Beyond Worlds: One of Us by Florina Alexandra Bereschi

The Blurb: 

Misfits. Outcasts. Those who don't fit in any structure. With the price of their security, they have to choose: adapt or run. But once you get in, you have to abide by someone else's laws. Frami's group makes a compromise: safety over freedom. Some of them embrace the new structure, others keep on struggling. Markar.

A system made for everyone. Each Markarian was born with a purpose and the system will index you and give you the right place. Frami finds his purpose, but his sister, Einn breaks the system. She doesn't belong anywhere. Will she adapt or run?

My Take: 

Beyond Worlds: One of Us is a debut novel written by Florina Alexandra Bereschi and it's the most intriguing book ever.

I love the way the author Florina has written everything in a smooth and easy flow and as we move forward storyline becomes more creative and interesting. 

The author has described the characters in detailed descriptions and their emotions are well expressed. I liked the dialogue shared between characters it has the perfect blend of reality and creativity giving us a smooth storyline. 

Author Florina has done a great amount of hard work and has done a tremendous job in creating this book that will surely worth your every minute that you spend reading this. 

The main highlight of the book is the way the story is written and the way it makes you feel so many emotions at the same time. The shifts of emotion are expressed very professionally also I like the ending where it also promises for a second book which raises interest in reading the second book, even more, a cleverly written book.

The book is also written in lucid language making it easy to feel and all the actions, adventure, emotions are very imaginative and creativity makes it a creative book. 

Overall a book that will take you to a new adventure with an extraordinary story. So click here and read now the book Beyond Worlds: One of Us by Florina Alexandra Bereschi.


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