Monday, May 4, 2020

The Colour of Your Voice by Daniel Newwyn

The Blurb: 

What happens when a call girl and a death row prisoner fall in love? 

Violet Pham can see sounds. The brown chirps of the sparrows dance with the colours of their feathers. The green blobs from her mother weave into her squeaky berates. 

She believes she was born to become a painter but after being labelled as a burden by everyone around her, she questions that belief. The colours around the sounds become a curse rather than a gift. With her future unsettled and her family mired in debt, there is only one solution: run away from everything. 

That’s when she meets Turner Nguyen. He’s everything she wishes she could be—an iron will and a flint heart. There’s only one thing wrong with him. He’s at the centre of gang wars, uses his fists to collect debts and makes his money off the addiction of others. 

Soon, the sound of his words paints Violet’s world with the ugly shade of disaster. Where will they go from here? 

'The Colour of Your Voice' is a tragic, depressing love story that speaks to the lows of human experience. It deals with themes of self-esteem, desperation, and salvation. If this is your cup of tea, then this book is for you. 

Disclaimer: 'The Colour of Your Voice' is a novella set in Vietnam, dealing with heavy themes such as prostitution, drug trafficking, and depression. The author in no way encourages or glorifies prostitution and drug trafficking. 

The Story: 

The story is about Turner and Violet where they struggle for their love and relationship. Violet is an ordinary girl who believes that she was born to become a painter but everyone around her questioned her belief. She wants to live her dream but unsettled family debt made her escape from there. 

Story continues to when Violet meets Turner Nguyen who is strong & hard as a rock and good from heart. Turner always encouraged her and made her believe that what she paints is pretty impressive, making Voilet fall in love with him. Violet also knew he is involved in illegal stuff where his work was to collect the debts and make money from it.

Story continues ahead to the day it turns bad, as Turner's gang members made him smuggle which he refused to do because he knew the consequences, but he also knew he had to do it and in the process ends up getting caught by the cops. 

So what happens next? Will he be able to hear Violet's voice again? This is how their love story ends? Is this their end? 

My Take:

The Colour of Your Voice is the debut novel written by the author Daniel Newwyn which has a very elegant and beautiful story that will make you amaze too.

I liked the way the author Daniel Newwyn has expressed all the emotions gracefully, as once I started reading this I could feel characters emotions clearly which made it easy for me to connect to the book on a personal level.

The plot of the story is very exciting, I loved the twists and turns as it made the book more intriguing and impressive.

The story is based on the real-life story, that is written in a remarkable way and I was just amazed at the dept of the reality that the author has shown in this book.

As I read the story, I felt like it needs more attention while reading so that you don't miss the small catchy points that will make you smile and dazzle with the storyline. The story is written in lucid language making the emotions more expressive and more imaginative.

Overall this book is very fascinating that will take you on a roller coaster of emotions. So click here and read now the book The Colour of Your Voice written by Daniel Newwyn.

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