Thursday, May 28, 2020

A Savage Set My Soul On Fire by Nola Jewels.

The Blurb:

The life that Lacye Samuels has had to endure has been nothing short of heartbreaking. The abuse she’s experienced from her mother and step dad has left her sheltered and guarded. Her only motivation is to one day escape the darkness that surrounds her. Her vision is clear: work hard, get an education and walk away from the house of horrors for good. When the opportunity to get more money comes her way she jumps at the chance. Money is now her goal and the path she’s taking to get it will lead her down the road to an unexpected future.

The Hampton brothers Za’Shon ‘Fire’, Jaivon, and Tyree are running things in Atlanta. Of the trio, Fire’s the most arrogant and the only one willing to do anything to take his family to the next level. His focus was on one thing building his empire and making more money. That is until he meets Lacye. He falls fast for her.

Lacye has never met someone like Fire. His arrogance and bluntness takes her by surprise. But it’s also the thing she falls in love with. He believes he’s found the perfect woman who’s beautiful, smart, and innocent. Their romance goes fast but the secrets she’s been holding comes out. His lifestyle and her secrets crash together making the perfect storm. It leaves a path of destruction and hurt. They both find themselves losing everything they’ve worked so hard for. Za’Shon won’t allow his world to come crashing down and he won’t lose Lacye. The savage in him won’t let her go but the cost of loving her threatens to bring down him and his brothers. His recklessness creates havoc and starts a war that threatens to take everything and everyone away from him. But that’s what happens when you set Fire to Lacye.

The Story:

The story is about a girl named Lacye and the journey of her life.  The story is about her family, her passion, her goals, her motivation, her love life, her secret, her emotions, and in all her life and what comes in the future. 

So the story starts with the Lacye Samuel waiting desperately to get over her graduation, as soon as she graduates she will move out of her mother's house who is an addict and abuser and also with her stepfather that not only sexually molested her but also was a drug dealer. 

Soon one year was passed and Lacye was still living with her mother and stepfather because it was very difficult to pay for to stay on campus and also due to lack of attendance she didn't get the scholarship that she was hoping for. 

Saving all the money for her next year's college fee, Lacye works the hardest and saves all she can. Then one day one of her work buddy Devisha asks her help with her side work for extra income.  It was to go on a date with strangers and be arm candy and get paid. Even though Lacye rejected her offer but as soon as she heard her say that she would get$ 500 she soon agrees and after their work she goes to her apartment for getting ready with Devisha for their date. 

Then the story continues with twist and turns, from business rivals to personal cheat, from love to suffering, from vendetta to human trafficking. The story continues and brings Lacye at a stage where she needs nothing but drugs. 

So being arm candy to earn extra money was the right decision? What happens next? What will her stepfather do? Will her love for Fire will bring her down? 

My Take: 

A Savage Set My Soul On Fire is the debut novel and 1st book in the series written by Nola Jewels it just gripping and fascinating to read. 

The storyline is very addictive from the very beginning, which did not only captured my attention but also made me feel emotions of what the character was feeling. 

The book is written in lucid language and in a very impressive way that will amaze you. I liked the way author Nola Jewels has written different chapters with different characters' perspectives making the book and storyline interesting to read and very effective drafting. 

Also, I like the way all the character's backgrounds and personalities are described uniquely and in a detailed manner. 

The highlight of the book is the ending that will shock you and at the same time make you emotional. I like how the book is ended with a promising, excitement, and curiosity for the second book. I can't wait to read the next book.

Overall a very intriguing and gripping story. I will recommend others to read this too. So click here and read now A Savage Set My Soul On Fire the 1st book in the series written by Nola Jewels.

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