Thursday, May 14, 2020

Ella by Samantha Evans

The Blurb: 

Prince Liam of Derzeli believes differently in what honor means. King Breen, Liam's father, and Cullen, Liam's brother, believe that true honor is achieved once they slay a dragon. Liam believes that dragons are majestic and do not deserve to die.

King Breen, Liam’s father, brings Liam along on an expedition to slay a dragon. On one of the nights of the expedition, Liam rescued a dragon’s egg. Liam decides to care for it, and it hatches on Liam’s birthday.

Tragedy strikes, which leads to Liam having to leave Derzeli, and Liam goes on the run with the help of Ella the dragon. Ella helps him escape and runs to a barren wasteland where he saw himself to becoming a hermit for the rest of his life. But due to an event happening with the help of a new friend, and a childhood friend he has no choice but to return home. Having to make the decision to run away from his destiny, or embrace it, the destiny of a king.

The Story: 

The story is about a young Prince Liam who is next to become the king. The story starts with Prince Liam introducing his family and kingdom. Where he talks about his father the king, his advisor who looks 30 but was actually almost 500 years old,  his younger brother Cullen, his loving mother who died. 

So the story continues to a feast in honor of Liam and Cullen's mother's death anniversary. There is a family ritual that Liam's family has to follow in order to become the man, which is to slay a Dragon's head with the only sword with the Ruby attached in the middle. The ritual that has done by his family from generations and everyone expects him to support this idea but young Liam doesn't want to harm the beautiful creature. 

During the feast and in his mother's memory he sat on a beach where is father joins him and invites him to the ritual to slay the Dragon. To which he agrees with the condition to bring his brother Cullen along and soon he prepared on a journey with his own agenda to save the Dragon.

The New Adventure begins from magical Dragons to family drama, from surprise company of an Anna to his brother Cullen, the story continues into an unforgettable journey of Liam and the Magical Dragon.

So will Liam slay the Dragon in order to become the man as their kingdom believe?  Or he will do something unexpected?

My Take:

Ella is the 1st book in the series The Land of the Four written by Samantha Evans and I just enjoyed reading this adventurous book. 

The book is filled with impressive creativity that amazed me from the very first chapter. 

The characters are defined in a detailed manner, the emotions are expressed impressively done also, the storyline is adventurous and filled with magical creatures and mythologies.

The book contains adventure, love, friendship, passion, courage, and kindness which the author Samantha Evans has written beautifully. 

The author Samantha Evans has penned this book in a lucid language that made the book easy to imagine and explore the adventure. 

I love reading dragon stories and I feel great to add this book to my dragon story collection. So can't wait to read the next book on the series and what new adventure Samantha Evans will bring and what will happen with the rescued dragon’s egg

Overall a very magical and adventure book filled with Dragons.  If you are looking for a book that will take you far away from the land to a dragon then click here and read now Ella is the 1st book in the series The Land of the Four written by Samantha Evans.

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