Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Gone...: Shortest paranormal story by Arunayan Sharma (Author)

The Blurb:

When moon about to settle...…. and the first ray of sun about to reach...…..she was......still awake.... waiting for long....to.... with...

My Take: 

Author Arunayan is back with his third book 'Gone: A shortest paranormal story' which is both short and most exhilarating book you will read. 

The book contains short poems and quotes that are elegant and chilling at the same time. The author Arunayan has brought out the paranormal touch perfectly.

The poems have a deep meaning and have a perfect balance of emotions and creepiness along with the elegancy it will touch your heart and soul.

Overall a fantastic read that will grip your attention. So click here and read now the book Gone written by author Arunayan Sharma.

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