Monday, May 11, 2020

Genocide by Aaron Lebold

The Blurb: 

A gripping novel, GENOCIDE will turn victim to villain as the character goes from a kidnapped young man to a vengeful teenager. Cheer him on or hope for his apprehension, either way, this story is sure to get your heart racing. Born into a dysfunctional family, his mother keeps him sheltered from his father’s crack-cocaine addiction, and his uncle’s ties to a violent street gang. This can only last so long, and once his father is desperate enough for money he will do anything, including selling his own son to the gang to be used as a prostitute. After his mother’s tragic death he feels he has no option but to live in one of the gang's safe houses and continue to “pay the rent” by trading his body for money. Once he turns eighteen, the gang no longer wants him, but once he escapes their clutches there is only one thing on his mind; revenge.

The Story:

The story starts with a young boy narrating about his life from the time he was born till he turned 8 years old, when everything changed and just one event turned his life into a living hell.

At the starting of the book, the boy introduces his father a thief, criminal, abuser, druggist who was in jail for 2 years when he was just three years old.

Then he introduces his uncle Max, the brother of his father who runs a drug ring and child prostitution.

His mother a kind soul who did everything for his cruel husband and protected him till her dying breath.

So the story continues due to sealing drugs from his own brother and owning him a debt. His father saw his 8-year-old as a great opportunity to earn more money and to pay his debt so he sold his only son to his brother for prostitution.

Uncle Max took the boy to the hotel where a man was waiting for him, who used him sexually which left a toll on him. Scared, in pain and unable to say anything or understanding the young boy was quiet and the only thing that Uncle Max told him was, that it was his fault, what he did was illegal and if say anything to anyone he would be in jail. This is how the young boy was trapped in being a sex slave.

From there the story continuous how an 8-year-old was locked alone and sexually abused every day and was forced into prostration suffering every day until he turned 17 big enough to protect himself and take revenge.

So how will he take revenge? What did happened in those 10 years? What happened to his mother and father?

My Take:

Genocide is a debut novel written by Aaron Lebold and must say I m beyond impressed by the way he has written this book.

As I started reading this book I had no idea what the story was about and what will happen, so as I started reading I found myself lost in the book and by the time I realized what the story is about I was shocked and found myself thinking don't get into the car.

The story is full of emotions and the way the author Aaron Lebold as expressed them is just the best thing you will read because one moment I felt like I am sad as they were doing bad things to a child and as I read further instantly I also felt excited and full rage at the same time.

The storyline is very addictive and written in a very creative manner which was easy to imagine and feel the emotions.

The highlight of the book is the revenge part even though there are some brutal ways that he killed them, but by the time you reach the first kill you are mentally and emotionally prepared and you will also say they deserve it.

Overall a very unique and interesting story that will grab your attention and take you to the whole new life of a child that was used as a child sex slave. So click here and read now the books Genocide written by Aaron Lebold.

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