Saturday, May 9, 2020

The Foundational Strength Weight Management System by Kevin Roberts

A periodized, non-calorie counting dietary guide for the beginner and advanced dieteer.
The Blurb: 

In today’s world where we are inundated with the latest fad or must-have product to achieve a dream body—The Foundational Strength Weight Management System—cuts through the noise to provide clear, concise information to reach your goals. Written in a direct language without fluff or false promises, the author and creator presents his well-researched program filled with tools that are not only easy to apply but also provide fluctuation and modifications to finally step out of the yo-yo diet cycle. Easy to read, simple to understand, Kevin informs and guides you through every step and how they benefit weight loss and health. If you are tired of memberships, subscriptions, fancy equipment, false promises, or the never-ending diet with no real gain, here, finally, is a breath of fresh air. This manual is filled with common sense structured into easy to apply steps with detail and explanation on how the method works in the human body. Stop chasing the latest fad and give reason and science a chance to help you reach your goals and achieve the easy to maintain a lifestyle that will help you break free of the diet trap. 

About Book:

This book has given us a precious gift, which is how to lose weight with proper management. Inside, there are detailed, descriptive plans with the do's and don'ts, which need to be followed from time to time; and also the possible consequences our health may face from not doing so. 

Inside, are all the instructions about how to manage your food, eating habits, and how to stick to a diet. This makes it easy for us to manage—as everything has been explained in phases—making it easy to follow, and not affecting your health. 

There are also detailed explanations of each and every aspect such as: when and how much water to drink, with guidelines and tips for the grocery store list to balance your health in a good manner. 

In the end, there is a chart that will help you to record your progress after following each phase.

So, what are these phases that help us follow a healthy diet? How can we manage our dietary supplements without stressing? How will it work on your mental and physical activities?

My Take: 

The author, Kevin Roberts has written this book and given us the most important answer, which is how to lose long-term weight with proper management. He has described the do's and don'ts that are easy to understand and follow. 

The book also acts as a guide to your fitness and maintaining your overall health. 

While reading, I realized the importance of following our diets and eating habits, and how to follow information step by step; all of which keeps the dietary part of our lives in a good orderly manner. 

Overall, this book is perfect for living a healthy lifestyle. So, if you want to learn the methods of maintaining healthy choices, then click here and read now The Foundational Strength Weight Management System: A periodized, non-calorie counting dietary guide for the beginner and advanced dieteer—written by health and dietary expert, Kevin Roberts.

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