The Paramount Venture: The Ultimate Expedition by Akilan Ra

The Blurb: 

2030 CE: The Ultimate Expedition. It was supposed to be a huge leap for mankind. Rather, it turned out to be the ultimate leap for our entire universe. She was a genius. He just followed her path, by following his heart. All the universe helped him seek his treasure. But, he lost it every time. Did he give up? Well, he can never. He needs to know. Was she God? Was she his subconscious? Or, was she a mere memory? He needs to know.

Along with love, pain, struggle, friendship, and hatred, take a dive into black holes, time-travel, parallel universe, religion, higher dimensions, and whatnot.

Explore Sci-fi, Romance, Magical realism, and Philosophy blended together in this concoction called ‘The Paramount Venture.’

The Story: 

The story starts with Gayan Antareeksh, a senior research scientist at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) in Bengaluru. Gayan and his friend are on vacation at Rishikesh in North India for bungee jumping this is a vacation before Gayan leaves for his new space mission. And is excited and has been training himself as he was selected to go to NASA to help them with their new mission. Gayan, Diya, and Harsh the team of 3  were selected to go on this trip to NASA. 

The story continues from reaching Space Centre to meeting the person in charge. From space Tech to research. From Earth to Universe, from love to pain, from struggle to friendship, from taking a dive into black holes to time-travel, from the parallel universe to unknown religions, from higher dimensions to sink in emotions. The story continues to unbelievable to believable. 

So are we alone in this universe? Will they find answers to this question? What is the next step? 

My Take:

The Paramount Venture: The Ultimate Expedition is the debut novel written by  Akilan Ra and after reading this I'm just stunned at the level of imagination and Research used to write this book.

This book will take you on a space adventure, that is filled with Sci-fi, Romance, Magical realism, and Philosophy combined together into one book that is ‘The Paramount Venture.’

The book ''The Paramount Venture'' is written in lucid language and full of information. Even though this is a fiction book yet as I was reading this at any given point I didn't feel it was just a story, but I felt it was more like a reality. And as I continued reading it, it felt like something way more beyond this world. The book is very innovative and impressive.

The highlight of the book is the way the author Akilan Ra has developed the storyline that is just incredible and well crafted. The storyline is very artistic and the characters are very well portrayed. Once you start reading this I am sure you will not be able to keep the book down as the story is very gripping.

And as you can see the author Akilan Ra has done tremendous hard work once you have finished reading this book completely.

Overall a fantastic and full of Wonder book. So if you like space and believe we are not alone in this universe and also want to experience the unknown possibilities then click here and read now The Paramount Venture: The Ultimate Expedition written by Akilan Ra.


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