Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Dearest Love: A Collection Of Poems by Prachi Prangya Agasti

The Blurb:

DEAREST LOVE, two words that seem simple yet engraved with emotions of togetherness and an inseparable bond or a distance too long that may never be bridged, a distance that exists because love does. Two words, we might have written for someone we long to express amidst the pale pages of our diaries, hoping, someone that may never be ours could read them. These words aren't mere words but feelings that we harbor with hope within us. Hope, that exists because love does, because he does. Love that is never defined by sunsets and unfinished letters. The love that grows in spite of thousands of maybes. A love that becomes the rhythm of this book.

'Dearest Love' isn't just a collection of poems, it's a journey of a love that breathes, exists, and hopes. The phases of emotions where heart hopes if loving was easier but then it wouldn't have been this beautiful. Sad, happy but beautiful. 

About Book: 

The book has a collection of 44 beautifully expressed poems that will refresh your mind and soul. There are poems based on love, hope, life, and more unique collections that you will never find anywhere else. 

My Take: 

Dearest Love: A Collection Of Poems written by Prachi Prangya Agasti is the first book I'm reading and it's simply amazing. 

When I started reading the first poem, it felt amazing 'falling into an abyss' which grasped my full attention and my heart and I continued reading ahead with a smile.

All the poems have a soulful touch and are with deep meaning that will make you feel connected and related.

The poem 'yours to consume' the poetess Prachi has written.

you are breaking me slowly
but all I want is to kiss your apologies away
To satiate for a thousand years
because I am yours to consume
like a canvass for a painter. 

Just like this, there are many quotes from the poem that you will love and feel amazing after reading it.

Some of my favorite poems are:

1. A lot like love
2. Home within your soul
3. You exit like truth
4. Our kind of promise
5. A town without a name.

Overall a very beautiful poetry book filled with emotions, motivation, inspiring, and elegant poems. So click here and read now Dearest Love: A Collection Of Poems written by Prachi Prangya Agasti.

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