Friday, May 1, 2020

How to Become a Highly Influential Personality by Satessh Singh

The Blurb: 

I have invested 25 years in the Corporate world where I handled and orchestrated many departments like Sales, Marketing, Business HR, Supply chain, L&D. However, when I came out of my college days, I had a tough start in the corporate career. I was unable to handle myself and the demand of the job. I used to struggle almost every day on account of managing relationships with my superiors, peers, and juniors till I got promoted for the first time. Soon, I realized the value and importance of an influencing personality and its outcome. Thereafter, I started acquiring knowledge and skills to become a charismatic personality.

About Book: 

How to Become a Highly Influential Personality, written by Satessh Singh is a book that will give you 32 tips and tools, that will inspire you and help you to face challenges in the corporate world and as well as your personal life. 

The Author has 25 years of experience in the corporate world and in this book he‘s given us 32 tips that he personally has used and felt a change himself and how it influenced him, he has written this book to help others struggling in careers. 

Before starting with the tips, the author has expressed his emotions throughout the book where he has given us insight about his family, inspiration, and personal life, that is very touching and beautifully expressed. 

The book continues with various tips that the author has elaborated on. Some of them have been mentioned below:

1. Welcome to the world of Being Human. 

Well, there is a very distinct difference between a human being and being human. The author says all individuals are humans but respecting each other and every individual is what is meant by being human. By this, you take a step towards becoming a highly influential personality.

2. Treat people like VIP. 

Who doesn't want to feel special? Or important? Here the author says the moment any person feels he is important he will start to open up. He can easily feel a connection and can share with you anything, it's like the more you give the more you get.

3. Be a CLO Chief Listening Officer 

Here the author clearly explains, to always listen to what the other person wants to say, never interrupt, never assume, and never disrespect other’s thoughts they share. To have a productive conversation, try to listen, and in return, you will achieve his full attention and thoughts. 

Be Punctual, Become a CE— Chief Encouraging Officer, Have an attitude of gratitude, are some of the other tips and tools from 32 tips that are written by the author, in the book

My Take: 

After reading this book, I personally felt motivated and found myself influenced by the positivity it had to offer.

This book will help you grow from within and will make you believe in the possibility that anything can happen if guided properly, and this book is a great example and guide for us. 

I loved the way the book starts with reviews done by various individuals and reading them was just surreal. It brought the positivity and hope that this book is worth reading. 

The Book How to Become a Highly Influential Personality is a perfect guide for all the young people who are seeking an opportunity to become successful in their careers. 

This book contains real facts which you can apply in your day-to-day life for your own betterment as well as in the future. Also, the most impressive thing is, the author has himself used all these tips in his life. 

After finishing the book, I think, it will help anyone to build their personal career and will guide them to grow from within by enhancing their personality and performance. 

Overall this book is a power booster. So if you are looking for a book with positivity and that will act as a guide then click here and read now “How to Become a Highly Influential Personality” by Satessh Singh.

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