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Eagle of the Empire (Relic Hunters) by Martin Ferguson

The Blurb: 


When his brother mysteriously disappears, sixteen-year-old Adam Hunter discovers that the myths and legends he was told as a boy have more truth to them than he ever thought possible.

To free his brother, Adam must uncover the truth about the lost Roman Ninth Legion and find its fabled Eagle Standard, an artefact of mysterious mythical power. Adam calls on the help of the British Museum, a team of quirky Relic Hunters, skilled in recovering and protecting relics around the world.

However, they need to act fast for they are not the only ones searching for the relic. To save the life of his brother, Adam and his allies will face an immortal tyrant who seeks to claim the Eagle of the Empire for himself, and with it, bring the world to its knees.

The Story: 

The story is about Adam Hunter, 16 years old, who finally sees the world as more than just myths and legends. 

The story starts with a mysterious chapter that is from the further part of the story which is filled with action and danger. Later in the next chapter is where the story truly begins, where Adam finds out that his brother is missing and what he needs to do things beyond his limits. 

From action to adventure, from friendship to love, from truth to myths, from humans to immortals. This book tells a magical and mysterious story. Will Adam be able to find his brother? How did he disappear? What exactly do the British Museum do? Will Adam find the Relic first or will the immortal one will rule the world? Where & what is the Eagle of the Empire? 

My Take: 

Eagle of the Empire is the 1st book in the Relic Hunters series written by Martin Ferguson and its a series that will keep your excitement at the top.

This book is filled with adventure and full of action and once you start reading it, from the first chapter itself it will be clear that you are reading the most adventurous and exciting book. 

I liked the way author Martin Ferguson has written this book in a very fun and compelling manner. The storyline has a smooth and easy flow and is written in an artistic way. 

The characters are described in a very detailed manner and along with gripping narration. The author Martin Ferguson has described the story in a very imaginative way, which made it easy to imagine all the aspects and adventures. 

The book is filled with action that is defined in a perfect way. The writing skills of the author made it seem like I was actually visualizing the action scenes. 

This book has a great story that you will read with action, adventure, excitement, friendship, and characters that are crafted creatively and impressively. 

The author Martin Ferguson is a talented writer with expert skills, it very applaudable that the way he has explained all the myths and legends, that while reading, it creates curiosity within, and then I just felt lost until I finally had few answers. 

The highlight of the book no doubt the writing manner that is imaginative and full of myths that will keep you entertained till the end. 

This book is a very captivating to read and its a must-read series, If you are a seeker and now seeking for an adventure that will blow your mind. Also, I think this book can become a great action and adventurous movie. Can't wait to read what happens next in the 2nd book.

Overall a phenomenal read that will impress you with its addictiveness. So click here and read now Eagle of the Empire is the 1st book in the Relic Hunters series written by Martin Ferguson.

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