or six feet under?

Lace-up your chucks and take a walk through these North Long Beach streets with Mitch and his gang.

My Take: The Bust: "Live By The Gun Die By The Gun is the first book I'm reading of the author Stanley E. James II and this book is just astonishing. When I started to read this, I was compelled to this book, because it contained everything from Action to drama, from empathy to crime, from trailer to suspense that will take your breath away. The whole time I was reading this Marvellous book it kept me on the edge of my seat and I just wanted to know what will happen next. The storyline is very addictive and impressive. The author Stanley has done a great job of portraying all the characters perfectly. The author has also written and described every scene in a detailed manner and in simple English which is the highlight of the book because it made it easy to visualize the action. As I came at the end of the book the only thing it made me think was that I wanted to read more and can't wait to read the second book written by the author Stanley. Overall an action and fantastic book with the catchy storyline. I will recommend this book to others to read as well. So click here and read now the book The Bust: "Live By The Gun Die By The Gun is the first book I'm reading of the author Stanley E. James II.

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