Sunday, May 10, 2020

Blind Sympathy by Roberta Bombonato

The Blurb: 

Vafara is a blind composer who creates new symphonies for the world. Alone in a cabin with only her service dog, she's not concerned in the slightest for zero cell phone reception in a secluded in the woods. This is her special time where she can be free to let her musical compositions speak to her. Israfel is a demon one assignment short from graduation: possession of an innocent soul. He's always know he was different from others of his kind, and meeting the pure Vafara confirmed it.

Will he be able to possess a passionate musician when all he wants to do is hold her? Or will he throw it all away and risk an Angels and Demons war to save her innocent soul from the dark fate that awaits?

My Take: 

The story is about Israfel a demon who is about to get graduated and his last assignment is to possession of an innocent soul; Vafara a blind girl who is on vacation alone at the cabin only with her service dog Cooper. 

So will Israfel succeed in possession of an innocent soul? Or will he save her from dark faith and lease war between Angels and Demons? Will Israfel graduate? What will happen next for Varafa? 

Blind Sympathy is the fourth book I'm reading of the author Roberta Bombonato and as I have said this earlier yet again I'm just speechless with her creativity. 

The story is unique and very engaging. From the very beginning, the characters and storyline grasped my full attention. And love the way the author has written this book in similar lucid language and inspiring creativity it was very exciting for me to imagine all the scenes. 

Author Roberta Bombonato has described characters in a detailed manner and their backstories are balanced perfectly. Also, I like the way she has portrayed each character's personality in unique and different ways, which makes each character important. And now I can understand why it was the "book of the month" in January 2020.

Overall I very fantastic read and definitely a must-read. If you are looking for a phenomenal book that will take you to the land of hell and will make you see the color without seeing then click here and read the book Blind Sympathy by Roberta Bombonato.

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