A Year of Love: It's not just a love story, It's a story of love, friendship and betrayal by Santosh Panda

The Blurb: 

Have you ever fallen in love with someone whom you can’t have? Have you ever been in a one-sided love?
Have you ever been in a long-distance
Have you ever been cheated by your best friend?
What if the girl whom you love falls in love with your best friend? Would you suicide or would you live
reminiscing her memories?

A Year of Love is a fascinating story of love,
friendship, and betrayal. Sameer is madly deeply in love with Riya. His best friend Karan tries to help him but Riya falls in love with Karan
A kind of love triangle, right? But it isn’t.

Read and discover a heartbreaking love story of Sameer.

The Story: 

The Story is about Sameer a 20-year-old boy and his broken love story. The story starts in the present where Sameer is all lost and drunk nothing is left in his is life, no hope, no love, no will to live life. The only thing that he looks forward to do is to drink and smoke at his usual bar. Heartbroken and sad Sameer is drinking only to forget the memories of her and his love story that still haunt him. 

The story continues in the past when Sameer passes the 10th exam and joins college with his best friend Karan and that's where he sees Riya for the first time and falls in love with her. And the love story begins from talking to friendship, from friendship to love, from love to kiss, and from the kiss to the relationship. 

The story is full of emotions and everything is excellent until Sameer makes a decision that changes not only his life but also changes Riya's life. So what is that decision that leads his love to break? What happens next? 

My Take: 

A Year of Love: It's not just a love story, It's a story of love, friendship, and betrayal is a debut novel written by the author Santosh Panda and I enjoyed reading this book. 

I always love reading love-stories and I was not disappointed after reading this book. This book has an elegant and soulful story that will touch your heart. Also, the book is written in simple and easy to read English that will make you feel all emotions completely. 

The highlight of the book is the way the author Santosh Panda has expressed all the emotions. It's just beyond appraisal because when the character felt angry, sad, happy, joy, and many more I felt the same emotions too which I think personally is a great thing to achieve in a book. Also, the book is not just about love, ts also about friendship and how people change over time. 

Overall a very soulful and well-expressed book with love, friendship, & betrayal, and if you are looking for a book with an elegant story then click here and read now the book A Year of Love: It's not just a love story, It's a story of love, friendship, and betrayal by Santosh Panda.


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